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Consequences of DC Voting Rights Could Be Felt After Census

Washington, DC’s famed “Taxation Without Representation” license plate – almost as epic as New Hampshire’s “Live Free or Die” – could soon be obsolete.

A bill to give Washington a voting member in the House of Representatives is making strides in the Senate and could possibly become law this year. As the Times wrote this week, the law would give the District of Columbia a House seat and add another seat to Utah; according to the 2000 census, Utah is next in line by population to get another member.

That could all change with the 2010 census, however. Right now the only thing making this bill palatable to Republicans is that the heavily-Democratic DC will be offset by a new GOP stronghold in Utah. After 2010 the seat could be transferred to an entirely different state like Nevada, whose influx of Latinos has turned the rapidly growing state quite blue. If the government taketh away Utah’s seat, Republicans inarguably get the short end of the stick.

More to come on this shortly. In the interim, Stephen Colbert, always ahead of the curve, spoke with DC’s nonvoting Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton last week:

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