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Congresswoman Refuses To Participate in 2010 Census

According to the Minnesota Independent, “Rep. Michele Bachmann told the Washington Times on Wednesday that she will not be filling out all the questions on next year’s census because ACORN will be one of the federal government’s many community partners for conducting the census. But what she is proposing to do is illegal, the Times reports.

“I know for my family the only question we will be answering is how many people are in our home,” she said. “We won’t be answering any information beyond that, because the Constitution doesn’t require any information beyond that.”

“There’s great concern that’s being raised because now ACORN has been named as one of the federal partners… This is very concerning because the motherload of all data comes from the census,” she said.

But as the paper reports, Bachmann is “misreading” the law — and it could cost her family $100 per question left unanswered.”

NOTE: Below, please find an audio recording of Bachmann’s interview with The Washington Times.

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36 Responses to “Congresswoman Refuses To Participate in 2010 Census”

  1. Gary Hardester Says:

    Why doesn’t My Two Census do some investigative reporting into these fines the CB threatens everyone with?

    You will find it all to be hot air. Nobody. Ever. Gets fined. $100, $500, $5000, I have seen all these numbers used. It is a hollow threat and should be reported as such. Go back 40 years, 50 years and find anyone who has been fined. Two people were charged in 1960, nobody paid. One person in 1970, charges later dropped.

    Now don’t you think that more than a few people refuse to answer all the questions? The new long form called the American Community Survey goes out each month to 250,000 households on a perpetual basis with the goal of covering everyone at least once in the 10 years between the ‘real’ census. A lot of people don’t like the questions and many refuse, there is a quiet revolt building against it. Yet no one can be found who has suffered any consequenses on non-compliance.

    Yes, there is a law on the books that makes participation ‘manditory’. But the CB has no enforcement capabilities. It is never done.

    If you truly see My Two Census as a neutral investigative site, look into it.

  2. QC CL Says:

    I was told during my interview for an LCO job that “everyone was getting the short form this year.” Might be something else worth looking into — whether the problems with the census will shortchange the information gathering beyond the basic information. The country is spending billions more and getting less data, apparently.

  3. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Dear Gary,

    MyTwoCensus has already looked into the issue. You are correct. After speaking with the Public Information Office at the Census Bureau’s headquarters in Washington, it is true that not a single person has been fined during recent decennial headcounts. In fact, please find posts of mine on this subject here:

    What else would you like us to investigate?

    Best regards,


  4. kare Says:

    I worked for the Southbend office LCO # 2541 as a recruiter. Few points I would like to make.
    1. According to the LCO the census bureau signed a lease for their building in October of 2008 but didn’t get into the building untill late Febuary of 2009.
    2. The Census bureau says they go off test scores but the funny thing is the LCO has several employees that are her personal friends or children of her friends.
    3. Having spoke with the Assistant recruiting mananger if she worked more than eight hours she was instructed to write out she donated the extra hours worked.
    4. Chain of Command often used but only two people were ever given in the chain of command so if you have a problem with those two people who do you go to.
    5. Scheduling according to Chicago they received Southbends schedule three weeks ahead of time but the recruiter would get it the day before sometimes the day of even the day after.
    Personally I think the census is corrupt from middle management on up there are no checks and balances and threats of termination were a daily thing. In speaking with an employee from the Chicago office I specifcally told them to interview other recruiters that had the same issues and not to go off my experiences alone no follow up from the regional office ever came about.
    I know the LCO of the Southbend office is a master manipulator and has covered her tracks well in speaking with another recruiter she was told not to use the LCO’s census e-mail with her issues but to use her personal e-mail account. I have saved everthing and have put it back for safe keeping.

  5. Jo Says:

    What exactly is ACORN’s involvement with the Census? All I’ve heard is the paranoid right wing accusations. Forgive me for doubting that the org is really ‘taking over’ the census. I doubt they’re even involved in the door to door operations. Isn’t that what the Census Bureau is hiring thousands of people to do?

  6. Anonymous CL Says:

    Kare: Slight clarification, I suspect several of your references to “LCO” were intended to be “LCOM” (the Local Census Office Manager, rather than the whole office).

