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Twitter Watch: Tweet From West Virginia Raises Suspicions

Since added a Twitter widget to the lower right side of our page in December 2009, it has been very easy to observe Tweets and dialogues from across the US that pertain to the 2010 Census. However, last week, we noticed a suspicious Tweet (see below) and contacted the person who posted it. Thus far, we have not recieved a response, but we must wonder: Are federal, state, regional, or local agencies hiring people (at $29.50 per hour!!!) to complete 2010 Census forms on behalf of prisoners? Is this legal? Will this produce a fair and accurate  count? On Friday, we inquired about this Tweet with the Census Bureau. They have not yet responded to our inquiry.

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3 Responses to “Twitter Watch: Tweet From West Virginia Raises Suspicions”

  1. Anonymous CL Says:

    IIRC, prisoners have never completed their own forms like normal ciitizens; they are completed from ‘administrative data’ (prison records).

  2. Anonymous CL Says:

    Regarding the pay…

    The list of all 492 Local Census Offices’ hourly pay rates for Enumerators (and CLAs) is available at

    The national average pay for Enumerators is $14.77 per hour.

    From what I’ve seen, these are the typical differentials nationwide:
    Office Clerks (and QAC reps) earn $3.25 less than Enumerators (so $11.52 average).
    LCOM Administrative Assistants earn $1-$2 less than Enumerators (so $12.77-$13.77 average).
    Office Operations Supervisors earn $0.50 more than Enumerators (so $15.27 average).
    Crew Leaders and Recruiting Assistants earn $1.50 more than Enumerators (so $16.27 average).
    Field Operations Supervisors earn $3.00 more than Enumerators (so $17.77 average).
    LCO Assistant Managers (except Field Ops) earn $4-$6 more than Enumerators (so $18.77-$20.77 average).
    LCO Assistant Managers for Field Ops earn $7-$9 more than Enumerators (so $21.77-$23.77 average).
    LCO Managers (top person at each office) earn $12-$14 more than Enumerators (so $26.77-$28.77 average).

    Out of the 492 Local Census Offices, the Enumerator pay rate is $10.00-$10.75 at 21 offices, $11.00-$11.75 at 78, $12.00-$12.75 at 47, $13.00-$13.75 at 66, $14.00-$14.75 at 38, $15.00-$15.75 at 67, $16.00-$16.75 at 41, $17.00-$17.75 at 61, $18.00-$18.75 at 48, $19.75 at 5, $20.00 at 5, $21.25 at 1, $22.00 at 10, $22.75 at 3, and $25.00 at 1.

    The only 20 offices in the country with Enumerator pay rates over $20 per hour are:
    Anchorage, Alaska = $25.00
    Concord, California = $22.00
    Oakland, California = $22.00
    Palo Alto / Mountain View, California = $22.00
    Pleasanton, California = $22.00
    San Francisco – East, California = $22.00
    San Francisco – West, California = $22.00
    San Jose, California = $22.00
    San Leandro / Alameda, California = $22.00
    Santa Clara, California = $22.00
    Santa Rosa, California = $20.00
    Bridgeport, Connecticut = $22.75
    New Haven, Connecticut = $21.25
    Washington, DC – East = $20.00
    Washington, DC – West = $20.00
    Boston – North, Massachusetts = $22.75
    Boston – South, Massachusetts = $22.75
    Medford / Woburn, Massachusetts = $22.00
    Alexandria, Virginia = $20.00
    Fairfax, Virginia = $20.00

    So, it is clear that even at the highest-paid office (Alaska), nobody except the Assistant Managers and top Manager are earning $29.50 or more per hour. The next level down, Field Ops Supervisors, are paid $28.00 per hour in Alaska.

    Therefore, that Twitter user claiming to be “gettin paid $29.50/hr to do Census papers” (i.e. enumerator or clerk) must be mistaken/exaggerating/lying. Particularly since he lives in West Virginia, where the three offices pay Enumerators only $10.75, $11.50, or $12.50 per hour.

  3. Anon. Office Worker Says:

    One LCOM won’t allow veterans hired as office clerks to “hire up” as census field workers even though the pay is 30-50% greater, yet will hire non-vet, census inexperienced workers for these same positions. So much for the support your vets Pres. Obama has been spouting!!!

    PO’d in CT.