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CNN vs. FOXNews…Today’s 2010 Census Headlines

Like feuding siblings vying for the attention of their doting mother, CNN and FOXNews are at it again today, each displaying different headlines about topics related to the 2010 Census.

CNN’s senior financial writer Tami Luhby discusses the addition of $1 billion in extra cash from the federal government’s stimulus package (a roughly 7% increase to the Census Bureau’s already steep budget of $13 billion) on 2010 Census operations. She writes, “Though its not technically a stimulus operation, the upcoming decennial population count is helping boost the economy by putting 1.4 million people to work. The Census Bureau is also funneling money into local communities by renting office space and furniture and by buying equipment and supplies. And it is spending $212 million in advertising — mainly in 2010 — to urge people to return their forms.”

FOXNews has focused on a different issue. The headline reads: White House Softens Language on 2010 Census Plan. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs must have finally taken a day off, because White House Spokesman Benjamin La Bolt said in a statement, “The president wants to ensure that the census conducts a fair and accurate count. The census director will report to the commerce secretary.”

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