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MyTwoCensus Editorial: For the sake of employees, tell the truth about how long NRFU operations will last

MyTwoCensus has received confidential reports from multiple Census Bureau officials that non-response follow-up operations in many parts of the country are winding down. By law, the Census Bureau can only contact non-responders three times in person and three times by phone — even though MyTwoCensus is currently investigating whether additional illegal contacts are taking place.

Because of the Census Bureau’s computer failures, the 2010 Census may be coming in over-budget (apparently $15 billion wasn’t enough cash…). Since the Census Bureau doesn’t want to take yet another scolding from the Inspector General and the Government Accountability Office, they may try to abruptly end the 2010 headcount ASAP.

With half a million workers on the streets during this large-scale operation, there is significant amounts of confusion about how long jobs will last. Lying to Census Bureau employees, who very well may lose their jobs within the next one or two weeks (by the end of May) is not the answer. Yes, these jobs are temporary, but working through the end of July meant an additional two months of security and stability for many individuals employed by the Census Bureau who may have quit lower paying jobs to take on these positions. Additionally, it seems to be that thousands of individuals went off unemployment to take their Census Bureau jobs. These people should not have been told that they would have 6-8 weeks of work if they really only have 4 weeks of work.

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131 Responses to “MyTwoCensus Editorial: For the sake of employees, tell the truth about how long NRFU operations will last”

  1. outta my census Says:

    What angers me is the large of money spent on badgering those who don’t want to talk to us, while I have run across more than a few uncounted people that never did receive a questionnaire in the mail but sound willing (even eager) to fill one out. Most ironic of these encounters was the nice mailman who let me into the large buzzer-less apartment complex… this 61 yr old MAILMAN told me he had never once been counted in the Census! I diligently wrote his name and number on an info-comm (that will probably not likely result in him being counted), thanked him, and went on in only to get the door slammed in my face by the lady who might well have been experiencing her 10th call or visit by a census worker in the last two weeks.(After NRFU’s 6 attempts, we in “RI” are allowed to make ANOTHER SIX to make sure our data jibe’s with the original enumerator’s.)

    There were 38 or so “RI” NRFUs trained in my major metropolitan city to take a 10% QC sample of all NRFU’s work. I’ve gotten only about 10 cases over the last two weeks. This does not compute. I can absolutely forsee that the NRFU and NRFU RI operations are going to suddenly be “done”. (Surprise!)

    Just like every other census op I’ve worked for in the last year. Categorical omissions of large populations in our midst…like the people who live in their campers parked on urban streets. On MY urban street, just across the railroad tracks! I know they weren’t accounted for in the “look to the right” methodology of AddCan! (“They’ll be counted in a later operation” I was re-assured.) Well, which one was it?

    It’s amazing how illogical the allocation of resources has been! How sickly and unreliable this supposedly noble institution has become! The Census has become a tragic analogy of our country’s government.

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Outta My Census is correct.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    NRFU is winding down – Binders maybe today; No Binders until next week.

  5. landp Says:

    I would have no problem if they walked into the meeting today and told me that is was over.

  6. someone, somewhere Says:

    Does anyone know if maybe they are just behind in printing binders or what? I am working my butt off in this heat (if i do something I am going to try to do it correct) some people in our group ride aroung all day and get 40 hours plus mileage and are just kind of like milking it, get rid of these guys and let the people who want to work work

  7. Waiting Game Says:

    I’d like to hear from any commenters who seem to have been stuck in a “backup group.” I received training as an enumerator pretty late in the game (early May) and still haven’t been given an assignment. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. Seriously, I haven’t knocked on a single door. Even our training was cut short because they didn’t have any binders for us to use. The LCO, of course, isn’t too helpful. I’m wondering if I was trained as a kind of fall-back employee in case everyone else quit, or if there might be some kind of error that I need to resolve. I did receive an SF-50 recently that seems to confirm I was hired, but no actual work. I could use the money. Anyone else?

  8. CLA Dave Says:

    My CL said he has only three binders left to assign before we’re done in our CLD. Some of us may get transferred to other crews who need the help.

  9. someone, somewhere Says:

    Can someone tell me what the phase is called when people will be selecting eq’s done in the nrfu AND calling people to make sure everything was done on the up and up what is that part if the phaSE CALLED

  10. CLA Dave Says:

    someone – I think that phase is called QC – quality control.

  11. Bailey Says:

    My neighbor took an enumerator job and she calls me every evening to fill me in on the latest unorganized debacle that’s become the 2010 U.S. Census. She wanted to post a comment here about her experiences, but feared the govt. would discover her identity. I ask her to email me and I would post accordingly. She told me she was trained in late April and on the last day of training, her class was dismissed without anyone receiving binders.

