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Youtube Video from the Census Bureau: Swearing In of Robert M. Groves

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One Response to “Youtube Video from the Census Bureau: Swearing In of Robert M. Groves”

  1. MediaTrainer00 Says:

    Through most of my 62 years on this planet I was and still am prone to consider “watchdogs” equal to pit bulls who love a fight and go straight for the jugular.

    Seems this holds true Mr. Morris and his cohorts.Having read all the MyTwoCensus coverage, I wonder about the agenda behind these posts.

    Let’s set the record straight about a few things:

    2010 Census data produced will form the cornerstone of knowledge about our nation for the next decade.

    The Constitution of the United States mandates that a population count be conducted every 10 years. A U.S. census has been conducted every 10 years since 1790.

    The data collected helps to ensure that all congressional districts in the United States have proportionate representation in the government.

    Census information will help determine how communities across the nation receive their fair share of more than $3 Trillion in federal funding over the next decade. Thats trillion with a “T.”

    The census always is conducted in the strictest of confidence. Personal information is not disclosed to anyone for any reason for 72 years, and the punishment for breaking the law is strict. Only aggregate data are published for reporting purposes.

    This is only the second time the U.S. Census Bureau is using paid advertising to encourage participation in the decennialcensus. The ads for television, radio and print (including out-of-home) speak to all U.S. residents.

    You seemed to thrill over exposing ACORN as a census partner. What about the tens-of-thousands community, corporate and congressional partners from across the United States, including Puerto Rico and the island areas, that are supporting the U.S. Census Bureau in its efforts to count every household.

    Now that the bureau is using the “short form” in the 2010 Census, The questions asked represent the best balance between a community‚Äôs
    needs and a commitment to reduce the time and effort it takes to fill out
    the form. Can’t be called too intrusive now can it?

    In defense of Raul E. Cisneros who was recently selected as Chief of the
    Census 2010 Publicity Office. he is very well-versed regarding the 2010 Integrated Communications Campaign and has the benefit of the experience from a host of people who were involved in the Census marketing and advertising programs.

    Cisneros Develops, implements, and coordinates the integrated marketing program for Census 2010, including paid advertising, direct mail, public relations, partnerships, and local outreach.

    Regarding oversight of the multimillion dollar contract with Draftfcbhe’s not alone in that oversight. In addition to assistance and guidance from communications directorate veterans, the decennial contracting staff plays a major roll in that oversight as well.

    Curious why you haven’t blasted the facts that:

    1. Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the Census Bureau received $1 billion in funding, $120 million of which was used to create more than 2,200 much-needed new positions. The remaining funds were directed to other critical 2010 Census operations, including expanding the 2010 Census communications and advertising campaign.

    2. Complete Count Committees (CCC) are forming across the country to spread the word about the importance of the 2010 Census and to motivate every resident in their community to complete and return their 2010 Census questionnaire.

    3. The U.S. Census Bureau has begun printing 2010 Census questionnaires as the agency continues preparations for next year’s count of the U.S. population. The new questionnaire, which every residential address will receive, is designed to be one of the shortest since the first census in 1790, asking just 10 questions and taking about 10 minutes to complete.

    I think I’ve made my point. That being that I was right again about “watchdogs” being equal to pit bulls who love a fight and go straight for the jugular.

    In closing, I owned pit bulls and they were no where near as vicious as most self-proclaimed “Watchdogs.”

    After spending a part of my life (1998 – 2008) working with the professionals of the Census Bureau, I assure you and your followers that 99.9 % of the management and staff, including the headquarters and regional offices, are dedicated to maintaining U.S. Census Bureau’s reputation as the pre-eminent collector and disseminator of timely, relevant and quality data about the people and the economy of the United States.
    If you don’t think conducting the 2010 Census is a daunting and admirable task — the 2010 Census will collect data on about 313 million persons, which is close to the entire combined population of Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy!