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Census Bureau “participation” rate hits 50% as of today!

2010 Census National Participation Rate: 50%

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6 Responses to “Census Bureau “participation” rate hits 50% as of today!”

  1. GS-X Says:

    Stephen, Of course the “participation rate” reached 50 percent. Has to, to make the census look good.

    I believe Steve Jost made clear that real time mailback rates are propaganda statistics.
    See his post dated March 25th 2010 at 11:14 am.
    No Census Bureau statistician has been allowed to speak openly about the real time mailback rates.
    Steve Jost rules.

    Additionally, Steve Jost told us the Census Bureau will adjust the 2010 Census mailback rates.
    Will the Census Bureau’s untransparent comparison of Census 2000 and 2010 Census mailback rates
    make the 2010 Census look good?

    Is Steve Jost an agent of Congressional incumbents?

  2. Jax Enumerator Says:

    For some reason I have the feeling that the response rate won’t be as good as it was in 2000.

  3. JAG Says:

    Hey, GS-X……take the aluminum foil off your head. The Census plans to adjust the 2010 mailback rates factoring in things like vacant units where you don’t expect to receive a returned form. The same methodology was used to adjust the 2000 data. You’re asking for an immediate comparison for 2000 data (which was compiled well after April 1st, 2000) to the current 2010 data. It’s apples and oranges right now.

    I’d bet the Census workers are too busy conducting the largest non-military mobilization of a temporary federal workforce to conduct intensive research and evaluation of an operation that isn’t even completed yet!

  4. GS-X Says:


    With the Postal Service’s Intelligent Mail, technology not available in 2000, the Census has already adjusted
    the reported real time “participation rates” for vacants. See
    “The rate excludes households whose forms were returned to us by the U.S. Postal Service as “undeliverable,” strongly suggesting the house was vacant.”This methodology differs from that used on Census 2000 data.

    I am definitely not asking for a comparison of the real time Census 2000 mailback rates and the 2010 Census “participation rates. As I posted earlier, the real time Census 2000 mailback rates were irreproducible trash statistics. The Census Bureau buried them.

  5. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    GS-X: Yes, Jost is most certainly an agent of Congressional incumbents. Look at his employment history — he’s most certainly in bed with a bunch of them:

  6. GS-X Says:

    If Census Bureau statisticians do not publish the research plan for the adjustment of 2010 Census mailback rates that Steve Jost referred to, we will know it will be an unscientific ad hoc adjustment of the numbers. As Census Day was yesterday, their transparent research plan is now overdue. The Census statisticians need to put their names on it, too.