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Do Spanish speakers get an extra month to complete their forms?

UPDATE: All BE COUNTED forms, intended for people may not have received 2010 Census forms when they were supposed to, are to be returned by May 1, regardless of what language the forms have been printed in. Thanks to our readers for clarifying.

H/t to Denise Poon who created last week’s article series for for bringing the following to my attention:

Census Day is undoubtedly April 1, 2010…so why does this 2010 Census form tell Spanish-speakers that they have until May 1 to return it? Was this a printing error? A translation error? An operational error? A double standard? MyTwoCensus has contacted the Census Bureau about this case and hopes to hear an answer very soon.

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4 Responses to “Do Spanish speakers get an extra month to complete their forms?”

  1. Avi Says:

    That’s not a household Census questionnaire. It’s a Be Counted form for people who didn’t get a questionnaire; “¿Cree que usted … ?” translates to “Do you believe you were NOT included in the 2010 Census?”

    Additionally, April 1 is a reference date, not a return deadline.

  2. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Avi – Thanks for the clarification. I don’t speak Spanish and was relying on Google Translate. I am aware that April 1 is a reference date and not a deadline, yet I was still thrown off by the May 1 guideline – SRM

  3. Stephen Buckner Says:

    The 2010 Census questionnaire pictured in this post is a Spanish Be Counted form. Be Counted forms are census questionnaires that are available at various community locations for use by people who either did not receive a census questionnaire in the mail or who believe they were not otherwise included on any other census questionnaire. Just like any other 2010 Census questionnaires, the forms should be picked up and mailed back in the attached postage-paid envelope. Be counted forms are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Russian — all of which have the return by May 1, 2010 deadline message. To find any of the Census Bureau’s 30,000 Questionnaire Assistance Centers/Be Counted sites across the country, go to

  4. TR Says:

    CONTROVERSY! Oh wait, nope. Dammit. Foiled again.