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How will affect 2010 Census data?

Well, we will finally be able to determine just how wide (or narrow) Rush Limbaugh’s grasp on a segment of America is, as he is urging people to “check American” instead of filling out their race on the 2010 Census form.  This is presumably intended to make Caucasian (white) people feel good about themselves. While supports freedom of choice, this example of jingoism doesn’t make much sense in the long run, because it will then make it seem as if there are fewer white/Caucasian people in America (or whatever race the person is who writes in American) on the official statistics. Early prediction: This movement has very limited support, as it only has 74 followers on Twitter. But, nonetheless, check out the site:

(We just sent them an e-mail with some questions and hope to hear back soon! Their logo looks conspicuously similar to ours…)

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3 Responses to “How will affect 2010 Census data?”

  1. jimmy37 Says:

    Call it what you want. The census has gone from being a way to distribute political power in the way of congressional seats to handing out money to so-called minorities. The enforced hyphenation of America is used to perpetuate victimhood, not celebrate our origins.

    Sure, every immigrant society had their “OldCountry-American” clubs, and many still do. These were used as a way to ease immigrants into American culture in a supportive way. Immigrants took it upon themselves to become American in language and culture. Now, we get the balkanization of America as everyone insists on being hyphenated.

  2. Anonymous CL Says:

    The link in the post is completely broken. The text says , but the link points to just a href=”http://”

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