    On the following Tuesday, her Crew Leader promptly resigned and the position was given to an individual from the training class who had assisted with finger printing. My neighbor was then “promoted” to Crew Leader Assistant. According to my friend, neither she nor the new Crew Leader received any CL training. The new CL was merely handed two boxes of Census materials retrieved from the previous CL.

    She tells me the attrition rates are deplorable. Enumerators are required to phone in each day to let the CL know whether or not they are working and they must attend nightly meetings at a local Starbucks. The meetings don’t even begin until 8 p.m. and with the untrained Crew Leader oftentimes last until after 9 p.m. My neighbor checks the enumerator’s work and then the CL re-checks her work. All the while, the enumerators are required to sit around, twiddling their thumbs waiting to get their time sheets signed. If their questionaires are not error free, the CL visits with each enumerator to correct them. The incompetent CL is extremely insecure in her ability to accomplish the job and rarely delegates to the CLA.

    Each evening new hires appear who have received less than 10 hours of training and don’t have a clue what they’re doing. The CL and CLA have to go over the Census questionaires with a fine tooth comb to insure they are error free.

    With people quitting on a daily basis, the LCO has been forced to hire people with very low test scores. In an effort to get them on the streets as quickly as possible, they are receiving “express” training. People are being hired who scored 50′s and 60′s on the test and who are incapable of grasping simple concepts. “Express” training is not the answer for these people.

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel for workers seems to have replaced the Census Bureau’s previous policy of hiring people with high test scores. Eariler this week, the FSO held a meeting and announced that enumerators who did not work a minimum of 20 hours a week would be let go. The AA is apartment dense and enumerators are getting doors slammed in their faces right and left. The CL has assigned 3 or more people to one apartment complex while other complexes haven’t even been worked. The CL is extremely disorganized and at times, doesn’t even know her binder assignments. The CL stores the binders in the backseat of her car in violation of census policies which prohibit census materials being left where they could be stolen or compromised.

    At the nightly meetings, if an enumerator returns a questionaire with a “refusal” code on it, the CL hands it off to another worker hoping to get another outcome. More often than not, the same questionaire is returned with an additional “refusal” code. The CL has been known to reassign, reassign and reassign again the same questionaire. Apparently she’s unable to take ‘no’ for an answer and the government is paying hand over fist for multiple trips to a home that has already refused to complete a questionaire.

    Today the WSJ is reporting job claims are up. I would bet a lot of money census workers comprise the majority of new claims.

  12. enumeratingirl Says:

    On Tuesday we had a group meeting and my CLA tried to reassign binders from the people not working them to those of us that are. Only one person gave theirs up. My CLA says that’s all that there is… May isn’t even over yet and we are done.

  13. ACrewleader Says:

    I have an email from the LCOM that states our enumerators must go to each home 6 times before closing it out. Then a Crew leader or CLA must go one last time to document it before sending it in to the office. This is insane. Also for those addresses that just DO NOT exist because the address lister was an idiot 2 years ago..the CL or CLA must go out and document stuff like yeppers that is a dog house, not a real house and you can delete it. Makes it real interesting when the folks from address listing brag that they listed anything that had a roof.
    Sorry I am getting paid with everyone’s tax money….but if I didn’t do it someone else would, and I tried to tell them what a waste and how foolish this all is, but no one cares what the actual enumerators and Crew leaders think.

  14. outta my census Says:

    To answer “Someone, Somewhere”, that phase is called NRFU RI or “re-interview”. It’s what I’m doing. We’re about one week behind regular NRFU and haven’t gotten much work. As I said, I’ve been given about 10 cases so far.

  15. clKY Says:

    Seems off that the post after this complains for the census sending enumerators to other states, thus spending money, and this post complains because they are being efficient and finishing the task ahead of time (less money). I have worked 3 ops since january, Address canvassing, update/leave CLA, and NRFU CL. At the time I was hired I was told, each time, that the work could end at any time due to lack of work. In fact, it is scripted for everyone to accept when hired. The 8 week timeframe was a deadline, not a goal.
    It would be impossible for the CB to predict the amount of time for a cld to complete their area. I enjoy this site, but find these consecutive posts to completely contradict each other. Seems to be a stretch and very “Rush Limbaugh” of this site. Sorry to vent but at times it feels like a witch hunt.

  16. LCO-AM Says:

    NRFU-RI is way behind. Due to PBOCS there are not many EQ’s being processed, thus, nothing for RI.

    To make matters worse, MaRCS is supposed to start tomorrow – WTF! Where is it supposed to draw data from?

    Last night, we were told to have 6 people work from 11PM to 6AM to process data – and PBOCS crashed, no work was completed, and no one was allowed to go home util official word came – at nearly 6:00AM!!!!!

    It is not the LCO’s fault, heads need to roll at every level above the LCO’s, especially at HQ’s.

    This is beyond poor planning and poor management, yet, the spin machine will hush hush it all – just watch.

