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Dr. Robert Groves vs. PETA…a battle looming?

The following is an excerpt from Census Director Robert Groves’ blog on 2010.Census.Gov…for a second I thought I was reading a post from Sarah Palin:

Monday evening we had a feast of moose, caribou, and muktuk (whale skin and blubber) along with more traditional fare like turkey and dressing. The meal was followed with native dancing from villages surrounding Noorvik (some as far North as New Hope on the Northern coast). Next a band of electric and acoustic guitars, drums, and keyboard appeared, playing mainly country and western music. The musicians were the mayor, the president of the Noorvik native community, and the school principal among others. They started with an old Hank Williams tune, and played other favorites they had grown up with.

In response, Laura Lopez of PETA told MyTwoCensus, “If the Census Director wants to have fewer Americans to count, he’s headed in the right direction by feasting on a Noah’s Ark of animals. From turkey flesh to moose meat, all animal flesh is packed with saturated fat and cholesterol—so not only is meat a product of animal cruelty, it also makes people obese and unhealthy.”

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One Response to “Dr. Robert Groves vs. PETA…a battle looming?”

  1. jim Says:

    did you really call PETA for a response to a press release that Groves put out about an outreach visit with Inuits? That is really strange. Though it is the closest to actual reporting you’ve ever done on this site, so i suppose should commend you. Not surprised that the weirdos at PETA actually gave you something. They are beyond weird.

    When are the Emilies taking over for good?