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Hip-hop Civics presents The 2010 Census Rap

Since it’s Memorial Day, we’re going to hold off on our more in-depth investigations and complaints. We think our readers will enjoy the song called “Let’s Be Counted” (click here) that has been created by the founders of Hip-Hop Civics, Steven J. Logwood and Keith Holland. Logwood told us via e-mail, “I wrote the song to support the Census and to highlight the use of Music-Based Messaging.  To see our other work, visit and We’re looking for a sponsor for the song, so we can get it out to a wide audience.”

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One Response to “Hip-hop Civics presents The 2010 Census Rap”

  1. Anonymous CL Says:

    Nicely done song! Wish they’d provided normal media player controls (pause/play/rewind/ffwd) and time counter in that flash app, though.