    Jo: You are correct. It’s a bunch of scare-hype baloney. ACORN is just one of dozens/hundreds of organizations and corporations that are merely part of the promotion partnership activities trying to encourage everyone to accurately fill out census forms. But the right-wing nuts saw the name “ACORN” and fixated on it, as they are obsessed with demonizing it.

  7. Anon Says:

    @QC CL Yes, everyone gets the short form this year. Collecting the long form data only every 10 years is not good enough so the long form data is being collected from samples all of the time now. As Gary Hardester mentioned, the plan is to have everyone receive the long form during the 10 year span. The long form data has been collected this way for a few years now.

    Nobody has ever been fined for not answering. They could change that policy at some point if they decide to. They have to power to do that.

  8. Gary Hardester Says:

    Thank you Stephen, and thank you for this site. I do appreciate the efforts here.

    It is just a sore spot with me that almost every news story about either the upcoming 2010 census or the continual long form ACS keeps going with the “you could be fined” thing. And it is not reported well that you can just refuse to answer. And nothing will really happen. They will try to wear you down, but no means no.

    The 90 day cycle of harrassment that the Census Bureau put me and my family through when I got the American Community Survey just burned my britches. 30 days of threats by mail, 30 days of phone calls, 30 days where the agents may vistit you to intimidate you or a member of your family into compliance.

    I will never answer any inquiry from them again. And nothing will ever happen about it.

  9. Qman Says:

    Interesting premise, it’s ok to break the law if they don’t prosecute you. Are you planning to tell you’re kids that?

  10. bob Says:

    If our founding fathers did not “break the law” we would not have the freedoms we have today. The census has been distorted over the years to include too much personal information that has nothing to do with population counting.

    The Census is just another black hole that our tax dollars are thrown into.

  11. Linda B Says:

    I won’t be participating – neither ACORN nor our new BIG BROTHER government is getting any more information on our household than they have through our yearly tax filing and the mass records they already have on us all through our births, employment, and no doubt medical records.

    ACORN is just another thug group that unfortunately we seem to be supporting through our tax dollars – I am so disheartened at the damage this presidency has done to our nation in 6 short months. God Help Us.

  12. LM Says:

    I will be advising my family against participating in the 2010 census. I have my rights and I will be using them. I don’t feel I owe the Government anything. I pay my taxes each year (and there are questions on if that itself is legal.) Not interested in going above and beyond for them.

  13. Ex-IT Says:

    The ACORN “issue” is just over-the-top fear mongering:

    If Bachmann is serious about protecting our privacy, instead of screwing her home district out of representation and funds, how about introducing legislation limiting the questions (many of which have been asked for decades before this Census)? I’m guessing she won’t find much support, even from her fellow Republicans since the businesses that help fund them love that demographic data. Or how about using statistical sampling? Oops – the GOP is against that too since it might give a more accurate count of demographics that they are afraid of. Or she could propose new laws protect the privacy of personal data that private corporations collect, buy and sell. Oh, it’s evil when corporations know everything about us?

    I also find it amusing that the Republicans are suddenly concerned about WW-2 internment:

  14. Anonymous CL Says:

    Bravo, Ex-IT!

  15. John Saurenman Says:

    The purpose, in their own words is to count everyone…”both citizens and non citizens…”

    Then why would it be so difficult to include two important questions:
    1. Are you an American Citizen
    2. Are you a registered voter


    It would seem that these two questions are far more important than many of the others.

  16. Alan Says:

    Linda B is right: Big Brother has no right to gather information that will be used to make smarter, more appropriate policies. In fact, why does the government have a right to improve our lives at all? If our Founding Fathers wanted to give government the right to improve our communities they would have written about it in the Constitution. They would ashamed to know we have public education systems, highways, and sewer systems.

    Let’s send a clear message to our government this Census: we’re not going to give you the information you need to make reasonable policy choices, because you don’t have a right to it!

  17. J Page Says:

    Alan, you need to read the constitution. Our founding fathers did not intend for the federal government to provide us will all of these things. The constitution gives the power and responsibilities to the local and state governments, the governments closest to the people. When the power is centralized then the government become a dictatorship much like the one our founding fathers escaped from in England. I would like to see your list of smart and appropriate policies that has come from “Big Brother”. It is time we get back to following the constitution and put the power back in the local communities hands. It is time that we stop looking for “Big Brother” to take care of us and we start assuming individual responsibility for ourselves. Again, read the constitution and you will find that the census is only to establish a head count to determine the number of Representatives not to find out how many bathrooms are in your home. Lets get back to the true meaning of the constitution and tell “Big Brother” to stay home.

  18. gtmoj Says:

    I refuse to be a part of any more federal government intrusion in my life. I refuse to fill out or answer on thing, none of the Socialist governments business. Stick that up your shoot Obooboo.

  19. Drewen Says:

    All you ingnorant people who cant seem to understand that the census is on your side, please go and crawl under a rock and stay there. Without the Census, you will not know the population in your area, you will then not have new schools, new fire depts, more police and hospitals. This is not big brother watching you, if you think it is, then move to your isolated cabin in montana with your grade 3 reading level and take with you all of your right wing nuts who are afraid to fill it out because you are terrified how much this country has changed in terms of ethnicity, culture and hard wirking people who will do the jobs that white racists will not because they beleive this country is all based on entitilement.

  20. NotAFanOfGivingPersonalInfoAway Says:

    All they “need” to know is how many people live at a residence for data to help the House in it’s representation numbers. All other data appears to be added on after the fact, because it was easy since the effort to collect the population was already in play. IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE…

    So far, no one has been fined, but will that change now that ACORN is involved and given the relationship with P-BO?

  21. Sandra Says:

    A good question to the Census – Please explain the goal of each question (aside from the obvious questions of course? Yes, Census is intrusive, but all the data is presented to the public in raw form. Therefore the numbers are factual representations of the constituents giving the response. Furthermore, it is difficult for anyone in management positions to make informed decisions and policies without accurate data. The numbers (raw data) presented by the Census is eaten like a gravy train in every facet of our lives. It is hard to tell your government what they can or can not do since policy is pushed down from Washington. If anything, we as American citizens should rally around the Census, and use it as our indicator to ensure our elected officials are fulfilling their commitments. The same way Washington uses the Census to make policy, individual Americans can use the Census to address concerns in targeted areas identified by the survey. Example, has anyone even addressed the impact Census data had on the Subprime & Housing debacle starting in 2006? Who in our media was pointing to the statistical data readily available to give some sort of hint of the ensuing disaster? Lastly, who is crunching the numbers to show where blame should be laid for our current situation? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but someone does. Our leaders need to be held accountable, and the best way to do that is with a Census. If we don’t like the answers, lets lobby our elected officials. By not answering the Census survey, we are doing more harm to ourselves. The Census employees will get paid (taxpayer dollars) regardless even if the questions are not answered or the survey is not filled out. In the end, it is the American citizen that suffers (not government) from inaccurate data. I’m just naive enough to believe that the only way change can come about in this country is when American citizens begin to question practices & methods of our elected officials & government agencies.

  22. WOW Says:


    I have to agree with you on your post. In Michigan a lot of the same stuff is happening. In fact, here I hear rumors of the ELCO not be able to hire enough listers for group quarters, mind you this a rumor that I can’t verify but it is scary that people in this day and economy do not want to work with the census bureau after how they were treated during the AC operation. Remember that Group Quarters should need a staff of less than a third of AC. It should be easy for them to hire for this operation. If this does not set off Red Flags I don;t know what will.

    BTW this is a great site so that we can see what is really going on behind the curtain of the census bureau, it is amazing how many people have had the same bad experiences.

  23. My Two Census » Blog Archive » Bachmann toning down census criticism Says:

    [...] some time since Bachmann — who previously said she would not completely fill out the form and only disclose the number of people in her household — has criticized the census. And that might be because Bachmann’s district could be cut [...]

  24. Leein Minneapolis Says:

    I will answer with my name only. I am now in my sixties and it bothered me when I was elementary school about my heritage. I was born in the US, my parents were born in the US and my grandparent were born in the US.

    I will NEVER answer a question that I was forbidden to ask potential employees. If I cannot ask it neither can my government.

  25. Leein Minneapolis Says:

    Add to my comment the I think Michelle Bachman is a right-wing nut job. She is no different than ACORN, just on the other end of the spectrum.

  26. Bill (Of Rights) Says:

    Typical media/gov’t saber rattling – claiming Bachman will eliminate her own district. Vacuous threat. A big BRAVO to Ron Paul for again saying NO and voting against the stupid Congress census love-in confidence vote. I lost confidence in the feds long ago and they will get nothing more than the head count in my home. Millions will boycott the unconstitutional census and yet again no one will get fined because the last thing the feds want is a fight in court or a likely class action lawsuit for infringement of 5th Amendment Rights

    Pertaining to Census fines, Title 18 U.S.C. Section 3571 and Section 3559 state that the fine for anyone over 18 years old who refuses or willfully neglects to complete the questionnaire or answer questions posed by census takers from a fine of not more than $100 to not more than $5,000. Section 3571 states that The $5,000.00 fine referenced in section 3571 is a post conviction fine that only applies to an individual who has been charged and convicted of a criminal infraction as defined in section 3559. Unless an individual has been charged and convicted of some criminal offense connected to the Census and the crime is classified as an infraction, this $5,000.00 fine does not apply. SMOKE AND MIRRORS. Not only has no one been fined, but no one has nor likely EVER will be convicted under this section of law.

    BTW, this has NEVER been overturned – Interstate Commerce Commission v. Brimson, 154 U.S. 447, 479 (May 26, 1894). Excerpt:

    “Neither branch of the legislative department [ed. - House of Representatives or Senate], still less any merely administrative body [ed. - i.e. Census Bureau], established by congress, possesses, or can be invested with, a general power of making inquiry into the private affairs of the citizen. Kilbourn v. Thompson, 103 U.S. 168, 190. We said in Boyd v. U.S., 116 U. S. 616, 630, 6 Sup. Ct. 524,―and it cannot be too often repeated,―that the principles that embody the essence of constitutional liberty and security forbid all invasions on the part of government and it’s employees of the sanctity of a man’s home and the privacies of his life. As said by Mr. Justice Field in Re Pacific Ry. Commission, 32 Fed. 241, 250, ‘of all the rights of the citizen, few are of greater importance or more essential to his peace and happiness than the right of personal security, and that involves, not merely protection of his person from assault, but exemption of his private affairs, books, and papers from inspection and scrutiny of others. Without the enjoyment of this right, all others would lose half their value.’”

  27. Iluvit Says:


    A statute is unenforceable if unconstitutional. Congress has no power to infringe on any individual in any area distinct from the enumerated powers that were an intentional limit on the federal powers. If you think the government should have additional powers, then you should be supporting a repeal of the 10th amendment and the passing of a new amendment. So do you think we should adhere to the constitution? Give up all the rights the YOU want to but stay off mine. These questions are purely designed for progressive social engineering and this hope and change crap is redistribution out of control.

  28. Read The Constitution Says:

    Next year the country will go through another census. The people and the states – the creators and on-going sustainers of the federal government – have authorized this undertaking (U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 2). The census should be seen not as a burden but rather as an opportunity for Americans to practice self-government. Let me explain.

    Our written Constitution embodies ideas to which every member of Congress has taken an Article VI oath to support. In taking their constitutional oath the members of Congress are joined by every member of the 50 state legislatures, every federal executive, legislative, judicial officer, and every executive, legislative, judicial officer of the 50 states, as well as all military personnel. That so many are required to take the oath “to support this Constitution” is ample evidence that the Framers thought their written document to be quite important, a belief shared by most Americans.

    Our Constitution is written in clear, understandable English. Consider the census provision. “The [first] actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States [March, 1789], and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they [Congress] shall by Law direct.” This allows Congress to count us, but only count us. The operative word, “Enumeration.”

    How then can we help Congress? By giving census officials your name and address, thereby counting you, but nothing more. By doing this simple task, you assist Congress and census officials fulfill their oath-taken duties “to support this Constitution.”

