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NRFU Operations: Missing binders or other materials in your area?

There have been numerous complaints on MyTwoCensus blogs about missing binders for NRFU (non-response follow-up) operations. Let’s try to track where this is a problem by writing your stories and locations in the comments section of this post. Thanks! SRM

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96 Responses to “NRFU Operations: Missing binders or other materials in your area?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Do you “,missing” as in not received yet. Our crew of 20+ was still missing binders for a few. I finished a binder and new ones are not in yet. I’m about third in line since some didn’t receive any binders yet. All I have heard is “computer problems” are delaying printing them.

  2. Jollyd Says:

    Until PBOCS is up and running smoothly (which may not happen) there will be “missing/late” registers because they can’t be checked-out or check-in in a timely manner. Citizen clerks are experiencing tremendous stress because of the system problems, while trying to produce (odd numbered) binder materials and EQ reviews all at the same time.

    Most retarded operation I’ve ever experienced.

    PBOCS failure is at the root of it all.

  3. Tired of PBOCS Says:

    PBOCS is TERRIBLE but should not be preventing checking out AA Binders. Scan them into an excel spreadsheet or word document to copy and paste back into PBOCS WHENEVER it decides to work again

  4. ACL Dave Says:

    We’re having problems getting binders here in the Emerald Triangle of northern Calif. We got our first batch, most are completed. Getting more is a waiting game. On the bright side, today was a lovely day for a surprise day off.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Our crew had NO BINDERS for the past two days. Tomorrow our crew will help out another crew that had 75% of it’s NRFU enumerators quit within the past week.

  6. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    One Census worker wrote to me, “When doing NRFU in the rain, the black ink on BARCODES of the Enumerator Questionnaires bleed/run. Where did the census get these things printed?”

    Has this been a problem for others?

  7. ACL Dave Says:

    Even if the bar code didn’t run, paper that’s gotten wet is all funky. In training they stressed we are not to let the EQs get wrinkled or creased, lest they not feed properly through the reader. Water damage is worse than an errant crease. They would probably have to manually input data frp, forms which have water damage. It would be far more efficient to either sit out rain days or use the first contact to get a phone number and time to call and complete the interview.

  8. Senseless Says:

    Was told that they had to print the even binders first and after they were complete they would start on the odd numbers. I have no idea how or why this was decided. It makes no sense like most of things they do.

  9. philip Says:

    My training group was told that 4 to 5 EQ’s needed to be marked as CI per hour. I am doing lots of knocking and getting few people to answer the door and am guessing that 1 to 2 per hour is going to be my average over the next 7 weeks. What type of response are other enumerators getting?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Philip, 1 to 2 EQ’s per hour is the average if you’re lucky. Some EQ go faster, some take longer depending on the person you are interviewing plus other environmental factors.

    Rain has caused the barcodes to “bleed” and ruin paperwork – smeared pencil marks and paper wrinkles/puckers.

  11. ACL Dave Says:

    phillip –
    4 to 5 completed interviews per hour is absurd! The only way you could do that would be in an apartment building where almost every door you knocked on got answered by a cooperative person. Even then, factoring in time spent in travel and daily meetings with your CL or ACL, averaging 4-5 per hour is a practical impossibiilty. We were told the official expected rate is 1 per hour. Our crew is getting 1-2 per hour.

  12. Unhappy Camper Says:

    CL here for a 1 square mile urban-suburban area.

    Missing more than 3/4 of our binders, losing about 15% of crew to time attrition (due to denied morning hours), still have too many people for the amount of work that’s come in after receiving more enumerators.

    The census operation as a whole clearly has no plan, no coordination, and no clue where to start. If this was a commercial operation, we would refer to it as an example of how not to run an organization.

  13. philip Says:

    Thanks for the feed back. I was starting to worry about the numbers I was getting daily. I am sure once they think about it they will see those numbers as unrealistic. I really cant conplain, the folks that I have met in my LCO seem to be very concerned not only about the census, but also the well being of us enumerators. My CL is going out of his way to make sure us enumerators a prepared and getting work.

  14. somene.somewhere Says:

    We were told we needed to complete one an hour…

  15. Anonymous NE Tri-state area Says:

    Binders are unprepared here in the NY area, AND that’s with NRFU being delayed a week….INCREDIBLE !!!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    NO BINDERS. “Clerical crews working overtime 24/7 to provide binders”. Enumerators are not working and can help with binders at the LOC.

  17. LCO-AM Says:

    1 hour is the “official” projected average time for EQ

    We’ve nearly completed printing of all the odd binders, in fact, most are already in the field.

    Many thousands of EQ’s have been recieved at the LCO and EQ-RI is progressing rapidly, so far these seems to be running very smoothly, other than the expected “issues” and “opportunities”.

    PBOCS actually worked very well today, not bad yesterday. “They” brought in “World class” people to assist in doing what they can.

    In the AMT teleconference, which went on for over 2 hours, it seems that a huge majority of the REMEDY tickets were for issues due to LCO staff no reading the manuals or following the ops logs – uh oh!

    High stress time, for sure, but you know what, what does not kill us will make us stronger and I want to be one of those that can say I survived the Census 2010!

  18. Hatta Rayga Says:

    I am a trainer. It is going well on training end, but some who appear for training find there is a lot to learn. Some people come to the classes thinking they can just go from door to door with any old idea. There is a careful protocol. We have very intelligent dedicated people workin gin this field.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Hatta is correct about being cautious and safety-minded. Temperatures are starting to climb. We are allowed to wear conservative (knee-length) shorts and conservative T-shirts.

  20. Anonymous NE Tri-state area Says:

    Working 24/7 BTW and NOT being paid for it……I agree Anonymous….and yes, it is known by the NY RCC

  21. Maiasaura Says:

    The Crew Leader Manual suggests 1-2 completions per 1-3 hours. That includes CIs, REFs, Thee time personal visit NVs that close out as NC. Some houses are obviously unlived in and you still have to leave thee NVs. But afte a day o so, when no one calls you back, you can close it out and be done with it.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    CL and CLA expecting crews to be available and on-call 7 days from 6 am to midnight for only a couple of hours of work/day! What about the other areas? Are you experiencing this, too? Many enumerators have quit.

  23. Former AMFO Says:

    Can you believe that we are running A decennial operation like this in the year 2010…Way too much micro managing by the Area Managers, most of whom could not even manage a local McDonalds !!

  24. Anonymous NE Tri-state area Says:

    Anonymous……yes there have been MANY enumerators who have already quit….the lack of proper training and guidance made them, quite honestly. “Former AMFO”…don’t know what area you worked, but I can tell you that ther “Area Managers” in this area are only looking for it to end, so they can return to permanent Census “jobs”…McDonald’s I think has higher standards for their managers LOL

  25. Current CLA Says:

    Had 17 total in our class including the CL, one could not cut it and we picked up one after training who worked prior with us during GQ and was trained by a different CL… 16 binders are out currently, we have 2 complete, and 3 that we are holding. Our 336 lists almost 50 (without going into exact #’s). A couple people are really struggling and we are contemplating cutting the fat, as their work is atrocious and binders are a mess. We have 3 “teams” broken down by geographic region, the CL and CLA’s rotate through the meeting locations, so including a Saturday meeting, each of us have eyes on all the enums twice a week. I am the fire fighter, handling RE, NC, OT, and whatever else they can or can’t find, but can not enumerate… I also have a binder and am almost done. We have almost 50 AA’s, so with a team of 15 enums, 2 weeks per binder (each avg’s 30-40 NRFU’s), we have 6 weeks of work, with maybe a week thereafter mopping things up. Thoughts?

  26. Anonymous NY Says:

    Does anyone have any idea when the binders will come out for New York? I’ve been sharing one binder with another person with about 15 houses and we’re almost done. I’m expecting a new binder my CL keeps saying they will come, but does anybody know when?

  27. Nina Fonteyn Says:

    I am working as an enumerator in NY and we do not have AA Binders yet. Our CL is given a few EQ’s a day for 20 people. This week I have worked less than 3 hours and been given less than 10 EQ’s since May 1st. Some people in my crew are only today being given any EQ’s at all.

  28. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Thanks for your comments everyone. Please keep them coming!


  29. NC counter Says:

    I had to resign as an enumerator on May 5 due to a medical emergency. The problem has been resolved much more quickly than expected and I’d like to return to work. Anyone know if it is possible to be reinstated?

  30. Anonymous Says:

    NC Counter, I hope you are doing well. Try to call your LOC and tell them what happened. Good luck.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all NRFU Moms. :)

    I had a very busy day enumerating. When I handed in my D308 Daily Pay Record, another CL met with me because he told me that every employee on my crew quit today and they fired my CL and CLA! I start on a new crew tomorrow morning.

  32. j. c. Says:

    We got all the odd binders out recently. They were finished, but we couldn’t pull out the late mail return EQ until we printed the list and PBOCS was down. It was very frustrating. So finally we’re able to work on the getting the EQ’s reviewed and shipped.

    I’m rather frustrated with those enumerators who try and return EQs as a refusal after only one try. You’re required to try three times! Ask a neighbor. Ask ANOTHER neighbor. And we have this one crew leader who has send in bunches of these. I so want to whack this nitwit upside the head and tell him/her to do their job.

  33. anonymiss Says:

    I was told not to leave 2nd nv for an address that still has the first one I left. I guess I will pester the neighbors. One house I went to I could hear people in side several times but they wouldn’t answer the door event though there were vehichles, etc. I was told not to put 3 person contacts with NV’s but to give to CLA or CL so they could go. I was happy not to go back to that house it gave me the creeps…..One house I have is obviouisly a vacation home, neighbors know little about them. I’m not sure how to resolve that one.

  34. Lola Says:

    I am an enumerator in a very rural area. We drive many miles to do a few addresses which are mostly vacation homes or abandoned mobile homes. The AA’s are such that much repetitive driving on dirt 4X4 roads is required. The “blocks” are illogical for rural areas. One person does one side of a 80 mile long road and somebody else does the other for only a few addresses many of which are vacant. People are cooperative. Proxy’s know most everybody. Census does not allow proxies for first 10 days so production is low. We drove 282 miles to do 2 interviews one day and find a bunch of empty places. Our CL is usually 80-100 miles away making daily meetings impossible. A CL and CLA were fired on Friday making the problem of distance even worse. Respondents filled out and mailed in forms for empty homes, but we are sent back to check again.

  35. ACL Dave Says:

    Re: “Census does not allow proxies for first 10 days”

    Wow! There was nothing in our training about that. We look for a proxy if no interview after three trips to the door. (Which is ridiculous in very rural areas. When address is many miles away, you should be allowed to try to find a proxy on first drive out there.)

    I’ve found a useful resource is the reverse directory function at
    If they have a listed phone number, you can call and do the interview on the phone. You can also find neighbors’ numbers there, useful when searching for a proxy.

  36. ACL Dave Says:

    We’re getting binders once in a while now, but not fast enough to keep everyone busy. I finished my first one on Thursday and am waiting for another.

  37. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Lola – What state are you in?

  38. Former NRFUer Says:

    Got canned on Wed, based on incorrect information and have not been able to get my Field Op Sup to explain to me what was the reason. I will be following up at LCO to get my CL and the Sup FIRED! They made their decision before informing me in the afternoon daily meeting. I was told each day my method of doing my EQ’s was correct!

    My EQ’s and time sheets are evidence of my performance and could clear me of the charges against me, if given the chance.

  39. FL Says:

    work as an enumerator in Miami, been working my 40 hrs and still have a lot of AA from my first binder(80 nrfus). Doing about 40 nv and 8 CI a day. All of my respondent have been very nice, very polite, just 2 RE…. Cant complaint love the job, love the weather, the pay. They just have to be more organized and hire people who REALLY want to work.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Just read a tweet about the Census (right side of this screen): North Houston men posing as census takers (home-invasion) sought in death of person. Posted May 9.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Houston tweet posted 10 minutes ago.

  42. LCO-AM Says:

    Former AMFO Says:

    May 8th, 2010 at 9:43 am
    Can you believe that we are running A decennial operation like this in the year 2010…Way too much micro managing by the Area Managers, most of whom could not even manage a local McDonalds

    Too funny and oh so true, I’m convinced they were “politically” filled positions. And many AM’s are transplants, I’d like to see exactly what their compensation packages are and if bonus money is paid to them or anyone at the census – there is a task code for that, but I was told they are only for “the higher ups”.

    NC counter – Yes, call your LCO, they should be able to put you back to work if the paperwork for your leaving was properly completed (good luck!).

