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Census Bureau Official: The Worst Local Census Office In the Nation

The following piece comes from an anonymous Census Bureau official in New York whose identity has been verified but will remain protected by This work below does not necessarily represent the views of Stephen Robert Morse or

From the outside our LCO looks great. It sits in a high end commercial office building with beautiful views of Park Avenue and the Grand Central Terminal. But on the inside the office is the prime example of the appalling waste, lack of accountability, sabotage and finger pointing that has become widespread here at the 2010 Census.

Our LCO contains the upscale doorman buildings of the East Side, the multi-million dollar condos in Union Square and the Lower East Side, Fifth Avenue retail stores such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Bergdorf Goodman and famous restaurants such as Tavern on the Green and Smith & Wollensky. The average rent for a one bedroom apartment is upwards of three thousand dollars a month. For months, numerous employees warned everyone the demography of the residents and the high real estate prices was going to be a problem finding applicants for $18.75 an hour and free training space. The recruiting and partnership assistants had trouble finding partners that would donate space that we could use five days a week for eight hours a day. The LCOM made clerks cold call high end banquet halls, and conference rooms in private office buildings but most of them refused because in such a recession these businesses could be generating revenue instead of donating their space. Some spaces though were nice enough to say that if we would be willing to offset some of their custodial, security costs or even the cost for toilet paper they would offer us the space. But the Census Bureau was adamant about not paying a single cent for space.

The other problem was recruiting enough applicants. The office clerk rate of $14.25 and field employee rate of $18.75 an hour was chump change for what is considered one of the highest real estate prices in the country. Most of the people who take a job for these pay rates are students, public housing or subsidized housing residents or retirees. For this very reason we were ranked last in the nation when it came to recruiting enough applicants to do the census.

To no one’s surprise since recruiting numbers were not being met the career census employees at regional census center (RCC) and headquarters pointed fingers, blamed the local census office managers and bring in outsiders. They brought in regional technicians and other recruiting assistants from Queens to show us how to plaster and flier neighborhoods with posters. Nevertheless they didn’t even make a dent in the recruiting numbers. Looking for someone to blame the RCC fired the recruiting manager and asked another one to take over. When the second one refused to work with the LCOM, the solution was fire her too. Then they offered it to a Westchester manager who declined also. (smart move) And the regional technician from Queens spent a week there before he was fed up. Are you starting to notice a trend? You know there is a problem when people would rather be fired than work with the LCOM.

The employees refused to work with the LCOM because she was condescending, oftentimes publicly humiliating and sabotaging other managers from getting their job done. Most of all, the LCOM had it out for the AMQA. She [LCOM] diverted a strong OOS from quality assurance to recruiting and told recruiting assistants to refrain from finding training sites and questionnaire assistance centers (QACs). When the area manager sent partnership assistants to help look for additional QAC sites the LCOM diverted them also. Then they sent a regional technician to help her. He mapped the geographic location of all the QAC sites and figured out the hours they would be most effective. Then he coordinated some recruiting assistants to help telling them exactly where he needed QACs and what hours he needed them. She threw away the work and tried to get the regional technician fired.

At the climax, when the LCOM resigned her going away party featured a clerk who impersonated her in a wig and stormed the lobby like a drama scene from a reality television show. After the LCOM left, an RCC employee became the acting LCOM. Like other RCC employees he offered little constructive help but sitting at his computer falling asleep or basically hovering, standing over, watching as temporary hourly employees slave away at processing work on an antiquated system that does not work.

When it came time to hire enumerators for non response follow-up our office still didn’t have enough training spaces but told to select applicants anyways. Despite being the worst LCO in the country the office managed to select almost 2,000 applicants, hiring a negligible number of non-citizens and those who scored below 70 from an applicant pool of about 5,000. (the original applicant testing goal was over 12,000 applicants) Instead of finally compromising and paying for much needed space RCC asked the LCO managers to create a schedule to take advantage of every single seat in a classroom, moving and splitting crews of enumerators from one training site to another each day. A great idea from the outlook; but when you try to implement this it can be a logistical nightmare. We promised jobs to thousands of applicants but couldn’t fit them into training space so all this week we fielded phone calls from thousands of irate applicants who were desperate for work or enumerators who don’t even know where and when their next day of training is. While the office is fielding phone calls headquarters is making sure we key enough hires in the system. The office resorted to training their employees in the hallway of a high end commercial Park Avenue South office. The managers have to work from morning to midnight, sometimes through the night and everyday there are employees who basically break down and burst into tears in the office. The Census Bureau could of saved themselves money simply by pay their partners a stipend to offset custodial or security fees or even the toilet paper than pay the wages and overtime for the entire office which is probably in the tens of thousands.

