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Long and boring 2010 Census hearing…

Click HERE to watch a long and boring Congressional hearing (from July 21st) chaired by Carolyn Maloney and featuring testimony from many former directors of the Census Bureau.

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One Response to “Long and boring 2010 Census hearing…”

  1. HermHollerith Says:

    Did anyone watch the “long and boring” video? I didn’t.
    I looked through the PDFs posted on the link given above. Only two of the speakers mentioned technology. None wrote about the infamous handheld computer. Back to the two who talked about technology.
    First, Andrew Reamer tells us that the Census Bureau needs more funding for technology to produce new data products. However, he is talking about implementing existing methods and technology.
    Second, Barbara Everitt Bryant reports difficulty getting funding to purchase technology developed outside the Census Bureau. This was when she was Director in the 20th century.
    Give NASA a budget to acquire the Census Bureau.