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New feature on our “contact” page…

Many Census Bureau employees, fearful of losing their jobs or being publicly identified, have been afraid to contact  Now you can contact us anonymously with the new form we have created on our “contact’ page.

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4 Responses to “New feature on our “contact” page…”

  1. PM Says:

    Indeed; they tend to focus on people whom they don’t like (don’t fit in, or stand up to them)- at our office anyway- and find an excuse to chop them.

  2. Dazed and Confused Says:

    Amen! I am getting to think that just because I’m paranoid—it doesn’t mean that someone at the Census Bureau isn’t out to get me. Initially thought some of the worker complaints on these blogs were a bunch of malcontents and whiners. That still might be the case—but after some bad experiences first hand, I now think the system is really subject to arbitrary decisions and bad managers with horrible people skills.

    Hopefully the new anonymous feature will encourage others to come forward.

  3. CLA Dave Says:

    Unless someone reveals some PII, I doubt the census cops would try to find out who is the person behind the screen name of any posts here. Nothing in the oath I took (three times now) said I’m not allowed to bitch about idiotic bureaucrats. :)

  4. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    This new feature appears to be working well. Thanks everyone.