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Let us know your thoughts on the Census Bureau’s Super Bowl ads…

Please comment here and enjoy the game!

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6 Responses to “Let us know your thoughts on the Census Bureau’s Super Bowl ads…”

  1. geociti Says:

    The ad was an ad that me think about the census. The girls was just looking at him -like the census does that…why r u trying too. The ad could have talked about the importance of filling out the form. It made me aware of the census in a different way.

  2. redhedmsg Says:

    I am totally amazed that the government would spend the amount of money they did on such a STUPID commercial. It did nothing to inform people why the census is REALLY necessary. Nor did it inform them about sending in the mail survey when they get it, so more tax money is not wasted hiring people (at over $18.00 an hour) to go to everyone’s door to get the info. This is a pretty simple process, but leave it to the government to corrupt it and manage to waste more of our money BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS!!!!!

  3. Tammy Says:

    Since you only have two other comments than mine, does that mean your request asking for responses was only important to two people in two days. Pretty sad.

    I work for the Census. I work VERY hard for the Census. All the coworkers who work around me work VERY hard for the Census. Many are donating their time to make sure the Census is completed by the end of the year. My upper management also works very hard. They are at work early in the morning and work late in the evening. They have been working while the Government has been shutdown this week. Yet, all you do is criticize us. Why? We are simply hard working individuals helping their country count each person to make sure they are properly represented in Congress and their geographic area is receiving the funding they have paid taxes into.

    Advertising the Census is quite important to make sure each person is counted. By the way, YouTube is a free advertising agenda once it’s online. That free advertising agenda sounds pretty fiscal to me.

    Finding fault is easy. Rolling up your sleeves and working for a living is difficult. You might try that. Your blatant hate for a Federal office of people who work VERY hard is sad. Try working for the Federal government and seeing how well they perform every single day would be a hard job for you. First, you would have to be able to write a worthwhile resume to find a position. That would mean applying for a position through USAJOBS.GOV without knowing someone first to “get in”. Then, if you were fortunate enough to be hired, when your supervisor gave you work, you would have to finish it in the timeframe the supervisor needed it for the next person who needed it for the next person who needed it and so on it goes. Even ordering a screwdriver is important when it end ups in the hands of a researcher who has designed a product to help a soldier overseas. Are you understanding now?

    My husband and I are both Federal employees. We work quite hard and always have. I have worked with the Federal government for 31 years. Not all of it has been for the U.S. Census Bureau. In those 31 years, I can only count two people who did not work hard. In your career working with the colleagues you work with, can you truthfully say that?

    Get a real life, a real job and stop hating on Census employees. Hate is easy. Finding the good in others’ lives is even easier once the hating stops. Since you have enough time on your hands to be hurtful to others, you have enough time on your hands to be helpful. You write well enough to be helpful. Try being helpful instead of hateful. It’s much more enjoyable and refreshing at the end of the day.


  4. UnderRepresented Says:

    So many ethnic communities received ZERO funding for psa’s, media buys, etc. That $2.3M or whatever the ad cost could’ve gone a long way in the undercounted/underrepresented communities.

    How can we see a breakdown of the Census of how the Census is spending advertising/media-related money???

  5. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Tammy – We don’t hate on any Census workers. In fact, we praise them often. However, the mission of this blog is to serve as a WATCHDOG over the federal government, which is an important role, particularly in a day and age where traditional media outlets don’t have the funding to do investigative reports and reporters with demographics and census beats have lost their jobs left and right. – Stephen

  6. Anonymous CL Says:

    Let’s just say that the advertising agency contracts, and the ads developed by them, were not the wisest strategies. That isn’t the fault of the hard-working rank-and-file Census employees, just another flawed mega-contract like the Harris one. But this one will get more negative attention as it leaves a confused ‘first impression’ with millions of Americans.