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Letter To The Editor: Fingerprinting Issues Need To Be Addressed

The following letter to the editor represents the opinion of John A. Niotti-Soltesz, CEO of Zerco Systems International Inc. and is in response to pieces that we have recently posted about fingerprinting and security issues that were brought to light before Congress by the Government Accountability Office:

To The Editor:

My name is John A. Niotti-Soltesz, CEO of Zerco Systems International Inc. Zerco is working in conjunction with the largest background check screening company in the world and had submitted a comprehensive and much need solution for fingerprinting that addressed many of the flawed issues and the direction the Census was undertaking in clearing the hundreds of thousands of temp workers for next years Census.  We were just notified that our unsolicited proposal, that was submitted to Census in July 27, 2009 was just rejected.  The reasons were absolutely unfounded and distorted.

I believe Dr. Groves and this administration are going down a path that is going to put the American people at tremendous risk and exposure.   We need your voice to expose a flawed process that violates our personal security and exposes tremendous cost overruns that our tax dollars will pay for.  I have worked with our partner for over 6 months on the comprehensive, cost effective and safe fingerprinting livescan solution. Their response basically said “the Census Bureau has already invested in the infrastructure and supplies to support the collection of fingerprints.”   This response is pure BS.  Their investment will put the American public at significant risk and this administration, eventually, in the hot seat.  My staff had meetings with Census at the end of last year (08) and was instructed to submit a proposal, based on the information and approach we recommended, only to have it shot down with today’s notification. Our proposal was mentioned during questioning of Dr. Groves by Congessman Clay less than two weeks ago in a Committee meeting on the Hill. Dr. Groves had no idea our proposal was with the Census or even under-review at that time. However, Congressman Clay did know that Census [Bureau] had the proposal and had done nothing with it.

For the purpose of time and typing so much more information I have,  I would kindly request that we take a few minutes and talk directly.  I am in the process of notifying my Congressman who wrote to the Director with his concerns we shared long before those concerns were made public recently, and others on the hill.  Again, we need your voice.

Finally, I am aware of the proposal David Allburn submitted to Census.  His proposal was denied at the end of 08.  I pursued, with our teaming partner, a unique and cost effective approach that would have delivered the solution to Census they requested in an RFI they put out approximately 21/2 years ago. That solution requested a Livescan fingerprinting process not ink and cards!   Vendors at the time responded to a ridiculous set of requirements that made it cost prohibitive.  Our approach mitigated this issue.   Thank you for your time.


John A. Niotti-Soltesz, CEO

Zerco Systems International Inc.

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