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Inspector General’s quarterly report on the 2010 Census now available

Here it is:

I’m currently reading through it…

Page 19: “The 2010 Census is currently estimated to cost approximately $14.7 billion, reflecting an increase of $3.2 billion over the last 2 years.”

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7 Responses to “Inspector General’s quarterly report on the 2010 Census now available”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Who got the overtime the past two weeks? It wasn’t the NRFU Enumerators. We barely worked any hours and still NO BINDERS.

  2. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    I will look into who/what is responsible for this binder mess!

  3. GS-X Says:

    2010 Census Field Staff,
    Some of us government office workers inside the Beltway are hanging on your every word posted here on MTC.
    Please keep posting your stories here.

    You can also tell the Inspector General the truth.
    I know the Inspector General’s office read the email I sent them.

    Tell the truth about operations, systems, paper management, PBOCS, binders, EQs, continuation forms, the fine Enumerator Manual and workload. Especially those of you with computer knowledge and experience.

    You can identify your LCO to the IG but do not disclose any residents’ names, addresses, or geographic information such as census block or census tract.

  4. ACL Dave Says:

    We’re having difficulty obtaining binders here in 2714, too. (I kinda liked having a day off today, though.)

  5. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @ACL Dave: Was it a PAID or UNPAID day off?

  6. Tired of PBOCS Says:

    Whos is responsible for the binder mess??? Simply put….when they knew PBOCS wasn’t going to work as expected they should have delayed enumerator training a week to resolve the problems. Then push back the dates on binders going out a week past the training. This would have given the LCO’s and the programmers time to deal with the PBOCS issues and get binders out. But as it ended up I can imagine most LCO’s made the mistake of assembling the odd binders while trying to start processing the EQ’s. And if you where smart enough to do that, you NOW are dealing with a tremendous backlog of work that will be virtually impossible to catch up with. And if LCO’s have the binders assembled and are not releasing them to the field and blaming it on PBOCS and not being able to check them out, shame on them for not being smart enough to figure out how to do it when PBOCS is down.

  7. Beegee814 Says:

    What a joke! This is the most poorly run & organized thing I’ve ever been involved in.The job lasted 2 weeks-one was a week of training which cost taxpayers thousands of dollars.The trainer/crew leader was an idiot who couldn’t manage a goldfish bowl.Then I was given a “binder” for my work assignmeent which contained mostly inaccurate information and adresses that never existed.When I asked for more work, I was told that my group had finished the assignment and was basically done after 3 weeks-the third week I had no work to do and made no money.