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In Focus: Freedom of Information Act Requests is apparently not the ONLY source that files Freedom of Information Act requests with the Census Bureau. Yesterday, MyTwoCensus obtained a  list of all FOIA requests to the Census Bureau (click HERE). The report covers the period from July 6, 2009 through August 28, 2009. During that time there were 48 requests for information, so roughly one per day. Of those requests, the 16 where names are blocked out represent Census Bureau employees trying to obtain their own data or individuals searching for personal records (like birth certificates). Of the records in the report, the following results are evident:

12 of the requests could not be fulfilled due to no suitable information being available.

5 of the requests were denied because the requester could not pay the fees (Scroll down to VII on this report to read about who gets fee waivers!)

4 of the requests asked for information that was already publicly available.

2 of the requests were withdrawns.

My personal requests took 20, 24 and 30 days before I had the information I requested, and all three of my requests were only partially granted — two with quite a bit of redacted information.

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