  17. CLA Dave Says:

    With procedures are varying from place to place, it seems some LCO’s FOS’s and CL’s are sticking to the rules taught in the manual and training, and some are making it up as they go along. Heckuva job, Grovesey!

  18. exFOS Says:

    All of this is exactly what I have experienced since I did my first operation last year in address listing. They keep firing the competent folks and sending out anyone who walked into a Census sign-up. We had little or no assistance from the office for knowing if persons passed their tests and finished their actual trainings. They threw people into roles they knew nothing about and then criticized all of us for not getting things done and done fast. And, typically, every operation over-hires and lies about how much work is expected and the operations end in hours or a few days. It is only about the Managers looking good with their numbers, not about quality work and not about having any respect for the people they hire or the people they count.

  19. waiting4Work Says:

    I was trained for 20 some hours. Was told would be called on Mother’s day for assignment to a crew leader, to be evaluated, to receive a binder if evaluation went well, and still am waiting for all this to happen. On top of that, I still have not proved my citizenship and that I am legal to work in the US. I am legal but no one from the CB would know it. They didn’t check. I have already been paid for training (if you can call it that). Still waiting. Maybe I am a backup. Whatever the case, I was depending on this job to cover me through summer. I am unemployed and more than willing to work. I am really saddened by how this played out. 2000 Census wasn’t nearly this SNAFU’ed.

  20. Anonymous NE Says:

    Ex-Fos…….you’re correct. In the NY Metro area, ALL that is watched is the number and where it is to goal. The NRFU goal has been “moved up” to finish this week…at all costs. The upper management, especially the ARCM is pushing LCO’s and making threats that people will be sent from other areas if not done…the threats continue…demoralized workers continue….and Managers are leaving in waves…welcome to the 2010 Census

  21. anenumerator Says:

    We have no more binders to assign here on the west coast. After the NRFU phase, what other phases are left?

  22. Waiting Game Says:

    waiting4work, what region are you in? Your situation sounds similar to mine. Have you gotten any contact from the CB at all?

  23. anonymiss Says:

    I think tomorrow or maybe Monday will be my last day enumerating. I have one binder with 4 AA’s in it and if I am lucky tomorrow I will finish them up and if I don’t I will see what my CL wants me to do. I don’t mind finishing my book but it may be that there is a rush. Although other areas are not finished like we are they don’t want to share their work so I think it is time to get out the flipflops and relax a bit. I have stuff to do this weekend and can’t work until Sunday and that is only a maybe.

    So I guess I am NRFU’d out…..hopefully I will get to work on some other assignment. Any thoughts on how to get selected or reapply?

  24. Samantha Jackson Says:

    If you were trained in May as a NRFU Enumerator, more than likely you are a Replacement Enumerator which means that you were trained to be available if needed due to attrition. It’s a crap shoot. You sit tight until called, if you’re called.

    As for people who expected to work 8 weeks, there’s never a promise of 8 weeks of work. You were hired for an appointment not to exceed 8 weeks. That appointment may be less and it may get extended another 8 weeks but it’s never a guarantee of 8 weeks of work.

  25. mandy_Reeves Says:

    Our are might be ending soon…my frikkin CLA comes and pounds on my door about 10 min ago, waking me up after I had just taken percocet for my gall bladder surgery this morning. She is closing out the binders and two other apartments attached to the business in front are like totaly elusive and they nneeded me as a proxy


    Hello, I was an Ennumerator working in the Greater Los angeles Area and It looks like yesterday was my last day. I turned in all materials, including AA binders (I got 2), canvas bags, blank form packets, etc. For my four weeks of participlation I got a “Portrait of America” census refrigerator magnet and a “see you later.” Now I am unemployed once again, and with 13% California unemployment its highly unlikely I”ll find an job anytime soon. Can ExCensus employee claim un employment benefits? Thank you and Good luck to all.

  27. Yet Another Enumerator Says:

    Yes, you can claim unemployment. You have to wait until your “appointment” ends (that is, until you reach the date after which you can’t work any more). I was just at the local EDD office and that’s what they told me.

  28. Yet Another Enumerator Says:

    This is a question to S.R. Morse. In the posting above, you said:

    “By law, the Census Bureau can only contact non-responders three times in person and three times by phone.”

    What law is this? I’m not necessarily challenging you, but we were told nothing about this (that there was a law mandating this, not just CB procedures) during our training. Can you provide a reference for this?

  29. Maiasaura Says:

    RE: the CL who asked an enumerator to serve as proxy

    We were told recently that an enumerator can never serve as a proxy for any reason–not for your neighbor, your Grandma or another enumerator’s case. It compromises the system.

  30. Maiasaura Says:

    Hey, BOOKWORM_HERO got a free magnet?? We didn’t get any magnets! WTF?

  31. Maiasaura Says:

    RE: Unemployment benefits for enumerators
    I thought I was told that we are not eligible for unemployment, but I see this on

    “The enumerator positions are temporary, lasting for varying periods of time.

    While the positions offer no benefits, employees will be eligible for unemployment benefits once they complete their work successfully.”


  32. Anonymous Says:

    Refrigerator magnets? Checking in TWO binders?!!!!

    Bless this My Two Census site! I love reading and sharing information.

  33. Maiasaura Says:

    They are definately stepping up the time frame. I was told today that the LCO estimated we should finish our binders in 2 1/2 weeks or so. Then my FOS called and said to encourage my enumerators to make a big push this weekend and put in lots of hours. To me that means a shorter end date. He also said that the best employees had the best chance to get picked up by another phase (NRFU RI or MaRCS). I want my people to keep working if they want to work, so I’m hoping it all works out.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    What is NRFU RI and MARCS please? Thank you.:)

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Stephen, just emailed article regarding sex offender working for the Census posted in Camden, NJ newspaper 17 minutes ago.

    Last week, I checked reverse address info for telephone numbers of residents I had not interviewed. One apartment complex had 300 sex offenders living in their area.

  36. anenumerator Says:

    how do you get picked for the nrfu ri and marcs phases?

  37. Enumerator in Coat of Armor Says:

    To the person who asked what MaRCS is (yep, that’s the official spelling), it’s “Matching, Reviewing, and Coding System”. See the gory details and more at

  38. censusless in seattle Says:

    NO BINDERS – CL has asked everyone to work as many hours as possible this week without binders?!!!

  39. Samantha Jackson Says:

    If you Enumerated in NRFU, you can’t work NRFU RI. It would be a conflict to RI what you NRFU’d. LOL. Can’t be put in a position to Quality Assure your own work.

  40. someone, somewhere Says:

    Does anyone knows what is going to happen when the NRFU RI is conducted and it is discovered that some of the NRFU enumeraters that were being paid $12.00 an hour, allowed to accumalate 40 hours of work, plus mileage, made up the majority of the information on the eqs, put bogus proxy names and/or phone numbers? This is my second phase to work, first one was Group quarters, completing my third week of Nrfu, have had NO meeting(s) or daily contact with my crew leader. May 1, assistant crew leader told me to meet him at such and such cafe, when I sat down I was promtly told to take a 15 min break every 2 hours, forget what I was told in training about the male/female question, it will only make me look like an idiot, and various other little tips and tricks to get thru the day. When he followed me to show me the area he knew so well, I quickly discovered he could not read the numbers on the mail boxes and my job was to stop at everyone, kill my truck, walk back to his to let him know where we were at. My first actual interview in which he was evaluating, he said he gave me a good one even though he never got out of his truck which was parked at least 1/4 mile down the driveway. In fact, I was interviewing the respondant on one side of the house, he was parked on the other. He no more evaluated me than the man in the moon. my only other two binders that I was given I have had to conduct NRFU enumeration on a 93 site RV park that rents by the day, week or month. I requested help from my crew leader and I am sure when he gets around to it, he will call me and tell me what to do. I found out today that tommorrow will probably be my last day. The assitant crew leader that will not get out of his truck except for lunch and coffee breaks every two hours cant work on friday or saturday because he will go over his 40 hours. As I read what I have written I know I sound like a whine baby, but what else can I do. thanks for listening.

  41. censusless in seattle Says:

    Samantha, if you worked Quality Control, they would give you a different AA. This is what they did in the first phase of Address Canvassing.

    Someone, Somewhere: I believe you about the “bogus” information. There was a lot of bogus and incorrect map-spotting from last Spring’s operation. There were too many errors and sloppy map-spotting. For the most part, we did our work, filled out lots of Info-Comms, and moved on.

  42. censusmakesnosense Says:

    My CL was “moved” from his town to our which is about 50 miles away from his home. He was told to have two meetings a day. Then he was flagged for excessive miles. Payroll is messed up. I was only paid for a couple days work last week. But after driving for 4 or 5 hours and meeting with the crew for a few hours, then finding a did they think he could succeed? He resigned Friday after working for almost a year at the Census Bureau. I think what is really bad is his payroll has been short every week since he started training his crew and his FOS hasn’t signed a single 308. Pretty sad….

  43. clerkofalltrades Says:

    I did a lot of hiring. Interviewees were told the job would last 4 to 6 (or 6 to 8) weeks and that they would be asked to work 20 to 40 hours a week. There is nothing to be shocked about here. No hourly employees have ever received any guaranteed job security. I certainly never have. It has always been about making oneself useful and indispensable by being a reliable and resourceful employee. Absent that, you’re on your own.

  44. LCO-AM Says:

    Memorial Day and the Fourth of July Holiday days are work days at the LCO’s.

