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San Francisco leaders to introduce census legislation

San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi will introduce legislation requiring Census workers to be allowed in Single Room Occupancy hotels so their residents can be accurately counted, according to a post on the San Francisco Chronicle’s blog, City Insider.

Mirkarimi successfully advocated similar measures for election workers to be allowed into the “notoriously hard-to-access” SROs three years ago, the blog post said.

The plan is just part of San Francisco city officials’ major push for an accurate count:

Ensuring all San Franciscans are counted in this year’s census has been a focus of city officials over the past several months since they maintain the 2000 census undercounted residents by nearly 100,000 people, costing San Francisco $290 million in federal dollars over the past 10 years.

Mirkarimi’s announcement will come just a day after the 2010 Census Road Tour was launched outside San Francisco’s City Hall.

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