    Want to hear about a potential problem?


    OK, the RI staff will not be given any maps, they have to find the locations with an address only – going to be problems in many areas of the country with this. Maps can be generated upon request – thank goodness they do not come from PBOCS!

  43. ACL Dave Says:

    Mapquest, google, yahoo, and AAA maps are better than the ones the census provides.

  44. Former NRFUer Says:


    My original post was made Sunday AM and I still can not believe that I never had any consultation before having my ID taken!

    Sorry for the post about my problem again!

  45. Former NRFUer Says:

    Regarding Prepaid Cell Phone Use,

    I was told that I could not get reimbursed for my $.10 a min prepaid cell phone usage.

    Our LCO got a phone bank going, but my cell phone would have been cheaper amd more likely to be used! If you can not mail a questionaire, why would you call their office?

  46. Anonymous Says:

    No reimbursement for prepaid phone charges – Net10 10 cents/minute. Fired CL and CLA had “hard” alcohol on their breath (even at 10:00 am).

  47. ACL Dave Says:

    I use prepaid too, and it sucks. They require receipts for phone reimbursement. Apparently they trust us to report mileage honestly, but not phone calls.

  48. Anonymous 2010 Says:

    We were told that due to PBOCS being screwed up, that we’d only be getting about 2-3 days of binders at a time. Our AMFO, before she got the ax told us that the system could only process one binder every 10 minutes. Freakin’ Mickey Mouse operation…

  49. Former NRFUer Says:

    Not a former NRFUer!

    It appears that if there is a problem locally, they tell the Crew Leaders to take the ID’s and census books with questionnaires. I met the Field Operations supervisor covering my Crew Leader today and explained to her what happened. She said that many had their ID’s pulled the first week.

  50. CL in Florida Says:

    Hey guiys – what code do you use in the binder (O, V, D???) for a close out CQ?


  51. mandy_Reeves Says:

    @ACL Dave: My CL said 2 NVs then we can get a proxy…but I did think it was how you said, about 3 then a proxy…which is what I started doing then was told only 3 visits PERIOD. I am assigned to an apartment complex with a load of vacancies or no one answereing and the complex has an uncooperative land lord who won’t give me the time of day and will not give me info so I can fill in the vacancies. And the dumb ass cl wouldn’t give me my neighborhood where I live, and gave it to her CLA who lives near where I am enumerating. So we both have opposite of where we should be.

  52. Anon stl Says:

    Have any of you been instructed to notify local advocates or community liaisons to help find people? If not does anyone communicate canvassing issues to local complete count committee’s for help? It seems like there is a breakdown between those that had helped spread the census message up to May 1st and the LCO’s – tell them where the problems are and use them to help get the job done. Seems like there is also map problems which could be fixed with a call to the city planning department and request for city maps which are usually census tract coded.

  53. ACL Dave Says:

    mandy – Three visits period is what it says in the manual. I won’t be surprised to see that rule lifted before this is over. Census reality is subject to change without notice.

    At that apartment complex, try to find the maintenance person; often they are more cooperative than self-important managers.

  54. GS-X Says:

    Paul Krugman, writing about Deepwater Horizon in yesterday’s New York Times, said
    “And the common theme in all these stories is the degradation of effective government by antigovernment ideology.”
    Reminds me of the HHCs and PBOCS.

  55. ENU Unassigned Says:

    I was trained May 4-7 and was told no AA for the weekend because D103s were not ready. Haven’t heard anything as of Monday. No CL assignment. No call. Anyone else stuck waiting?

  56. jollyd Says:

    “Temperatures are starting to climb. We are allowed to wear conservative (knee-length) shorts and conservative T-shirts.”

    The Taliban is running field ops?

  57. Former NRFUer Says:

    Expected to go back to work today after a week long absence!

    Hey, what is the big deal about wearing shorts? Wear cotton shirts and pants. The biggest challenge to keeping cool is if you have synthetic blends. You can wear a 100% cotton long sleeve shirt and still be cooler than a person wearing a short sleeve shirt that has a 60/40 blend!

  58. Former NRFUer Says:

    I was told that I needed 3 visits before going to a landlord proxy, even though the landlord who runs the bar next door provided me with 7 additional addresses that the Census missed in their book!