    Oh, except the managers…..

  45. LCO-AM Says:

    Our payroll department is incredible, minimal is any issues, they get five stars in my book.

    Everyone is doing the best they can, and it is getting beyond frustrating, the bottlenecks are enormous and are directed/mandated by the RCC -

    Just the facts

  46. Anonymous II Says:

    Coalinga, CA Census worker attacked by pit bull as she went door to door. She had to undergo surgery.

  47. Samantha Jackson Says:

    @censusless in Seattle, Our LCO had never mixed Field Ops and Quality Assurance in the same operation. You can’t even clerk in both departments in the same operation. Different operations, sure, but Enumerators don’t enumerate and RI in the same operation at our LCO.

  48. Anonymous II Says:

    Samantha’s correct. Different operations for NRFU and Quality Control.

  49. william losberg Says:

    I have been an enumerator in south FL since training ended on 4/30. Training was redundant and filled with so many “what if” questions. I consider myself intelligent and by most standards, that is true. What I see here (my CL and CLA are competent, hard working guys)is the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars. I apologize for taking the money but I need it badly. I have personally been to NRFU addresses 4-5 times, hear people talking inside the homes, they must be laughing inside as I write yet another NV for them. Now that all we have left are these hundreds of addresses that are either obviously vacant or as described above, we are being harassed by our CL and CLA for having the nerve to turn in a pay sheet without any completed questionnaires! I told them both before I went out the last time that it would be a miracle if I got 1 interview. They didn’t like that attitude but they are not the ones standing outside a residence for the 5th time writing these NV forms up. Others in my team have been successful with proxy’s as they are retired themselves and live in a retirement community where most people know each other. I don’t know my next door neighbor as I have only lived here 6 months. Many of us have been shorted pay and did I mention those idiotic daily meetings at public businesses? We have already been kicked out of two because of the amount of time spent without enough business generated. I made purchases on 2 of my first 3 visits to a donut place but have not witnessed a dollar spent by any others nor have I seen evidence that a purchase was made!

  50. CensusGeek Says:

    Yes THANK YOU for voicing this issue. Under-estimating the time it takes to conduct a phase seems to be endemic with the Census. AC was supposed to last 2 months with work possibly going into June 09… and it was finished in 3 weeks. That’s because WE WERE TOLD NOT TO VISIT EACH HOME!! GQV was to last 6 weeks, it was done in 2. GQE was to last a month, but while the team held together, there was hardly any work. Who knows what will happen with NRFU.

    The Census Bureau seems guilty of Bait and Switch. It offers flexible hours and enough work to make a temporary job worthwhile, then pulls the rug out from you. In AC we were SO ahead of schedule, the regional office told us to slow down… then went insane demanding everything be handed in ASAP… even though we were 5 weeks ahead of schedule. The CLs who had us NOT visit every address as the manual said ended up looking good while one CL was only 20% done… that is because s/he did it by the book, looked incompetent.

    The Census has a difficult job to do, but their management style often borders on the insane. It really needs to be revamped for 2020.

  51. Pro-Internet Census Says:

    William and Census Geek, you speak the truth. The results of the sloppy address canvassing/quality control are showing up in NRFU. Map spotting was wrong or non-existent. I have small apartment complexes (8 apts.) that were listed as one house! I, too, have turned in D308 with no completed EQ forms due to revisiting. I, too, have heard people inside their homes, walk away to enter my notes, then they suddenly come out of their homes and are startled to see me. Some of the public do not want to talk to Census workers or fill out forms. They do not want to provide us with personal info about their lives.

  52. Dennis Pewsey Says:

    All I can say is I’m glad my time as an enumerator is over. The Census Bureau should be totally ashamed of the sorry job they do, but no one in our government would ever feel ashamed or appologize for their incompetence.

    I trained in early May for four days, then went out with a binder on the fifth day for a good 40 hour week. The second week I worked 4 half days and the fifth day there were no more binders. The third week I was given a few loose questionaires that previous enumerators had already visited three times. I was told to erase their names and results and go to the houses three more times for a total of six personal visits, as there was no more binders. This was all of one hour of work for the week. At our daily waste of time meeting the next morning, I along with others was informed that there was no more work and let go. So, I trained for 35 hours, went to meetings for 12 hours and actually did the job for 27 hours. That was it.

    I was glad to be away from the incompetence mess anyway, but when I got my first paycheck, I really was upset, as the U.S. Census Bureau had shorted me a days pay. I complained to my CL, but Carmen was of no help, as she is probably the one who messed up the payroll. Then I called the Regional Census Center and got voicemail. No return call.

    The only other number I had was the ACL, Bill. Bill brought levity to our morning meetings, by telling the group personal and embarrassing details of the unsuspecting citizens he had personally interviewed the day before. I did not call Bill.

    Like I said, I am just glad to be away from that mess and back on good old unemployment.

