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Congress Not Pleased With Cost Overruns

Check out the letter from Rep. Patrick McHenry, ranking member on the subcommittee on Information Policy, Census, and National Archives that was sent to the Census Bureau on Monday: Cost Overrun Letter 10/19/09

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3 Responses to “Congress Not Pleased With Cost Overruns”

  1. House of Brat Says:

    Too bad they don’t worry more about the cost overruns at the Pentagon with their half trillion dollar budget.

  2. MediaTrainer00 Says:

    Agree with House of Brat Says re: the Pentagon. What programs of this magnitude doesn’t experience overruns. Mark my words … When the dust settles, all operations are complete, and data is passed on to the president, the 2010 Census will come in under budget as it did followinf the 2010 Census.

  3. Engineer Says:

    The Census Bureau cannot control its budget. How can it control its people counting process?