    Oh yeah, the bar of over 50+ years was listed as a NRFU! That is how I met the landlord proxy!


  59. Frustrated Enum Says:

    No binder shortages here in NorCal. However, we are not allowed new binders until the old one is complete. Leads to many a frustrating work day when all you are doing is returning to the same handful of addresses remaining to work and getting nothing from anyone. This is maybe 1 to 2 hours of work per day max and of course you return to the address again tomorrow. I do understand the maximum visit is 3 but it does not seem to run true here. We are being told to seek out a proxy. So I am constantly at the same location looking for willing proxies.
    Are CL and CL Supervisors being pressured to turn in completed binders? It is infuriating to only work 1 hour a day when you can be more productive with another AA.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    We each had one binder this week. We have no more binders until next week.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    How do some of the Managers, CL, and CLA get hired and keep their jobs?

  62. Tired of PBOCS Says:

    I am really curious who the bonehead was that came up with the idea of only one binder out at a time until it’s complete. The manual I read said ALL Evens went out to the field for second day of enumerator training. Would have meant roughly 50% of the workload would have been out April 28th. BUT NO throw the manual away and make us store all these binders and have to check out binders at the same time your trying to check in EQ’s with a computer system that works occasionally well at best. These full time Census employees are NOT following the script and I wonder what they do for the 9 years in between operations????Anyone else wonder the same?

  63. Anonymous Says:

    We have been told only 1 or 2 weeks of NRFU work left.

  64. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @anonymous – I have also heard from an inside source that it may all be done in 1 or 2 weeks. reason why: the census bureau is running out of cash. more details to come in a future post…

  65. Anonymous Says:

    An adult resident living and sleeping at an address most of the time as of April 1, 2010 is legally required under United States Code Title 13 and Title 44 to answer the questions on the 2010 census form. However, what law/code allows enumerators to ask a proxy the same exact questions about the residents at a particular address? At the very least, shouldn’t the enumerator be required to tell the potential proxy that there is no statute requiring that they provide the enumerator with this information or assist them in gathering that information?

  66. porkaphile Says:

    I got switched from a CLA to a CL this week because our FOS was going to fire the CL if we didn’t switch. An irate apt. owner called and complained about her. He didn’t like the fact an enumerator got in the building to do his job, there were several units he had EQ’s for. He even demanded to know which tenant gave the enumerator his phone number.

    We have been reassigning cases to different enumerators so they can turn in their binder and we give them a new one so they have work. That way they have some reassigned cases and a new binder and as the reassignments come in we turn in the old binder. Makes for a tricky system of keeping track of EQ’s floating around. The training has no way of dealing with it since the D-201 update does not have a carbon for us to keep. We pointed that out in training. We go right from our meeting with the crew to our meeting with the FOS and have no time to stop at a copy center to copy it. So we put little colored flags on the line of the reassigned EQ in the binder with the name of who it went to. Then when all the cases are reassigned I keep the binder at home and list all the outstanding EQ’s on a sheet and mark them off myself as I get them.

    We tell them to look for a proxy on the 3rd visit. The office seems to keep the case if we just get a body count, gender and race if possible. We just got an EQ turned back to reassign where we sent our only 2 Chinese speaking enumerators and both were told get off my porch or I’ll call the police. WE marked it as a refusal and now they want us to send a proxy.

    We only have 9 binders left out of 35. We started with 11 in our crew, one quit, one I asked to resign because he didn’t want or need the work. He thought the census needed workers when he took the job. He thought it was his civic duty to help out.

    I’m letting 3 enumerators go soon. One billed 7 hours for 3 EQ’s. One is still on her 1st binder and billed 40 hours last week. I would have talked to her last week but I was only CLA then. One just can’t figure out the job, she has no common sense and you can’t teach that. Plus, she lost her first binder but they still let us give her another one.

    The remaining eight are good so it will make my job and the CLA’s job a lot easier.

    I’ve been warning them I think this job will end soon as we are getting down to the end of the binders. I wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly tell us wrap it up by the end of the week. That’s what happened during GQ.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Porkaphile is correct. Our crew was told today that we may finish NRFU in 1 or 2 weeks. I also was offered a CLA job on another crew – I declined.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    No direct deposit by today. Our crew will finish NRFU by Wednesday, May 19. LCO has printed and distributed all binders.