  53. Pro-Internet Census Says:

    Glad for you, Dennis. :)

  54. Pro-Internet Census Says:

    CL and CLA are calling every person in our crew today asking for everyone to complete and bring in their binders today. We have no binders ….

  55. Pro-Internet Census Says:

    Yuba City, CA census worker knocking on doors between 9 to 9:30 pm? Police shoot 67 year old woman yielding a gun.

    9:00 to 9:30 pm????

  56. Nowheresville NY Says:

    I too was in replacement training and it took a full week after it ended before I got called back. Those of you in the same situation, call your LCO (try to get a hold of the CL’s boss if they don’t know) and ask what’s up. A little prodding can go a good way, and now I’m working.

    Out here in rural NY anyway, the trainer was pretty clear that the length of time we had to work would vary – if they run out of binders, they run out of binders. Other areas will have a lot more, like my trainer’s AA – they have to knock on *everyone’s* door because there’s no local mail delivery. So far we’ve gotten some pretty idiotic returns and rapidly changing rules from the LCO but no indication of pushing forward the due date.

  57. enumeratorman Says:

    We have lots of work. Thing is, it’s all up terrible unpaved back roads, with hard-to-find units. I know this area, and as one of the very few local enumerators I work hard finding folks, but we can’t use reverse directories (no phones or addresses), and we are considered too unproductive compared to the nearby urban/suburban areas where enumerators can simply walk down the sidewalk to the next house. Now the census higher-up is firing the most unproductive people, regardless of circumstance, which means we’ll be out of a job soon. Doesn’t this count as discrimination against rural areas? Shouldn’t they be taking the terrain into consideration when they make the assessment? At this rate they’ll fire all the locals and send the “more productive” folks out to do work they’re just not cut out for. Is that really efficient?

  58. anonymous Says:

    someone, somewhere same thing happened to me..rural routes…dirt roads….trailer park with a few families and all the rest vacant but they want me to get the owners on all of them…..then I get canned….and I got a ton of houses done in 2 1/2 weeks…it’s like they don’t like the hard workers who want to get the job done…

  59. anonymous Says:

    enumerator man exactly the case…I had rural routes and another had a neighborhood in town and I was compared to her and told how she was handing the cases in one after another. Hello??? You do have to look at what routes people have. From what I can tell from the similar stories they did this on purpose.

  60. NarfooSnafoo Says:

    @Pro-Internet Census–

    As part of NRFU in NE Indiana, I have a rule of thumb: Weekdays from 4-8pm, weekends from noon-8pm. I feel anything after 8pm is too late, unless the resident say: “Come back around 8ish. I’m having dinner/sex/baseball on TV.”

  61. Pro-Internet Census Says:

    Enumerator Man, I hope you work as long as possible. I had some rural areas like you have last year. These were AA that no one wanted or people quit outright when they tried driving down gravel roads, no GPS or cell phone transmitting, no addresses, holes in the dirt roads the size of small children’s swimming pools! When you get to the house or farm house, some people do not want you on their property. The managers, CL, CLA will not do these jobs. We do. For an ACCURATE rural Census count, we should be allowed to do our jobs.

  62. end the census Says:

    We were told today that everybody being tested and hired now is “fill in” for the masses of enumerators are expected to quit or be fired.

  63. end the census Says:

    Is this whole thing just an attempt to inflate the employment figures? If so, that would explain a whole heck of a lot of the mismanagement.

  64. end the census Says:

    yes they’re discriminating against the enumerators that work the rural areas and the difficult areas. The RCC and upper level management sit in their nice cushy offices in the big cities and don’t have clue one about what real life is like out here trying to do this job. Those of us whose “numbers” aren’t as “good” as the enumerators who are working in town, get fired by the dozens.

  65. NRFU enumerator Says:

    Kansas City RCC

  66. anonymous Says:

    what Dennis Pewsey said….

  67. Hatta Rayga Says:

    hmmmm replacement training is simply that.. replacement training.. you will be used if there is a need. No one lied to anyone. The word replacement is what it means. I trained a replacement crew. Everyday I spoke about that situation. Some of the replacement enumerators never seemed to understand what that status meant. Some were outraged that there was no work for them. One of those was one who also regularly and consistently broke rules in the class. I did INFO her action, but that may not stop her getting work.

  68. Crew Leader Says:

    This week, my FOS told us of the “next operation”. She called it Vacant/Delete Certification. Selection of the team will be from July 1-17. Training the FOS/CLs will be July 19-20. We were asked to give names of the top 5 inumerators in our crews (for consideration as team members) & it was insinuated that we (CLs) would be on the team. Of course, performance is always the key consideration.

    Has anyone else heard of this? Is this acurate or just a deception to keep us working hard to the end?

    Repent, Census workers!!! The end is near!!! (Sorry…couldn’t help it)

  69. LCO-AM Says:

    Vacant Delete is real and yes, high performers will be selected, no slackers.

    Well, some LCO’s only have slackers, but that is a regional issue.

    Those that did their job well and kept their nose clean have that to look forward too.

    Major problems are in the LCO’s now, with only 2 users being allowed access to PBOCS, bottlenecks formed.

    LCO’s were required to keep large staffs of people on hand, with nothing to do. Managers were getting really frustrated, as most of the people were reading books, listening to MP3′s or watching movies – all while being paid to do nothing.

    With PBOCS down to 2 users max, it is going to be interesting to see how the RCC and HQ expect the operations to be completed in time. There is little to no doubt in my mind the LCO staff will be pushed and pulled past the limits to get this done, probably with no reward other than a hollow thank you……

  70. mimi Says:

    …thanks god Im smart enough 2 do my job, get my 40 hours every week and was already asked to go to another cld as soon as mine finish. Waiting for the next operation…

  71. anonymous Says:

    Crew Leader, all of your statements are correct.

  72. Detroit region Says:

    NRFU was my 5th phase working on the 2010 Census and I never had any issues apart from the over estimates on how long we would be working. I completed 5 NRFU binders over 2 weeks and was let go Monday because we didn’t have any more binders. (The CL had been saying we were going to be getting binders from another district but we needed to finish ours first.) Anyway, I heard later that the CL said the real reason I was let go was because the LCO said I had “too many vacants”. This doesn’t make any sense to me especially since I had all of my vacants proxied by neighbors. Can anyone explain this to me?

  73. HermHollerith Says:

    Remember, the CS in PBOCS means Control System. PBOCS = Paper-Based Operations Control System.
    Without a functioning Control System, Census Headquarters cannot know WTF is going on in the field.

    Remember too, the census is for the benefit of the nation, not the Enumerators and other temporary staff.
    Sure, the 2010 Census morphed into a government jobs program, but the original goal was enumeration of housing and population.

    In this case, MTC is too harshly critical of the Census Bureau. No one can gauge the mood of the population.
    Multiplying 3 visits by many millions vs. multiplying 2 visits by fewer millions gives a huge difference in the length of NRFU.

  74. anonymous Says:

    Detroit, don’t take it personally. You have done a great job or you would not have worked 5 operations. What happened to you is going on everywhere at this time.


  75. Anon Says:

    5/22/10 Monroe County, FL; Florida Keys count “accurate and almost 100% counted”.

  76. CLA Dave Says:

    Too many vacants? Here’s a quote from an article at

    “From Maine to Hawaii, millions of new McMansions, post-World War II bungalows, modern downtown lofts, exurban town homes and inner-city row houses sit empty. This unprecedented glut of vacant homes — one in nine homes across the USA, according to the Census Bureau — will change the real estate landscape for years.”

    Seems to me they should be expecting a lot of vacants.

  77. Harley Says:

    I have had an excellent experience with the census and thanks for this forum

  78. Miss Treated Says:

    I worked my shifts in admin. dept. taking pride in my work ethic, completing assignments that produced an outcome of extremely accurate tasks completed at an incredibly high volume. I worked everytime I was asked to put in overtime even when it meant working 80 hours one week and approximately 60 hours the following week. Last week my first 8 week period was over and I was elated they renewed me for my second 8 week term of service, especially when my dept. began laying off employees. Then this week on Friday at 4:15pm I was laid off effective immediately. My term of employment renewed and laid off in less than 6 days! They know I am a single mom with 2 young children, one of which has special needs, and yet I made it possible to work when call upon (8am to 2am) for example and in a matter of 6 days they have the audacity to renew me for another 8 week term and lay me off effective immediately. They hired approximately 8 too many employees 2 weeks ago in my dept. and do to one of the many management mistakes, I am laid off stating I was chosen because they had to cut back and needed to keep the employees they felt were the most dependable! They magically know people that have been there 2 weeks are more dependable than me?? Yet I had arrangements in place for my children so I was available to work (8am to 2am) when asked?? I was dependable and continue to be. Knowing this job is temporary, all I expected was to be treated in a manner that kept my dignity and respect in tact and be allowed to end my work there feeling good about my job performance and employment experience. Instead I feel unappreciated, misled, and used. Its not a good feeling to have your hopes lifted so high and smashed into bits in a span of 6 days. I did a great job and I am being forced to suffer the consequences of aweful management decisions while the people doing a horrible job are rewarded and in place to continue screwing up and making mistakes that will cost taxpayers more money.

  79. Ex-IT Says:

    Over hiring of enumerators is one of the reasons why PBOCS is failing. EQs are coming back from the field at a rate above the production goals (which MUST be exceeded, even at the expense of accuracy, or threats from HQ will flow down the food chain). Even at the planned rates, the system had a fraction of the required capacity. When LCOs started to try and process the abundance of incoming material, the overwhelming transaction backlogs resulted in a complete meltdown.

