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A call for clarity: What’s ‘living somewhere else’?

This MyTwoCensus employee received his census form in the mail today, and immediately ripped it open to start filling the form out.

Most questions were very clear. Race? White. Name? Evan Goldin.

However, one question was not so clear: “Does this person sometimes live or stay somewhere else?”

I spend time in Lake Tahoe at a cabin that I rent with a dozen other friends. Does that necessitate a checkmark for this question under “Yes — as a season or second residence.” My roommate stays at his girlfriend’s house a lot. Should that get a checkbox under “For another reason?”

The title of the question seems to make things clear, but it’s unclear what qualifies as “sometimes,” and no implications are clarified either (does this mean I shouldn’t fill out the form?).

What do you think? Anything else that was unclear? Care to clear this question up?

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