    We have agreed to be counted but the license ends there. With our consent Congress is authorized to count us for one purpose: to apportion among the states, as a function of population, the number of House representatives who will then speak for / represent the people on federal matters. That’s it. As to senators, the representatives for the states, no apportionment/enumeration scheme is necessary because no variable is involved: each state is entitled to two senators regardless of demographic or geographical size (“The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State”). These provisions are the result of the delegates’ debates on representation and their final agreement, often referenced as the Great (or Sherman’s) Compromise.

    Readers will note that the Constitution simply authorizes an enumeration, a counting of heads. Not an enumeration by race, Hispanic ethnicity, personal relationships, or by the manner in which a person occupies his/her home (“tenure” in census-speak). Not an enumeration by one’s labor force status, by health insurance coverage, by disability status, by level of education. Not an enumeration of the number of bedrooms, kitchens, cars, distances/times traveled to work, school. Not an enumeration of the amount of income made, or by the answers to numerous other nosy questions found in the American Community Survey. Just a simple counting of the number of people. Madison’s extensive notes on the 1787 Convention contain not one word about the delegates spending any of their valuable time discussing the issues of race, Hispanic origins, personal relationships, or plumbing.

    We can thus practice self-government by just giving name & address. Under our constitutional republican form of government the people are sovereign. We govern ourselves best by following our consensually-adopted Constitution, and demanding that Congress and all federal officials do similarly. readers understand that the federal government does not exist unto itself; that is, it is not a self-existing, perpetual entity. Its creation and its continued existence are subject entirely to the will of the two principals, the people themselves and the states, which allow it to remain in being.

    “But,” the statists will sputter, “the Constitution says that this counting may be done ‘in such Manner as they [Congress] shall by Law direct,’ and that allows us to get further information from and about you.” This language merely goes to the mechanics of the counting (who will do it; when it is to be done; how, when results are to be reported; and so forth); it does not enlarge what may be counted. Constitutionally the only permitted enumeration is the number of people in the United States. Why? Because that count is the determinant for apportionment and therefore the only pertinent information needed. Not race, not ethnicity, not personal relationships, not housing tenure. The minimum information requested for the 1790 census – the number of persons in each household and the “Names of heads of families” (Public Law, March 1, 1790) – provided Congress with the necessary data to accomplish Congress’s first re-apportionment. Addresses and the names of other household occupants were not sought. This historical perspective is significant: the first census established precedent; was nearest to the date of the Constitution’s ratification; and is in straight alignment with the Framers’ purpose and plan. Regardless of which form you receive in the mail (your address is already known), the 10-question short form or the longer American Community Survey form, any busybody question beyond name and address has no bearing for apportionment. The ACS, sent out to different addresses on a monthly basis (even though the Constitution expressly authorizes only a single decennial census), is extraordinarily intrusive.

    “But,” the statists will stammer further, “Congress says you must give all this other information.” Perhaps Congress has enacted something along those lines, but that is not to say that that law is itself lawful. As noted, we agreed to be counted, but that’s all. If the original grant of authority from the authors of the Constitution (the people and the states) does not allow or authorize Congress to enact such a law, then that so-called law is not law within the meaning of the Constitution because that purported enactment was not authorized in the first place. The Constitution’s Supremacy Clause (Article VI) states that purported federal law is considered authorized law only when made within the framework of the written Constitution (“This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; . . .”). Nowhere in this Constitution (a document of limitations) is there found any authority from us enabling Congress to ask about race, ethnicity, or household utility bills. “But, but, . . ., the necessary and proper clause encompasses these further census questions.” Not so. The Necessary and Proper Clause (Article I, section 8) is not an independent grant of power standing on its own. It is at most a derivative power; before that clause may be used as justification for a federal law, primary authority must first be located elsewhere. As far as the census is concerned authority is found solely in the Article I provision noted above, and in that provision Congress is only allowed to count/enumerate us.(*) Nothing further; demanding the disclosure of race or Hispanic ethnicity or other information is not enumeration.

    [(*) So that the forest doesn’t get lost among the trees: The authorization for the decennial counting of the American people is found in the article defining how the House of Representatives is to be composed. The provision is about those representatives, not about the people themselves. Only statist-minded controllers would take a provision defining the House of Representatives and turn it into an opportunity to conduct third-degree inquisitions of the country’s sovereigns, the people themselves.]

