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MyTwoCensus Investigation Part 2: The Smoking Gun Audio Files

After MyTwoCensus investigators were tipped off about the lax hiring procedures at the nation’s three data capture centers, we decided to call some of the people involved in the hiring process to verify that it was still okay to be hired to work at one of these centersĀ  (that process significant amounts of private/sensitive information) if one had misdemeanor convictions, drug problems, and was awaiting the outcome of a felony charge…The answer: Despite these issues, you’re good to be hired!

On the following call from Baltimore, we intentionally blocked out our operative’s voice to shield his identity. On the line you will here Tiera Dorsey, an employee of Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon’s office who is responsible for helping people to find jobs. Let’s go to the audio recording:

Baltimore Recording


Tiera Dorsey: Miss Dorsey.

TD: Okay, who am I speaking with, sir?

TD: Okay, are you talking about working at the Census or working at the Baltimore Data Capture Center?

TD: Okay, you need to go to their web site. You ready? J-O-B-S-T-H-A-T-C-O-U-N-T-dot-O-R-G.

TD: Oh, they don’t drug test there. There they don’t. The Baltimore Data Capture don’t drug test.

TD: They go case by case with misdemeanors.

TD: Ohhhhh, I do know that when they did the presentation here they said felonies, their not going to hire people with felonies, but if you wasn’t convicted then it shouldn’t come up right?

TD: Okay. Because I’m not the employer. Bye.

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5 Responses to “MyTwoCensus Investigation Part 2: The Smoking Gun Audio Files”

  1. jim Says:

    is she some sort of maniac who answers questions she hears in her head? or is a significant piece of this transcript missing?

  2. jim Says:

    i also wonder if she was told the call was being recorded, as it’s against the law in maryland to record a phone call without the consent of both parties.

  3. jim Says:

    not only that, but the file itself doesn’t link to anything.

  4. FactChecker Says:

    Please tell me you aren’t suggesting that an employee of the mayor’s office, somebody completely unaffiliated with the Census or this contractor, is somehow an authority on the hiring process?

    Is that responsible journalism?

  5. MediaTrainer00 Says:

    MTC folks post this and comment: