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Census road tour updates: Twitter feeds and tour stops

The 2010 Census Portrait of America Road Tour is launching in New York City today, and we have a few updates on the tour:

There will be one national vehicle and 13 smaller regional vehicles. The national vehicle, which will be unveiled today in Times Square, is a 46-foot gooseneck trailer towed by a dual axle, quad-cab pick-up truck. It’s expected to visit high-profile events nationwide.

The regional vehicles are sprinter cargo vans towing 14-foot bumper pull trailers. They’ll be at a variety of events in their areas.

The vehicles, which the Census Bureau has named, are equipped with GPS technology to track their progress online. Each vehicle also has it’s own Twitter feed.

After the jump, see the full list of regional vehicles, Twitter feeds and locations the national vehicle is slated to visit.

Census road tour regional vehicles and Twitter feeds:

Mail It Back (National): @10MailItBack
Representation (Atlanta): @Representat10n
Democracy (Boston) @10Democracy
Founders (Charlotte): @10Founders
Population (Chicago): @10Population
Take 10 (Dallas): @10Take10
Geography (Denver): @10Geography
Statistics (Detroit): @10Statistics
Decennial (Kansas City): @10Decennial
Confidential (Los Angeles): @10Confidential
Liberty (New York): @10Liberty
Constitution (Philadelphia) @10Constitution
Abacus (Seattle): @10Abacus

And here are the cities that already have national vehicle tour stops planned:

Harlem: Jan. 5
Hartford: Jan. 6
: Jan. 7
Boston: Jan. 8

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