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Question to our readers…

Do you think it is a good use of money for the Census Bureau to spend a few million $$ on a Super Bowl advertisement? (please comment below!)

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One Response to “Question to our readers…”

  1. Duncan Says:

    It is fine IF it is on strategy. Any advertising/marketing professional knows that there is a DISCIPLINE. Unfortunately, egos often circumvent that discipline and do things that benefit those egos. My concern is this is happening with the SuperBowl spot. Is the spot on strategy? Does it deliver a clear message? What is the viewer’s net takeaway and is it what is right for the product/client? Does your data support this? Does the ad speak to your target? Does it reflect the brand (in this case: US Gov’t, Bureau of Census) values? Talk with those who know the discipline and see if the Christopher Guest “Snapshot of America” spots meet these criteria. Personally, I say these spots don’t deliver.