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Inspector General’s report on the 2010 Census to be released later today…Here’s a sneak peak from the AP

The Commerce Department Inspector General’s report that will soon be publicly available may shed some light on major cost overruns at the Census Bureau. The AP obtained a copy on Wednesday, and here’s what they said about it:

WASHINGTON — A new audit questions whether the 2010 census can stick to its $15 billion budget because of computer problems that are forcing substantial overtime work.

The report from the Commerce Department inspector general’s office was obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press. It says glitches with the computer system used to manage the door-to-door count caused a 40-hour backlog of work over two weeks.

The report notes that the Census Bureau has already notched more than $1.6 million in overtime costs, and says continuing shutdowns could put the count’s accuracy at risk if census data can’t be put into the system immediately.

Census Bureau director Robert Groves says he believes the agency will stay within its budget.

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2 Responses to “Inspector General’s report on the 2010 Census to be released later today…Here’s a sneak peak from the AP”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Who got the overtime the past two weeks? It wasn’t NRFU Enumerators. We barely had any work and still NO BINDERS.

  2. Marianne Riegg Says:

    I trained to be a crew leader during the week of April 12, 2010. Decided I am cut out to be an enumerator, not a supervisor, and so told my FOS and he said, no problem. Have not worked since (except to drive 70 miles to get refingerprinted. Evidently, the personnel-tracking and payroll computer program was developed without a way for people to change job assignments. I’m told that two others of the crew leader trainees in my group of ten are in the same limbo as me. I guess somebody is getting paid overtime to figure out how to get me to get paid to just start doing the nitty gritty work.