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MyTwoCensus Editorial: Now Is The Time To Print The 2010 Census Form In Creole

Back on July 30, 2009, we published an article titled “Trouble in Florida for Haitians” detailing the problem of the Census Bureau’s choice not to use Creole as one of the 27 languages other than English that will appear on 2010 Census forms. In the wake of last month’s earthquake, and with an influx of refugees pouring into the United States (and Florida in particular), this decision now appears less intelligent than ever. is also surprised that the mainstream media has failed to pick up on this, and we urge media outlets to report this story. Are there a million Creole speakers in America? 1.5 million? More? This is an example of yet another community getting the shaft based on poor planning…but the Census Bureau still has time to act and create a creole language 2010 Census form as well as an ad campaign targeting creole-speakers. To the Census Bureau officials reading this: Please take our advice, and start this process ASAP!

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6 Responses to “MyTwoCensus Editorial: Now Is The Time To Print The 2010 Census Form In Creole”

  1. Steven Jost, U.S. Census Says:

    Stephen, the Census has a Language Assistance Guide in Haitian Creole, and it has been on our new 2010 website since we launched last October. The form itself is printed in six languages, but we provide language assitance guides in 59 languages. We also have a whole web page in Haitian Creole explaining the importance of the Census.

    Creole was added to our advertising effort last June, We are producing ads targeted at the U.S. Haitian population in both English and Creole. Just recently we revised this advertising after the tragic earthquake, in part to stress that if Haitian Americans had taken in quake survivors in their homes to be sure to include them on their census form.

    Our Regional offices have extensive partnership and outreach efforts to this community. Just last week our one of our Creole speaking partnership staff were invited on stage by our partner BET during their “Saving OurSelves” benefit concert, to provide a live Census message to the live and televised audiences. You can see the message at this link at the 1 hour and 50 minute mark in the show.

    Thanks also to our partnership with BET, we were able to divert one of our Road Tour vehicles to the benefit concert site in south Florida and personally reach thousands with the message of the coming Census.

  2. GB Says:

    The Census Bureau does not have time to print the forms in Creole. It takes months to design a form, get that form approved by OMB, and get that form to print.

    The forms are mailed one month from today.

  3. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Mr. Jost – Thank you for your reply. I was unaware of these efforts, and I appreciate you taking the time to make them known. Best, Stephen

  4. FactChecker Says:

    I agree with you Mr. Morse, the Census Bureau did a horrible job of predicting the earthquake in Haiti!

  5. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    FactChecker — You are quite cheeky and missing the point. We called for more assistance with the Haitian community back in July, 6 months before the earthquake. SRM

  6. acorns_everywhere Says:

    The Census Bureau decided several years ago to undercount Haitians.