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Question for Census Bureau employees…

During address canvassing operations, did you have to drive more than 50 miles to get to work? If so, how far did you have to drive? Were people brought in from other regions/states for the final stages of address canvassing operations? If so, how did this work?


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5 Responses to “Question for Census Bureau employees…”

  1. mystry Says:

    Workers were brought in from other counties to ‘help’ the locals, or to do ‘QC’/Quality Control. The funny thing is, we (the locals) didn’t need their help. We were perfectly on schedule, but ‘hurry up and wait’ is census philosophy. The big joke is, QC people had the same amount or less training than the Enumerators. Plus, they were from another county so they didn’t know the area as well. I try to keep mileage within 30 miles of my home (one way). I think my ELCO tries to keep field workers within the same range. They do have people travel unnecessarily especially if they are running out of things for that person to do. Your tax $’s are hard at work.

  2. kare Says:

    In my neck of the woods the questions I have will never probably never be answered I will put them out their anyway.
    1. Why from the day the lease was signed in October did it take five months to get into the Southben office, and the changes or the upgrades to the bendix office did the goverment foot the bill and did the representative know or have some personal relationship with the owner of the building and did they receive some kind of kick back?
    2. Why when the AMR was fired didn’t the LCO get let go at the same time.
    3. How does the LCO maintain their position when after the AMR left their position the same problems prersisted?
    4. Why does the Census office out of Southbend Indiana use the chain of command when the LCO would never give the list of the chain of command it stopped with her, not really a chain of command is it?
    5. Why are the employees of the census bureau expected to jump at anytime of the day but simple questions to the office such as how longer are we going to be employed or are we moving into a different posistion seems to offend the LCO and employees are told it’s none of your business.
    6. Why can the LCO tell a 70year old man that he has to work 40hrs per week and then turn around and cut back the hours of everyone else on the schedule?
    The LCO of Southbend indiana is an acting representive of the U.S. goverment she is educated and looks good on paper and is a perfect goverment employee because she knows how to pass the buck and will not be held accountable for her actions and will probably move up the chain leaving in her wake the people she stepped on and those who challenged her with questions on waste, lack of organzation which she blamed others for and got other people fired for.

  3. Lee Lewis Says:

    I was a CL in Georgia. The US Census is a joke….
    We could not get the number of people in our area to do the operation. LCO would not ALLOW it.(Orders from higher up). But in the first of May, they fired our boss, and brought people in from Flordia, even in the LCO office was taken over.
    Myself, and my people were bullied, talked to like dogs, and basically pushed out of the way. 18 people from Fla. produced over 200 assignments in less than 2 days. Which is totally impossible. Georgia workers would take a day maybe two for one AA, they were doing it right, and knocking on doors, getting the right map spots and address. Florida Boss said, “We were going to slow”??????? Her workers could do 5-6 AA’s per day. We were told we would be fired if we made over 40hrs, but the minute Flordia showed up, that policy was thrown out the window. I figured the 18 workers from Flordia cost us $17,000, just for the hotel, and their per diem. That does’t count their pay, mileage, cell phones they had to buy, etc……
    We notified our local congressmen, and they just blew us off. So Georgia has not been address canvassed correctly. NO WAY…. This was just in my area, but other CL’s in GA. went through the same experience. People that worked with the Census all over the nation is complaining, but our leaders in Washington are doing, NOTHING. And they EXPECT us to fill out their questions???? One word, BULLSHIT…. They are going to do what ever they want requardless of what the voters are yelling. I think, the whole congress, president, etc.. needs to be OUT…. Our jobs were to last till mid June, Thanks to Flordia, we ended Mid May. I looks like they would want the income of georgia workers to stay locally to help the economony…. That was our stimulus… Lastly, every morning there was a conference call with Georgia leaders, Flordia crew leaders, and the
    boss from Fla. The Flordia leaders were rapping a song about, “they hate us, they hate us, but thats ok, we are taking all the money back to Flordia”, and laughing. Boy, this is professional. Could someone get our government leaders head out of the sand?????????????

  4. Calex Says:

    Working in WV first within the county where I live and then traveling around the state where needed. We had great success in the eastern panhandle and very little HC trouble around the state. Sure, you’re going to end up in the mountains without a signal for your HC to transmit or have cell service but those problems were easily solved by driving to a landline or catching a tower signal back toward civilization. We had quite a few AA’s that were 50+ miles away. Thanks to the CL I had and the open communication in Charleston, we managed quite nicely. I’m looking forward to the next phase with the hopes I’ll be called back in to help.

  5. Kari Says:

    I was just fired from the census for a city ordinance violation that occurred 8 years ago. The entire job was a joke and a waste of tax payer money!!! I’ve called every number I can get my hands on to simply ask how an ordinance violation makes me not qualified for the job and here’s a shocker… no one will return my calls. Whats worse is I told them about the violation in Nov when I applied and took the test and they still hired me and trained me and then let me work for a week before they fired me. Didn’t even call just sent a letter. What a joke!!!