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2010 Census forms will start arriving today…

March 15-17: Forms are mailed to most homes.

Let us know your thoughts, opinions, problems, and questions in the comments section! Thanks!

Note: The mainstream media is obviously covering this phase of 2010 Census operations pretty thoroughly, so we are only going to post reports here that highlight essential information or surprising outcomes. Right now, we are sifting through the thousands of news reports about this operation that have appeared during the past 24 hours and will continue to appear during the next few days.

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One Response to “2010 Census forms will start arriving today…”

  1. American Says:

    Racism: a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination

    The census is a tool to provide people of different color, different amounts of money. This is based on the judgment that a race has a disposition of poverty, based on color alone.

    I am sickened by this blatant racism that is allowed and celebrated in the United States of America. I am an American. My family is American. I grew up poor in a mobile home. I now live in a 4 bedroom home with a family and a job.

    Stop offering me money because of my race. I’m offended and disgusted that any American would stoop to the level of being placated by politicians. Stop telling me I’m stupid, poor, or “disadvantaged” because of my race.

    Americans unite. Check mark “Other” under the race section, and write American. Refuse the money. Fire the racist politicians that shove money in our faces, like we’re incapable of making a decent living because of our color.