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A new race: Caribbean

Will “Caribbean” become an official ethnic group on the 2010 Census form? It seems late in the game for this issue to spring up, but only time will tell…Here’s the story from Caribbean Net News:

NEW YORK, USA — An historic bill that calls for Caribbean nationals to have their own origins category on the US Census form has been introduced by Caribbean American Congresswoman Yvette Clarke of New York’s 11th congressional district in the US House of Representatives.

The Intellectual Elite news reported that the Clarke bill calls for all questionnaires used in the taking of a decennial census of the US population to include a check box or other similar option so that respondents may indicate Caribbean extraction or descent.

“In conducting the 2010 decennial census and every decennial census thereafter, the Secretary of Commerce shall include, in any questionnaire distributed or otherwise used for the purpose of determining the total population by states, a check box or other similar option by which respondents may indicate Caribbean extraction or descent,” states the bill.

Clarke said, as a daughter of Caribbean immigrants herself, she is especially proud of the measure and sees it as a great accomplishment.

Clarke was part of the Congressional delegation that went with President Obama to the Fifth Summit of the Americas in Port of Spain Trinidad.

She is the daughter of successful Jamaican immigrants. Her mother, Una Clarke, was the first Caribbean national elected to the New York City Council.

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