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Indiana Reporter Tries To Take On The Census Bureau

Why won’t Census hire Indy workers?

By David Barras

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – We told you Tuesday about thousands of Census jobs available in Indianapolis. So why can’t Hoosiers who have already passed the test get a job?

Angry, frustrated and in desperate need of a job is the way Judy Rawnsley of Indianapolis described herself after passing the Census test months ago and hearing nothing since. Rawnsley told 24 Hour News 8 she took the test in November.

“About two weeks later they called me and told me that I had either scored high or had a perfect score and would I come and test for management,” she said.

Judy took the Census management test at the Indianapolis Census Office on East 30th Street.

“And I’ve heard nothing. I have made several phone calls. I just get someone who answers a phone, and I get several stories. No one knows anything,” she said.

Judy called 24-Hour News 8 after seeing the story of the Indianapolis Mayor and a 7th District Congressman begging for people to apply for Census jobs.

“If there’s 5,000 jobs, I’d think there’s one that I can handle,” she said.

After calling the head of the local Census office and hearing nothing, 24 Hour News 8 went there looking for answers.

Sue Gettz, the local Census manager told us she couldn’t talk and referred us to the Chicago Office. Then she realized the camera was rolling, and told us we couldn’t use anything we taped.

Gettz said “I came to you because you’re at the front door.”

24-Hour News 8 Anchor David Barras said “because I tried to call and you wouldn’t answer me.”

“I understand that entirely,” said Gettz.

Gettz promised to have someone from Chicago call us, but like Judy we couldn’t get any answers from the local office.

“I know other people in this same situation. That have taken that test, and no one has heard anything about their test scores or what’s happening. Nothing,” Rawnsley said.

24-Hour News 8 did get a call from the Chicago Region. A spokesman there promised someone from the public information office would call back with the information 24-Hour News 8 asked for.

No one has called back. It’s the second day we were promised a call from the Chicago Region and never got it.

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