Another example of government waste at its finest is how they bring in huge cubic dump containers to throw out entire storerooms of materials for the group quarters enumeration, recruiting brochures, and questionnaires. I ask myself if it was worth firing our AMQA over lack of Questionnaire Assistance Center sites when entire cubic containers of be counted census forms were just thrown out? In a few weeks during the non-response follow up operation we have to enumerate all the housing units in entire high rise apartment buildings in Manhattan because no one received census forms. This is simply because headquarters and RCC rushed and told people to work faster last year. If New York City is missing entire high rise apartment buildings imagine how many single family homes are missing across America. The joke of the office is if things don’t work headquarters will fly in people who will come in take over and magically “finish the job”. This is simply why places like New York City get undercounted.

So when the newspaper reporters are standing outside our office demanding interviews about why the office won’t respond to applicants request about job training. Why don’t they ask the RCC and headquarters? From the first look you can blame the temporary local census office but the real blame falls onto the RCC and headquarters who evaluate purely on numbers with little regard to the demography and real estate costs of one of the most expensive neighborhoods in America. The New York East 2230 office is the prime example of career level census managers who have tunnel vision. These people are former statisticians, mathematicians and geographers who are great at quantitative analysis but have little management experience and strategy.

If this LCO works just like any other office in terms of the waste it shows what must be happening in 494 offices across the nation every day. The Census Bureau MO “when things don’t work throw more money, resources and people at it.” This is why the census costs 15 billion dollars. The Census needs someone with real management experience and who is a real visionary. The employees at regional census center and headquarters should be ashamed of themselves. And to think the inspector general’s office was here just weeks ago makes it even more appalling. You can be sure I’ll be writing the congressional subcommittee about this.

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59 Responses to “Census Bureau Official: The Worst Local Census Office In the Nation”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Another worst LCO: middle U.S.

  2. Z Says:

    Still another. NYN More comments to come.

  3. anonymous Says:

    Re Z comment. I went through fingerprinting nightmare there.

  4. Senseless Says:

    Sadly I think that LOC’s like this are everywhere. It shows that problems come from the top. It isn’t just a few problem people in isolated locations it is everywhere. One NRFU training class in our area was held in a bar. The morning beer delivery interrupted the class. The patrons had to walk through class to get to the bathrooms. Sitting on bar stools for 7 hours a day was very difficult. They can waste money on everything else but won’t spend any to train the employees.

  5. EILF Says:

    This article is old, but there is a regional technician who is returning to your office. He’s different from the others because he is a great problem solver, constructively criticizes and actually roll up his sleeves everything from clerk work to calling assistant manager meetings to delegate duties. It’s refreshing actually to see someone from RCC who actually helps out the LCO instead of yelling and screaming. That’s one job no one should actually have because his job is to clean up everyone’s mess. But on an aside he’s really cute.

  6. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @Senseless – Where was the training held in a bar?

  7. Anonymous NE Tri-state area Says:

    My nomination for the worst LCO……..2225 “enuff said

  8. Waiting4Work Says:

    As an Enumerator, I am grateful to be earning 18.75/hour. That is ten dollars more per week than I was making in the 2000 Census when I got 18.50/hour! Generous of the US Government to adjust for inflation (gas has tripled, rent has doubled, subway fare has nearly doubled, and it cost 3.00 just to open the door of a yellow cab. A 3/4 mile trip will set you back five dollars! A 3 mile ride cost you an hour of pay (but does not include tip.). Why doesn’t the City donate space? Still waiting for my first binder. I should turn in a D-308 for every day that I wait for one, because my time is money! NY LCO/RCC need to get their crap together!

  9. Mike Says:

    …This is just silly. Surely it wouldn’t kill them to train people in a different borough. Also, I’m appalled the Census is willing to reimburse it’s workers for coming to training, but they wouldn’t even pay for something as trivial as toilet paper.

  10. Anonymous NE Says:

    Some “ARCM” named A.Cenac runs the RCC in New York City…..two words… Total Incompetence

  11. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    END THE CENSUS – not sure if you meant for that to be public…but if you can provide examples of “criminals” getting promoted, that would be great.

  12. PissedPennsylvanian Says:

    Another mismanaged LCO…Scranton, PA…

    I hear the LCOM fired workers just for going OT by half an hour.

  13. END THE CENSUS Says:

    It wasn’t supposed to be public or published publicly :( Please delete

  14. a nonni mouse Says:

    lco 2326 worst evar!!!! We had our amfo just walk straight off the job one day. just quit. I was given the crew leader training classes, then got switched to be an enumerator. Was told that the new CL would call me to train…I had to raise heck to find out the issue. so they stick me with my areas CLA and I get stuck with an AA binder of vacant apartments in a neighborhood no where near my home.

    Oh and they witholding my pay for some reason

  15. END THE CENSUS Says:

    On your Contact Us page it says, ” If you are a Census Bureau employee or whistleblower and have confidential information to share with us, we always respect your privacy and grant complete anonymity.” So please delete the post which I prefaced in bold font “please don’t publish this.” THANK YOU<.

  16. END THE CENSUS Says:

    They keep reminding all of us of the “oath we took” when we attended training. They say that oath we swore to never tell anybody anything that’s really going on in the LCO or with any facet of the census. They’re trying to make us think if we tell the truth, if we blow the whistle, we can be fined a quarter of a million dollars and be sent to prison for several years. I don’t remember maybe but I think the oath I took was to protect the PII, the information about anybody who filled out their census form, or anybody when we went to their house to get them to fill out their census form. That’s the only thing I remember taking an oath about. Does anybody else remember this? So why are they trying to make us think we’re not protected by the same whistleblower laws that employees of other organizations are protected by?

  17. Anonymous NE Says:

    END THE CENSUS….you are CORRECT …the oath is for safeguarding PII info ONLY….don’t be swayed by anything else….they try to intimidate by threats and false information…and what you stated in your wording is correct…training is a JOKE

  18. END THE CENSUS Says:

    THANK YOU Anonymous NE!!!!!

  19. ACL Dave Says:

    END THE CENSUS – When you make a post it automatically appears in the comments.
    If you don’t want to make a public post, email it to MyTwoCensus (at)

  20. END THE CENSUS Says:

    yes I found it, it’s right there on the census website talking about Title 13 information, ”
    I will not disclose any information contained in the schedules, lists, or statements obtained for or prepared by the Census Bureau to any person or persons either during or after employment.”

    So why are the bosses at the LCO telling us we took some other oath and whistleblowers will be fined and put in jail.

  21. ACL Dave Says:

    re: So why are the bosses at the LCO telling us we took some other oath and whistleblowers will be fined and put in jail.

    My guess would be they don’t want a whistle blown at them. :)

  22. LCO-AM Says:

    Well, it has started –

    The brilliant upper management team is demanding data, such as twice daily manual lists of several facets of the movement of EQ’s, when the time could be far better spent actually getting the job done.

    Maybe if the computer system worked – instead, they punish the LCO employees with taking the time to supply worthless data that will, without a doubt, bring down “you’re falling behind” comments – just wait, next, the timeline to complete NRFU will be cut in half –

    Is there any reason to stay for this?

    Yes, they say, if you quit, you’ll never get another government job again.

    Ah, me, I am glad this Monday is over.

    One thing I have learned, when you think it can not get any worse –

    It does.

    At least now I expect it.

    Then again, there is a part of me that sincerely hopes there is some humanity in the government, maybe just a little?

  23. LCO-AM Says:

    Anyway, that LCO in New York, sounds pretty bad.

    One nice thing, they have a tiny geographical area to cover, it could be a lot worse that it is.

  24. Census Worker Says:

    LCO-AM: I don’t know if you’re an Area Manager or a LCOM, but seeing as how you spend most of your day dicking around on this website posting comments it’s starting to be pretty clear that you’re not the most efficient employee yourself. Get to work already.

  25. NYWest Chaos Says:

    LCO-AM: small geographical area….are you kidding me?!?!? Do you know how many people live in that small geographical area?!?!? The small island of manhattan has 4 LCOs because despite its size…we have buildings that go up, and an enormous population. My building alone has 130 condo apartments in it. Multiply that by 15 residential buildings on the block (double it if you count both sides of the street). Then multiply by avenues and streets….get the picture? It can’t get much worse. If you truly are an area manager at an LCO…that statement alone confirms what I’ve already seen first hand in 2233 (NYWest)….that the people working in management for the census are morons.

  26. Senseless Says:

    Stephen, the training class in a bar was in Florida.

  27. EnumeratorInHeels Says:

    EILF in regards to who you are referring to.
    Rumor has it he is single. Can you believe it? He should be on the Bachelor and every girl should be giving him a rose.

  28. EILF Says:

    Wrong show. On the Bachelor the guy gives the girls the roses. But he does look really cute especially in his bow tie. Too bad he’s young enough to be my son.

  29. EnumeratorInHeels Says:

    NYWestChaos…This regional technician that you guys referring to. I think I saw him in our office last Monday. All the clerks, FOS and crew leaders were slaving at binder assembly and everyone’s face just lit up when they saw him. Even the other RCC employee said publicly that it was refreshing to see him. They need to send him to NYWest.

  30. Samantha Jackson Says:

    End The Census, remind them about the No Fear training you received following the oath you took.

  31. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @Samantha What is “No Fear” training?

  32. My Two Census » Blog Archive » So the Census Bureau won’t pay for toilet paper in New York but will pay to rent out a radical mosque in Virginia? Says:

    [...] to appear like a mirror image of FOXNews, but if these claims are valid (it was a reference to a piece I ran yesterday about New York combined with these new details), then FOXNews will probably soon be all over this story from AOL [...]

  33. GS-X Says:

    LCO-AM, Please continue posting your comments.

  34. LCO-AM Says:

    CensusWorker – I am here when I am not working, off the clock. You are probably exactly where you need to be and seem to be the ideal candidate for a census career. Welcome to the rest of your life.

    NYWest Chaos, no offense meant, and you do have a tiny geographical area.

    Same amount of people as everyone else, yours are all compacted together.

    Sure, you have your challenges, we all do.

    We’re trying to run around the clock shifts but can not find people to work for the money being paid.

    As mentioned, I’d like to “survive” this census, but there is a limit as to what I can and will take.

    And I’m not going to say what position I am in for fear of retaliation.

    I do know, there is not a “AM” in the country who would have time to post on any web site, those “people” work 24/7 and I want to know what their compensation package is, with bonus.

    It has got to be HUGE.

  35. LCO-AM Says:

    Thank you GS-X

  36. CliveEM Says:

    Area Managers make between 72k and 98K a year depending on their GS grade.

  37. Senseless Says:

    The No-Fear act is the anti-discrimination and whistleblower protection law. It is always done on the first day of any census training.

  38. Anonymous NE Says:

    Working around the clock, and not getting paid for it…..”As Managers” is the tripe that the ARCM in NY always tells…..

  39. END THE CENSUS Says:

    Thank you, sorry I assumed all comments were held until the admin viewed/approved publication.

  40. END THE CENSUS Says:

    Samantha thank you, I completely forgot about that. I’ll find a copy of it online I hope!

    To the person who posted about training being held in a bar, that’s so wrong on so many levels. Surely the trainer or CL or FOS or somebody could have located a more appropriate training site. It’s embarrassing, the stuff that is going on.

  41. Anon Worker Says:

    ………. did not get paid By the census this week for work done in Charlotte, NC.

  42. Samantha Jackson Says:

    Stephen and End the Census, you should find the No Fear training at the back of the various (depending on your position) administrative training manuals — the employee handbook for your position. Not to be confused with the manuals for the various operations. It’s a whistleblower, anti-discrimination, anti-retaliation act. It’s a self-study read during Admin Day of training. Sorry I took so long to reply.

  43. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @Samantha. Thanks. An employee directed me to the No Fear training. I have it now. Best, SRM

  44. old amfo Says:

    If things are wrong and your Region has failed you, then call your Congressman and get a Congressional Investigation started. If you feel strongly about the wrongness of what you are being paid to do …then resign. If enough people leave the Census during peak operations and enough Congressmen or Congresswomen begin looking at this operation then things might change . If you are complacent and put up with what is wrong just for a paycheck then you are part of the problem.

  45. donius Says:

    2239 is another shithole

  46. Samantha Jackson Says:

    old amfo,

    I have considered the Congressman route because I am seriously concerned about the quality of the census that is being done in my county. Sure, I’m outraged at the treatment that honest, hardworking, loyal, longtime employees are getting at the hands of management. Beyond the dedicated employees, those DAPPS payroll employees and LCOM’s and AM’s alike, is our original purpose, our mission. This may sound korney, but I believe in the work I am doing. I’m proud. I’m still proud to be able to say that I’ve been around continuously since the ELCO’s first opened. I’ve had my bumps and bruises and hurt feelings along the way but I’m still standing. I don’t know for how much longer. I take it day by day never knowing when the axe will fall. When someone decides I should be gone, they’ll conjure up a reason and find some petty mistake. I don’t know why I remain loyal but I am. I guess my loyalty is to my country and this project. I remain proud to be doing what I’m doing and I’m not going to let some tyrants ruin that for me.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Central U.S.

  48. Waiting4Work Says:

    Still have not been paid for training. Still have not been assigned a CL, an AA Binder, or any work. I was depending on this money. This isn’t going well and no one at the payroll hotline seems to know anything about my status as an employee. The Census HQ in DC has already informed me that I can not be an employee for failing to submit my fingerprints for CBC. The funny thing is that I submitted not one, but FOUR sets of fingerprints on my very first day! Government efficiency. You have to love it!

  49. Crew Leader Says:

    Are any others being told to do up to 6 personal visits? The LCO doesn’t like the outcomes after only 3 so they want us to do 6. This goes against what we were trained to do. Training was very explicit about this. It was always in bold face print in the manual. I think the Census Bureau thinks this is important and wanted to really drive this home during training. The LCO may think we are faking these EQs but, isn’t that what the CLs are monitoring in the field? I think 6 personal visits bastardizes the processes that are important (for whatever reason) to the Census Bureau.

  50. D Says:

    Some of the information in the post is actually misleading and inaccurate. And there were target goals which were achieved ahead of other LCOs, which were not mentioned. But to include them would only have pointed out the bias of the piece and upset the tone.

    The real blame as stated by the author were the “demography and real estate costs of one of the most expensive neighborhoods in America.” First part demography – “Most of the people who take a job for these pay rates are students, public housing or subsidized housing residents or retirees. For this very reason we were ranked last in the nation when it came to recruiting enough applicants to do the census.” The first sentence is true of any temporary worker and is true of any Census office across the country so it does not hold water. Second part – real estate costs; The real estate costs are also high within other other areas or cities across the country. So if they were able to achieve goals why not this LCO?

    Excuses, deflection, and fingerpointing. There were problems at the LCO because of incompetent managerial and supervisory staff (and yes, the AMQA did deserve to be fired.) Whoever did the initial hiring of the top level staff created a situation so that the “fish starts to stink at the top of the head” via nepotism and Peter Principle. And the people who did the initial hiring were Headquarters so in that they are responsible. But officials at the local LCO should also accept responsibility for not having real management experience and being visionary. Shame on them (RCC/headquarters) and shame on you!

  51. jusanutr censustemp Says:

    same shit, different lco. in ours lots of field workers didn’t get paid. blamed it own poor paperwork. bull, i helped out in payroll. we were told to put any suspect or questionable pay sheet (sound familiar, MARCS clerks?) on top of an ever-growing in-box pile. many of these “problems” could be resolved simply by looking at an alpha.list of names for emp. #’s, or CLD #’s, whatever. but twice i heard workers sy why should i fix their payroll, they’re makin more than me. some people went for weeks w/o being paid. here, enumerators make 11.50 & office clerks 8.75 so you can imagine the bad ‘tudes running amock. people leave in tears or furious rages or both all the time. it would be easy to blame the OOS’s or AMQA but it becomes obvious they’re in the same boat. from what I can tell, the RCC spends most of it’s time throwing hurdles in their way. the computer system is an absolute joke. down more than it’s up and even then limited to only a few users, last week it was 2!! Quality Assurance is just bizarre, it’s all mostly about hunting down enumeraters that might have “falsified data” and racking up some point system for some bean-counter to put in their perm record. it’s never about correcting data or updating records. they say that will be done later by national but we are probadly the last people who will hear it and they don’t want us to put it in the notes. what a petty little system.

  52. janay Says:

    June 8, 2010
    LCO-2225/790 BROADWAY BKLYN NY 11206 TEL-347-222-3920


    I was clerk in the administration department until I was told by Roberta @ 4:15pm today that my services were no longer needed. When I asked why she told me 3 different excuses. #1 she claimed that she was told that I was looking people up in Dapps and talking about it. Last I check rumors should not be followed up without evidence.#2 she claimed that last week Thursday I took a hr to come back from a 15 minute break. Which is totally false, when I asked her why wasn’t I approach as soon as I came back from my imaginary hr long break she could not answer me. She also stated that on May 2 which was over a month ago I left 30 minutes early. Roberta was a clerk on May2. So I’m confused why she would even be speaking about this incident when she was not a supervisor. The OOS that was working left early and signed my timesheet prior. We were left with no supervisor and I had to leave. Roberta also lied and said Miguel spoke with me about leaving 30 minutes early which never happened. I never received a verbal warning or a write up in regards to me leaving 30 mins early. When I asked for Alvin to be present Roberta stated he left. Anauri came in Alvin’s office and could not answer any of my questions. She offered me a grievence form to complete like I really was going to waste my time and energy writing for her to throw it away.I feel that I’m being targeted for personal reason. She knows I know she is incompetent because when she asked us to help her spell words like “receive” I told her she needs to invest in Hook on Phonics. She should feel embarrassed by her ignorance. Anauri was under tremendous pressure when the RCC came to the office about 3 Fridays ago. She told me to hide some problem D-308’s because she didn’t want them to see it. She became even more furious when she saw Shantell who was still a clerk at the time go to lunch with the lady from the RCC. While Anauri and I were on break she said “I know Shantell is throwing me under the bus”. I was amazed when Roberta convinced Anauri to promote Shantell to OOS but Anauri wanted to keep her close because she knew Shantell knew her job better than she did and she is the manager. She also stated she didn’t want anyone that worked with Barbara referring to Beverly to be an OOS in her department. Her personal feelings toward other employee’s should not be talked about but she does it all the time.
    Anauri refered to me as “this girl” on one or more occasions. I had some choice words for her for even saying such a thing but I kept it to myself. Yesterday being the most recent when she was asking another clerk to give her feedback on Sunday because there was no supervisor present for the morning shift.She was attempting to run the office from her home. Anauri is a very incompetent individual. I guarantee if you give her a spelling test she will fail it. She constantly asks clerks for help with her job even down to grammer. She can’t spell basic words without assistance. I don’t know how a 22yr with no experience is appointed to such a high position that she is not qualified for. She has the clerks covering for her constantly. She speaks about previous employee’s terminations among the clerks in the admin department which is a violation of their privacy. She even joked about Johnathan Spivey filing and EEO against her. She brags about being Alvin’s favorite so she feels that she can get away with bad work practices. She even told us they live on the same block for yrs. She had a meeting stating that there will be only 3 shifts in admin which is 8am-4:30,3:30-12am and 12am-8:30pm. She is on the schedule for 8:30am-5pm M-F. She is never at work at 8:30am she comes in over a hr late everyday. Her OOs Roberta Sumptner is on the schedule for 8am-4:30. She comes in 45 mins to a hr late daily. Where is the accountability? What goes for one should go for all. Anauri also covers up for her favorites. Anauri and Roberta were also sabotaging the write folder that hold everyones write up. They stated that they will remove their write ups from the folder and shred them. Anauri was wriiten up by Sarojinni and Roberta by Vernon. So if you check the write up folder and notice theirs missing you will know where it went. An applicant complained about finding his PII in the trash after meeting with a clerk in the lobby Anauri had him fill out an INFO-Comm only to push it aside and not followup which is totally against the rules. She tries to bribe clerks to have their NTE extended. She says you better buy me lunch if you want to be extended. On Sundays clerks are left without proper supervison because their is no OOS on duty. She also forced an OOS to do a 16hr shift to accompany her not wanting to be in the office. I feel Anauri takes advantage of her position by intimidating people she feels she can. She brags about using 282 & 283 forms like that is her only leverage. Anauri came to work today at 11:30am.Roberta @ 8:39am and Shantell @ 3:40pm. All three of them were late according to the schedule. Where is the accountability? I’m one of the few clerks that comes to work on time daily. It was very hard for me to be lead by an incompetent supervisor. How can you expect administration to ever be in order whe
    Jani Montrevil n the AMA is out of order. There are 3 people who were never tested but were put in the system by the previous OOS Vernon Taylor because they had a close relationship with him. If you do an audit you will see everything that I state in this letter is true. Shantell who is the OOS and his ex-girlfriend is one of these individuals. Check the DAPP’s system you will see it’s not a coincidence her and the other 2 received 100 and selected by him. No test to be found. It was also bought to my attention that Roberta Sumptner who is the other OOS was arrested for child abuse. If this is not bad work practices I don’t know what is. This was bought to my attention by more then one clerk who was there way before me they will remain anonymous. I’m not going to jepordize any clerks job. But right is right and wrong is wrong. I want a honest explanation for this unprofessional action in an unprofessional Administration Dept.

  53. janay Says:


  54. gh Says:

    Girl anit nothing change they’re still as corrupt as they wanna be.

  55. W Says:

    2225 can’t possibly be as bad as 2227. I will say more once I receive my pay check

  56. W Says:

    People do not want to cooperate with enumerators because they are fed up with the United States Government. I was asked if I was with ACORN or SEIU. I had people refuse to answer my questions because I didn’t have proper identification (our ID card does not have a photo), and I had people threaten to call the police and charge me with trespassing after I slipped into a building after a tennant buzzed their guest in, which is what we were told to do during training.

    If they come within 50 million of the actual population, it would be due to dumb luck.

    I signed on to do a proper job, but the FAS sent down so much pressure through the CL, neither me nor other enumerators were unable to do so.

    And they spent 10 years preparing for this?

  57. Fired Census Workers Houston-Tomball LCO 4043 Says:

    I was a CLA assigned to CC in LCO 3043 Houston NW. We had 2 CLA’s the other one was his favorite. She did most of his work for him.
    A lot of enumerators wondered what cc did for 40 hours per week, since the favorite CLA was doing his work she was in charge of everything, the paperwork, giving out the work, the binders. Once we needed a binder for one of our assignments CLA would not give it to CL to give to us. Our Crew Leader told use to HCAD, zabasearch, the white pages, count the cars in the driveway, look for car seats in the back of cars, look at the meters to see if they are running to determine the occpancy of the residence. Our crew leader said he did not care how we obtained the information. Our crew leader said he was not asking any questions. The other CLA was late almost everyday to her meeting with the enumerators usually at least 20 minutes. We are wondering if she falsified all the time she put in. In the beginning she never did EQ’s out in the field all she did was a 12 – 2:00 meeting, she would arrive at 12:20 the enumerators would complaint to me about everything about her. Especially the way she treated them and being late. They thought she was over me and I had been demoted. Our crew leader only met with us once a week and he would give us 1 to 2 hours notice on e-mail to tell us the time and place of the meeting. We had to stay on 24 hour call on the computer to watch for the next Census event. He called the CLA (he liked) on the phone 24/7 and she called him 24/7. Our crew leader did not treat both of us the same. He played favoritism which was obvious to everyone. I never had any information. The crew leader would e-mail me along with all the other enumerators, but he would call his favorite CLA and give her the real information. Our Crew Leader did not like to talk to us on the phone. He would talk sarcastic towards me on the phone. Our crew leader was in the mist of a nasty divorce, he would be in court, on the phone talking about court and his bankruptchy, he complained about his wife and called her the devil. I had the feeling he did not like women. In class he put slight threats out to us. He told us someone at the Tomball Office was complaining and they just fired the person. Someone in the class asked our crew leader if anyone teased him in school about his name, he said no and if they did they would be looking for work else where. He made it clear if you complain you will not have work or work for the Census. Lorena (CLA) would get upset with certain enumerators and she would turn CL against them too. Then they would not give that enumerator any work. It was a power thing between the two of them. I did not have any power as a CLA Many enumerators equestioned a lot of the instruction our crew leader gave us and they would ask him where are the insructions coming from. It is is a change in the way the operation work it will have to come down from the government. It is not just word of mouth. Our crew leader was so distrusted we started taking notes on his once a week meeting and we were going to start taping the meeting because he did not seem trust worthy at all. He said we all were extended into the VDC Operation because we were the best crew and had producted the most numbers and he was going to keep all of working until the end. He had just received his new SF50 extending him until the end of August and he e-mailed up and said our new SF 50 will be on the way 2 weeks behind his. He told us not to put any dates on the new time cards because we could be working until the end of December. He said he had to go to training for the VDC Operation and as soon as he got out he would let us know what date our training was. he went to training on a Friday night, we did not hear a thing from him all weekend, one enumerator got mad and e-mailed him. OUr CL then sent out an e-mail on Monday night stating the training is on Wednesday but he did not know what time or where. Tuesday evening enuerators started calling me to tell me when the training started. After an hour or so I started to call the CL to see why he had not contacted me about the training, he ignored my calls for hours. Then I sent him a text message and maybe an e-mail. Around 7 on Tuesday night before class he finally calls me to tell me I am not in the VDC Operation, they cut 4 of our crew, but he picked up 3 or 4 enumberators from another crew. He never bothered to ever tell the othetr 3 enumerators they were never coming back he never said anything. There is a lot more to this story, I turned him in to Dallas, 2-3 different high ups, they send me to some in Houston he did not do anything about the unethical and illegal procedures being used to obtain census time and the possibly of fradulent time sheets. The other CLA came and went as she wanted, slept half the day or was cleaning houses. She did not do EQ’s unti the end but she managed to get 40 hours in every week. Close to
    the end she started worrying about the fact she did not have a prduction rate, so then all the sudden she was getting up to 70 EQs in a day. Some of them were duplicates and she already had the information and she was merely re-filling them out. The CL told her not to worry – he would take care of her and make sure she made it to the next operation – after all she did most of his work while he was in court, babysitting, not feeling well, fighting with his wife, talking to attorneys. she would go to his place and work and he would come to her place. Not once did the CL ever come to check out my place. He was turned in to the Regional District Manager in Dallas, he passed it down to someone named Jeff or John, then passed it down to someone named jeff or john, then they passed it up to someone named Mary, she was the CL friends and she gave him inside information according to the CR. The next person I talk to was Mr. Mase who was over the office, he said he was going to see what he could do, he mentioned another operaton is coming up and I already knew my crew members working hard gettting up to 50 or more EQs a day.The ENTIRE COUNT for the 0502 CENSUS in 3043 is completely tarnished based on the crew leaders instructions to use the Harris County Appraisal District , Zabasearch, the White pages and other website to find the information. he said look to see how many cars are in the driveway, that can tell you how many people live there, look for a car seat in the back seat that means a child lives there. look at the meter if it is not running that means is it vacantl. Is this how they taught the crew leaderts to count for the census. SOme of my EQs were errassed off to reduce the nubmert .
    We turned in documents, proof of what happening to the bid Cheese in DAllAS and Houston

    On Tuesday night right refoer the class on Wednesday I wasinformed I was
    not going. What kind of Census Operation is this. No quaillity control
    work..The Census Burea does not wabt ti knoe ehat is goin oning, ilegally
    falsificatoin of work records and time. THE CENSUS BUREAU or Who Ever works for them does not care. It’s just on paper to look good for the public.

  58. My Two Census » Blog Archive » Yesterday’s New York Times editorial is a farce and here’s why… Says:

    [...] New York (where a dense concentration of media moguls and reporters utterly failed to cover the giant mess that is the New York regional census office) they will be begging for re-enumerations, recounts, and heads to be put on the chopping block. [...]

  59. Terrance Courtway Says:

    I do enjoy the manner in which you have framed this problem and it really does present me personally some fodder for consideration. Nevertheless, coming from what I have experienced, I basically trust as the reviews pack on that folks remain on issue and in no way get started upon a tirade regarding some other news du jour. Anyway, thank you for this superb piece and while I do not concur with it in totality, I regard your standpoint.