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Census Bureau + Huffington Post = A partisan match made in heaven

Yesterday Census Bureau Communications Director Steve Jost criticized my headline and tried to censor me, so now I’m going to air out the dirty laundry. Just as he pretended to mourn the loss of census workers, Mr. Jost became the newest blogger for the Huffington Post. He urges me to be compassionate, yet he never mentions these deaths or the worker safety that is apparently on the minds of Census Bureau management at all times. (We’ll get a direct quote about this from Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves when the transcript of yesterday’s press conference becomes available.)

So, if Jost is now blogging for the Huffington Post, is the Census Bureau a non-partisan institution? Probably not. While I have no problem with elected leaders blogging for partisan web sites, people in non-partisan positions like “Communications Director” shouldn’t be doing this, as it’s beyond the scope of their responsibilities…

*Note: As I don’t want to link to Jost’s blog, here are some screen captures:


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