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Gary Locke, Welcome to the Club: Commerce Secretary Is Confirmed

As reported by all major news outlets, former Washington state Governor Gary Locke is now our counter-in-cheif. A note to Gary: We look forward to working with you and hope that you ensure that the 2010 Census is conducted in the most fair and accurate way possible. From The New York Times:

The Senate, by voice vote, has confirmed Gary Locke, a former governor of Washington, as commerce secretary. Mr. Locke, 59, was the nation’s first Chinese-American governor. In the commerce job, he has promised to focus on job creation and to closely oversee the 2010 census. Mr. Locke was President Obama’s third choice to run the Commerce Department; his first two withdrew. The Commerce Department has broad responsibilities, including the census, many aspects of international trade, oceans policy and weather forecasts. It is also overseeing the transition to digital television.

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