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Another NYT Editorial re: Robert Groves’ Stalled Nomination

Robert Groves’ confirmation has been stalled since May 15. Over in Censusville, we’re getting very bored of discussing this issue, but it is of the utmost importance for America, so we will keep shouting about it until someone takes action. From Saturday’s NYT editorial:

Robert Groves, the nominee for director of the Census Bureau, has been on hold since mid-May. He has been deemed suspect for his expertise in sampling, a statistical method for adjusting miscounts. Republicans charge that sampling could unfairly tilt the census results. That is highly debatable, but, more to the point, it is a nonissue. Mr. Groves testified at his confirmation hearing that sampling will not be used in the 2010 count. But the hold on Mr. Groves endures, enfeebling the Census Bureau in the critical final months before the count.

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