    Using tired excuses we will be told that government needs this information to function. Really? The Framers didn’t think so; otherwise they would have placed that authority in the document. Further, if Congress believes itself in need of additional information about us, let Congress propose an amendment to the Constitution and pitch its case to the creators of the federal government – the people and the states – as to why further, intrusive personal information is needed in order to apportion House representation. The Framers were forward thinkers; they anticipated that the needs of the created government might change, providing to this end an amendment process (Article V).

    “But, but, . . .,” the statists will whine, “amending the Constitution is such a burdensome process. It’s so much easier for us to get this information by threatening citizens with fines and demanding it.” To which we simply reply, “We the people expected that you read, understood, and agreed with the written Constitution before you voluntarily took your oath of office to support the people’s document. Did you cross your fingers? Is it your intention not to honor your constitutional oath?”

    Name, address and number of occupants. The only information to be given in response to any letter or satchel-toting census bureaucrat demanding “Your information, please.” We live more freely when all public officials obey the law. Let’s begin with the Constitution.

    October 27, 2009

    Paul Galvin [send him mail] conducts his legal, tax and business advisory practice for businesses and tax-exempt organizations in Springfield, Mass.

    Copyright © 2009 by Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

  29. John Roberts Says:

    Mr Read the Constitution has said it the best of anyone here. The government already has other sources of information such as your tax returns,credit information,etc. People are foolish to believe their redistribution of wealth policies depend on this. How many illegal aliens do you know who are going to fill this out. I bet none of them will get fines or even deported. All I am obliged to give is name rank and serial number(or as Mr Constitution said…and of course not lie about that)other than that, all who complain about government intrusion – here is your chance to step up. I have a big problem with a few of those questions , I will answer the ones I choose that were true to the Constitution and lets just ask a few of our own such as who is looking at these forms. How are they going to protect this information. Look at the job qualifications to become a census taker: THEY ARE NOT EVEN REQUIRED BY LAW TO BE AN AMERICAN CITIZEN!!!!If you don’t believe it look it up. I did. I suppose if you blindly trust that the government will protect that information and it will never be bought, sold or stolen, then go ahead and tell them everything.(If you do, you may not have heard this quote: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”)Maybe those of you that doubt Mr Constitution should educate themselves before they speak. Give them your credit card number too, just to show them what an obedient subject you really are. Then don’t whine and snival when it turns up on Google. Lets just see how far the government will go to prosecute and fine American citizens for not answering a few unconstitutional questions. The government has been stepping on our Constitution much too long and there are many more unconstitutional laws being made every year.(look into civil forfeiture laws if you think this is bad) This is as good a place as any to take a stand. Just imagine the headlines :”Federal government fines Low income American citizen for not completing census form.” So come on – make my day.

  30. Michael Scott Says:

    For years I ignored the census, mostly because I was a homeless veteran. But this decade is different. Why, because the NWO socio-fascist have used the mechanism of the census to further their racist agenda. The intent of the census is to get an accurate count of the population so the treasury can divide the money, among the people. They DO NOT need to know what race you are to do this. Number of PEOPLE / Amount of MONEY, that’s like 3rd grade math, right? So, why do they need those (race) numbers?

  31. A Census Enumerator Says:

    You guys are making way to big a deal out of this. Your grocery store has more information on you than this.

  32. A Census Refuser Says:

    Yes, but only if you voluntarily give that information by agreeing to “discounts” with a shopper card. If you avoid the polluted GMO and processed stuff they call food, you also tend avoid these big market pitfalls. Most census refusers know their rights and tend to be well-informed on the grocery scams too. Go to – www DOT responsibletechnology DOT org – for more info.

  33. Enumerator Says:

    There is nothing new in the census from when it was taken in 1900. They have always asked race, asked if your a owner or renter, DOB, in fact they used to ask where your parents were from and where you were born. Also what is the value of your home. Get a grip people.

    The form DOES NOT ask any SSN, bank info!

  34. A Census Refuser Says:

    Only head count (enumeration) is required for apportionment of representatives and direct taxes. Not gender, not race, not DOB, not name, not anything else. Only the counting of heads, thus “enumeration.”

