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Senators try to exclude illegal immigrants from 2010 Census

Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana is not a fan of the 2010 Census. MyTwoCensus does not support the proposed amendment that is discussed below. H/t to Haya El Nasser of USA Today for the following story:

A controversial amendment that would require the Census Bureau to ask for the first time whether people are in the USA illegally is headed for a Senate vote Wednesday.

Proposed last week by Republican Sens.David Vitter of Louisiana and Bob Bennett ofUtah, the amendment would exclude illegal immigrants from the population count used to allocate congressional seats after the 2010 Census. It also would require the Census to ask people whether they are citizens.

“Illegal aliens should not be included for the purposes of determining representation in Congress, and that’s the bottom line here,” Vitter says. If enacted, the amendment to an appropriations bill would stop funding of the 2010 Census unless the changes are made.

The amendment comes less than six months before 2010 Census questionnaires are mailed to 135 million households. About 425 million forms have already been printed, according to the bureau. Some are in different languages; others are duplicates that will go to houses that do not respond to the first mailing.

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4 Responses to “Senators try to exclude illegal immigrants from 2010 Census”

  1. an_oak_tree Says:

    Audrey Singer and Andrew Reamer of the Democratic Defense Agency known as The Brookings Institution, helpfully point out that Vitter and Bennett are at least two years late in identifying this issue. Voters in LA and UT should pay attention to the inability of Vitter and Bennett to stay abreast of national issues. Audrey Singer and Andrew Reamer also post the statement “After some fits and starts, the Census Bureau is ready to deliver an accurate census.” Readers of this blog know that the accuracy of the census is a subject of national debate.

  2. House of Brat Says:

    I suspect Sen. Bennett (R-UT) is co-sponsoring this amendment to appear more right-wing next year. He already has 4 primary opponents. Bennett is considered more “liberal” than Hatch.

  3. FactChecker Says:

    The Census Bureau provides the questions to congress before the forms are approved. If they were so interested in excluding illegal immigrants, why did they wait until they knew it was too late?

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