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Will the Administration’s Census Policy Put Politics above Science?

An article by Douglas O’Brien in today’s American Thinker, a conservative blog, raises valid questions about how the Obama administration’s census policy may affect the final census tally. O’Brien’s best point is that statisticians disagree about how to properly account/compensate for potential inaccuracies during the data collection process. Highlight of the article:

There is no consensus on the best formula for population sampling.  Statisticians admit that there is an error factor in every sampling-based population estimate that could be used.  How big an error factor is (yes, indeed) only an estimate.  But when the methodology being used is being selected and approved by the advocates oozing conflicts of interest, should we just set aside skepticism?  These special interest groups want the census to reflect the highest possible number of constituents.  Is it reasonable to assume that they will push for the methodology that they feel will result in a maximization of their political clout?

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