    The government has perhaps the worst record of any entity when it comes to data security and data privacy. From the Pentagon to the Social Security Administration, you can use a search engine and read all week long about how data was stolen, hacked, sold and otherwise misused. If any other corporation or entity came to your door and asked for this information, you would laugh in their faces or slam the door promptly shut. Yet all the sheep bleat out in harmony that worst offender of data privacy is trustworthy – the federal government. If history has taught humanity anything, anything at all, it is that governments should never be trusted no matter how small the stakes.

    As unlikely and as inapplicable as it might seem today, during WWII the census data was used to locate and put American CITIZENS of Japanese ethnicity into concentration camps. Again, this might sound extreme today, but perhaps not considering the rendition practices currently in place under the guise of fighting terrorism committed by 19 Saudi Arabian men who resided in a cave in Afghanistan.

    In the end, the threats of fines is toothless. The census is a good, easy line in the sand. I would hate to think that if you cannot manage to stand against this clerical invasion or privacy, then what exactly would you stand against when the going is really tough? Draw the line.

  35. A Census Refuser Says:

    A grocery store only has personal information if you VOLUNTARILY give that information in exchange for “discounts” with a shopper card. If you avoid the polluted GMO and processed stuff they call food, you also tend avoid these big box market pitfalls.

    Most census refusers know their rights and tend to be well-informed on the grocery scams too. Check out the site – ResponsibleTechnology DOT org – for more info on avoiding GMO’s and polluted foods. Check out the site – NoCards DOT org for info on grocery store, personal data gathering.

  36. American Says:

    I am an American. I am choosing to exercise my rights under the constitution of The United States Of America. My Constitution. My Rights.

    I do not have to fill out any survey the Census sends me after giving them a head count to satisfy the “number” count they require. PERIOD…end of story.

    Notice I said I AM AN AMERICAN. I did not say what sex, race, or political party I am representing. The administration and many congressmen and women have divided this country enough.

    FYI the survey has been updated with more intrusive questions. This is fact. Not fiction. They want information on our children and us that violates HIPPA laws. Again, this is fact. I have one. I am “in the know”…and I HAVE A LAW degree and have studied Constituional Law. I am not some uneducated, paranoid person. I AM AN educated AMERICAN. So if that makes me dangerous-TOUGH!

    I am also someone who has first-hand identity theft experience-by a person in a government office. Oh, and they got by with a slap on the wrist and fines. This is why I studied the law.

    So, to those who mock or look down on those of us who choose to uphold and exercise our rights…and believe scare tactics is our “game”…EDUCATE YOURSELVES! Quit talking about things you have no solid proof of…half-truths you pick up off the streets, in the office, and some of those networks who are weighted towards one side. READ the Constitution and if you do not understand the wording- look up the meaning. We have libraries. Go use them!

    Above all else…LEARN YOUR HISTORY! Most of the people making the remarks about “the census is no big deal” and “you are paranoid” probably have no clue what the founding fathers set out to do in the first place. They live in the “now” and not the “know”. Not learning critical points in our history is why this country is getting destroyed and why we have allowed government to control so much. Heck, we even have allowed them to tell us what history we are allowed and not allowed to put in history books used in schools.

    Also, those of you who think that the Census needs the survey information (ACS) for the federal government and local government to help us get funding for libraries, fire stations, police stations, schools, etc. You need to talk with the people at the top in your City or County. They do the work to decide that themselves. NOT the Census workers.

    Plus the majority of the funding comes from sales tax, property tax etc. NOT the FEDS. County and City Government apply for grants and might get some of the money requested from the State or Feds…but that is only if they jump through proper hoops and get on the FEDS good side.

    I am an American who is tired of not being able to walk in anywhere and feel like AN AMERICAN amongst other Americans. Instead, we are racially and politically divided.

    I am tired of being ridiculed for saying, “God Bless America”. God is the same God our founding fathers prayed to and He has not changed. We have.

    I am tired of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights being trampled on by uneducated people and by people who abuse it. People, get educated and have something to back it up. Not just something you heard from a friend or colleague.

    I have been homeless, unemployed, injured, near death and not once did I ever feel like my fellow Americans or Government owed me anything.