  69. Yet Another Enumerator Says:

    Might as well add my two cents here.

    o Losing binders? Reallly? I find that hard to believe. My views of them, and especially any completed EQs, is that these are precious materials. I take all that stuff they drilled into us during training about PII and Title XXIII very seriously. Seems like someone would have to be a complete IDIOT to actually lose a binder!

    o Proxies: We’re told we can use a proxy even the first time, the key being that the proxy must actually know the residents you’re trying to enumerate (common sense and judgement, dontcha know).

    o I never even thought to ask for another binder while I was working on one. Is that really a problem for enumerators, only having one at a time? This wasn’t even mentioned in our training–I think the assumption was you check out 1 binder at a time. I did 3 binders for one crew, the crew ran out of work, am now working on my sole binder for a 2nd crew nearby.

    o Just in general, I find my CLs quite good and on top of things. I’m on my 3rd, having worked for SBE/GQE previously. My GQE crew leader was great. I got to work at a “paper party” at the LCO, which was one of the few times I got *close* to 8 hours in a day; they said there was going to be another “party” the next night and asked if I wanted to work; I said yes. But the next day my CL said I couldn’t work, as she wanted to give work to others on the crew who hadn’t gotten enough. I thought this was commendable, that they really were trying to get as much work for as many people on the crew as possible.

    It could be worse.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    Our crew had one enumerator who damaged his binder (plus all paperwork) in the rain!

  71. Yet Another Enumerator Says:

    Well, just goes to show that you ought to use good judgment and maybe not go out in the rain. It’s supposed to rain here tomorrow, so I’m planning on not enumerating.

  72. Jon99 Says:

    Was told today that they hope to have NRFU wrapped up here within 3-4 weeks, but some CLD’s will be done before that.. I am a CL, was also asked today if I would be interested in another operation that would start shortly after NRFU is completed, but they wouldn’t go into details.

  73. anonymous Says:

    I was told slow down to make work last.No word on when we will get another binder.I think they probably hired too many people.

  74. anonymous Says:

    I was told to slow down and they probably hired too many people to make the work last more than a few weeks. Don’t know when we are getting another binder either.

  75. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, they hired too many people. Our crew was supposed to finish NRFU this Wednesday. Suddenly, binders appeared out of nowhere today.

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Binders were not for our crew. NO BINDERS. CL and CLA do not have blank EQ forms, D308, Info-Comms, etc. ?????

  77. Robert Dean Says:

    The RCC keeps changing everyday the rules regulations and expectations. Now we cant meet with our enumerators at our house. Bulls++t. We are in a very rural area and cant find places at the times we need to meet. This is utter bulls++t. All the changes need to be made public.

  78. Anonymous II Says:

    Robert Dean, there have been CL and CLA who are drunk on the job, have personal family problems (divorce, separation, jealous spouses/significant others, etc.), and other personal issues. We meet in our cars near the AA we are working.

  79. don't want to lose job Says:

    Working hard in CT. Weeks of work left. Hammer is coming down. Fired enumerator returned some stuff but not binder to another enumerator not the CL. Fired says she returned binder. Everyone in area only saw a bag no binder. Who’s on the hook for this? 2 days, still no binder!!

  80. anon Says:

    Don’t want to lose job – The CL is responsible for collecting the binder, training materials, badges, bags, etc. Some of the CL and CLA lie, don’t turn in D308 forms, don’t turn in completed EQ forms/Info-Comms. Like the comments above, some CL and their CLA are drunk on the job and/or very disorganized and lose paperwork.

  81. anonymous Says:


  82. k1nna Says:

    We were told to come to a mandatory meeting with 3 hours notice or we did not want our jobs (essentially being fired). Also we have to go to the tax assesors office to find out anything we can on a property if there is NC. Finally I went to an address where there was just a foundation but told I had to go back three times to see if anyone lived at the foundation on April 1.

  83. Whistleblower Says:

    Have you noticed how many respondents on this site use “anonymous” or a nom de plume when posting?
    Even though we work for the Federal Government and are supposedly protected by the whistleblower act, EVERYONE knows the act is total bulls*** and you really have no job security if you point out malfeasance/dereliction of duty/criminal acts on the part of your superiors.
    P.S. You’ll notice from my pen name that I’m no different from every one else.

  84. Anonymous Says:

    k1nna: Interesting! We searched public records on the internet, but have not been told to go to the Property Tax Office. I’ll ask and see if we can. I’m still laughing about the foundation visits. :)

  85. CL anonymous Says:

    My two cents on -

    I’ve been telling my crew that one visit, and then go for a proxy. We live in a very rural area. The majority of the HU are hunting cabins and seasonal places. Some of the crew tried to follow the manual, do 3 visits first, and didn’t finish fast enough. With too many hired, binders were taken from our CLD and given to another CLD. They will travel about 50 miles one way to reach the area they will enumerate. We were told to try to finish this next week.

    Proxies are hard to find in rural areas, so we have been using reverse lookup at, tax rolls, and also and using the neighbor lookup and relative lookup feature. We have a few that have no neighbors or relatives with phones. I haven’t figured out yet what to do with those. The names are on the tax rolls, but no phone number can be found.

    When we first started, if an enumerator was doing well and was down to less than 10 cases in a binder, and they had visited each of those at least once, I issued another binder. Some had 3 binders at a time. Now that we are almost done and our other binders have gone to a neighboring CLD, I waited until they turn in the binder before giving work. Now, I have no more work to give out.

    I haven’t heard of any enumerators, CL’s or CLA’s loosing any PII in our entire area. However, the LCO has.

  86. gypsey jingle Says:

    conCENSUS 2010 by Gypsey Jingle

    i got enumerator blues
    i got the right pair of shoes
    my dixons are all pointed to the fine little boxes
    that dot and populate my EQ’s
    and, yes, of course, my dixons are all number two’s

    i hide the p-i-i- cept for the need to know
    i got a little chance, to tap dance, prosper and grow
    don’t send your forms in honey
    hold out for my visitation
    maybe somehow we’ll find out who
    counts in this totally Un-Accountable nation.

    hold on, some enumerator,
    might be checkin’
    your back door
    you don’t have to tell ‘em why
    or who it may be open for
    but if you ever need a little un-employment
    Your Uncle Sammy really wants to know the score.

    Hi, I’m with the Census…. I guess that makes me a government man.

  87. Anonymous Says:

    gypsey jingle, :)

  88. norcal girl Says:

    what happens if we lost two of the maps?

  89. gypsey jingle Says:

    you’ll be lost forever
    your LCO code will be turned to roman numerals
    and the white boxes on your EQ will shrink until you follow the protocol for reporting an MMFU. *missing map f__k up. In your case, in duplicate.

  90. gypsey jingle Says:

    Hey Nocal!
    My Advice: go for a sexual discrimination defense. that will scare them. they will be filling out forms by hand for decades with error rates that BP would be hard pressed to exceed.. your lost TOP SECRET P-I-I material will effect the overall outcome by less than 12%, and deprive possibley deprive the indigenous peoples of 3.7 Casinos per big horn.
    It’s the kind of risk a government worker has to take. The gravy train is over. You been shot at yet?

  91. FL Enumerator Says:

    We were told we CANNOT go to any municipal, state or federal offices to get info (post office, tax collector, property appraser, etc); further, we CANNOT contact realtors about property they have listed….all of the foregoing state they’re tired of doing the census workers’ jobs and not getting paid for it….

  92. FL Enumerator Says:

    Oh..forgot to mention…we also can’t check with property managers at apartment complexes – which to me is silly – if the unit is vacant there’s a lot of time saved in knowing that from the outset.

  93. Loser Says:

    I want work……wtf..

  94. Loser Says:

    How can there not be enough work to go around in “south brooklyn” which by the way includes portions of cental brooklyn…..response rate is not that frigggin good & there is a s____load of people, yet QA people don’t get enough work to make 20 hrs………W T F

  95. Anon Says:

    Northeastern CLA here–we were told not to look up phone numbers on the internet– were not told to go to the tax office–I am sure that would be highly frowned upon. we have used apt managers and realtors as proxys successfully, ie not getting EQs back.

  96. concerned Says:

    What is the Criminal Penalty if a cl, cla, or lco alters and/or tampers with an employee’s D-308? I appreciate a quick response. Thank-You