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Two Female Census Bureau Employees Assaulted In Separate Incidents In Maine

There must be some major discontent against the Census Bureau in Maine, as Census Bureau employees faced angry citizens on at least two occasions in recent days.  (If you know of other incidents of assault or abuse against Census Bureau employees, please do not hesitate to let us know.) The following comes from the Maine Public Broadcasting Network:

Gov. John Baldacci today is encouraging Mainers to fill out and mail back their 2010 Census forms, as authorities look into the alleged assaults last week of two Census workers in the state.

Authorities told the Bangor Daily News that Wesley Storer, 61, of Bar Harbor is facing criminal retraint, assault and theft charges after tearing the ID badge off a 50-year-old female U.S. Census worker last Monday at an apartment building he owns in Harrington.

Storer then blocked the woman from leaving the building, Washington County Sheriff Department officials told the paper. Officials say Storer was intoxicated.

On Friday, a Brooksville man was charged with simple assault after he allegedly grabbed and pushed a 39-year-old female census worker who knocked on his door. Authorities say James Swift, 53, grabbed and pushed the woman after she tried to leave census papers on his doorknob. The worker did not require medical attention, the paper reports.

U.S. Census workers are currently gathering information for the once-in-a-decade survey of population trends. The incidents have prompted a warning to Census staff. “It has not changed protocol for us, but we have reiterated to our staff to use extreme caution,” says Terry Drake, the local census office manager based in Augusta.

Drake’s office is still hiring workers, and it’s too early to say whether the assaults will affect recruiting.  Drake says that the two workers who were assaulted are still on the job.

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10 Responses to “Two Female Census Bureau Employees Assaulted In Separate Incidents In Maine”

  1. Penny Pincher Says:

    What’s with the massive waste of tax payers money with this silly “Pre-Census 2010″ letter notifying us we will be getting another letter in a week?

    Copy of this letter and post on

    What can Americans do to stop this horrific waste of our taxes?

  2. Avi Says:

    Advance letters improve mailback response rates. See, e.g., Thomas A. Heberlein and Robert Baumgartner, Factors Affecting Response Rates to Mailed Questionnaires: A Quantitative Analysis of the Published Literature, 43 Am. Sociological Rev. 447 (1978). The cost of an advance letter is several orders of magnitude smaller than the cost of sending out an enumerator for nonresponse followup, which means that at the end of the day, advance letters save tax dollars.

  3. hermes Says:

    Avi FTW!

  4. Suitlandman Says:

    As response rates to mailed surveys have fallen since the mid-1970s, I wonder if the
    results from Heberlein and Baumgartner could be reproduced today.

  5. JAG Says:

    Census response rates were on the decline in 1980 and 1990. Census 2000 was the first Census to use the advance letters, reminder cards, and paid advertising campaign. The response rate increased in 2000 and the Census Bureau returned something like $300 million dollars representing savings from increase response rates.

  6. TR Says:

    Please stop! I can’t take any more FACTS!

  7. Joe1000 Says:

    I was in training and a over weight dark skinned woman decided it was under her authority to dictate where i could or could not sit and she physically removed me from my seat. This was assualt is going to be part of a Class Action lawsuit. The Federal government is a Facist Racist group of people looking to steal and empower the evil dishonest residents of america. These people should not be consider lawful citizen and should be exterminated. There is not class action legal forum in which this will hold value outside of an armed military militia whom are oblidged to destroy these uncivil entities. Black on White crime is what these people utilize to legitimize Racial fascism, and Unjust society. Social injust manifests in legitimize crime against the innocent and honors the criminals. Nothing short of complete termination of said uncivil people should be tolerable in todays world.

  8. Joe1000 Says:

    90% of the participating trainees felt no civil obligation to defend white civil rights to black criminals therefore these people were complicit in the crime. All said people should considered guilty and the law should protect those who use lethal force to defend their rights in the case of physical assault. This is the technical law but it is no supported. These mobs are joined in their violation and should be dealt with lethal force in full protection of the law. There should be very little discretion when dealing with these perpetrators.

  9. Joe1000 Says:

    It is most probably that the codex of law will dissolve in the near future as it is, the federal government is nearly absolutely corrupt. Every individual. People should maintain a codex of law. The old guard and it’s supporters must be unionized. They must be treated for violation by all people of the union in the context of war.

  10. Joe1000 Says:

    The FBI is the armed mafia subsidized by the IRS which is an erosion of wealth that is perpetual. The Federal reserve can devalue the dollar but they need to IRS to incur wage taxes. It’s with these two, the Satanic Jews have complete control of all wealth. They all must be killl, all jews, all FBI, all police, and all constiuents who support them. It shall be done.