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Obama Completes Census Form But His Answers Are Unclear…Some Transparency Please?

According to the Associated Press, the White House did not respond as to how the President filled out the “race” question. This is a complex issue as President Obama is of mixed race, yet his wife and daughters and mother-in-law are likely considered to be African-American. But it’s still a pretty big and important question that the White House SHOULD answer. Let’s hope we get some info here, just so other multi-racial households will have some knowledge and guidance… (I just Tweeted a message over to @PressSec — Robert Gibbs — so hopefully he will respond!)

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3 Responses to “Obama Completes Census Form But His Answers Are Unclear…Some Transparency Please?”

  1. SAS Says:

    Why should Obama release his answers? His census responses are confidential, just like everyone elses!

  2. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Of course his answers are confidential, but many people of mixed race families have been confused by the form…

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