    The over hiring was not an accident. Not only because 100% of the attention from management is on production goals, there was no plan for replacement training for NRFU. Instead, management decided to “Front load” the enumerator hiring to include a surplus to cover attrition. One of the problems is that attrition estimates were apparently based on the 2000 Census, when the unemployment rate was around 4.5%.

  80. ConnieL in NC Says:

    Miss Treated,

    First of all, I’m sorry this is happening to you. The 2010 Census from the very beginning was not up-front with folks on the extent of their employment. Yes, everyone knows it is temporary, but to lead someone to believe their work will last six weeks and then have it wrapped up in two is very disconcerting to people.

    Your best bet is to treat every day as your last day. Never expect there is another day of employment.

  81. someone, somewhere Says:

    this is the only place that i can seem to get any answers, about the Census, and our jobs. Please see if you can help me with this. its driving me crazy. About rv parks. Enumerating RV parks during the nrfu phase. They are rented by the day, week and month. The census bureau calls them “transitory locations” They were included in an enumeration which was conducted in half of march and half of april, After all I have read, ok the adressing pary or phase, just like the entire Census was not perfect, but I was given 63 eq which had addresses to this RV park. To complete the eq, would not the thing to do would be to delete it as it was not a housing unit on April 1? The rv park manager would not help in anyway. I was told to stick to procedures and try to find proxy. If everyone in that rv park is coming and going and the apartment manager wouldnt help, oh yeah and my crew leader never had a meeting with me in the entire 3 weeks, we just did phone talk. when I returned my binder, i included a explaining the situation to him again, requesting an answer. if you dont know anything about the rv park would you happen to know does the crew leader have an set time in which to answer the infocom.

  82. Yet Another Enumerator Says:

    My understanding of RV parks and other “transitory locations” is that you do not want to delete these units, because by their nature, RV park slots regularly become vacant and are re-occupied. If nobody was there on Census Day then it gets marked as a vacancy; if anyone was there on that day, then it was occupied.

    Of course, your problem is getting that information. Good luck with that!

  83. CLA Dave Says:

    someone, – Yes, RV parks are transitory locations and should have been covered during that phase. Some in our crew received EQs for group homes which had already been counted. We were told to write that in the notes of each EQ for the address and turn them back in.

    I don’t think there is a set time for answers to infocomms. Last year during address canvassing filling out infocomms was a waste of time and paper – they were all ignored by our FOS.

  84. Census Worker Too Says:

    NRFU operations will last until all non-responders have responded. Since you have asked, Mr. Morse, would you prefer the government waste money by “over-employing” workers? What is it you want aside from something you can criticize? Anything?

  85. anonymous Says:

    CL told us the police dept. would give us name, DOB, number of people living in a household, … is this true?

    Census info is not an emergency.

  86. anonymous Says:

    Someone, Somewhere May 23, 4:51 pm

    RV parks are tricky. Some people stay for one night; others for several months. Since no one will give you information; this is what I would do. Fill out another Info-Comm (for your own peace of mind). Check “no response required” box. Detail your attempts and explain that you will keep trying to find out this information. Tell you CL every day about this incomplete EQ. Write more Info-Comms if you have to. Good luck! :)

  87. anonymous Says:

    Miss Treated, I am very sorry this happened – especially for your special needs child. It’s not your fault. There is a lot of hiring and promoting of “favorite” people. There are Managers, CL, CLA, Enumerators hired that leave people scratching their heads and wondering how they were hired.

  88. GS-X Says:

    The “hiring and promoting of “favorite” people” is the way it’s done at Census Bureau headquarters.

  89. Susie Says:

    Yes, Our operations are winding down and we may be ending our appointments this week from the sound of things.
    We also were asked to visit 6 times in the North Carolina area. People just are not at home, they are out working two or three jobs to make ends meet..
    I trained for three days for 2 hours of work during the homeless count.

  90. lynn Says:

    we were asked to turn over our binders today and will be reassigned to another team – in other words it sounds like we’ll be getting the ax today.

    yup, it’s winding down here in the Monterey Park area (East Los Angeles)

  91. CJ Says:

    I worked briefly for the Census last year before I was “laid off”. I was told by my CL I would be called back but I never was. Now I see new census workers who don’t even look 18 and some of who I wouldn’t open my door to (they have a definite thug look). So there you go…favorites in politics. I wouldn’t help the feds again if my life depended on it and my patriotism has went out the window…..

  92. Anonymous Says:

    CJ, don’t take it personally. There are a lot of problems …

  93. anonymouse Says:

    We were told today to visit more than 3 times, too. I’ll be happy when it winds down on this end. 75% of the people are unfriendly.

  94. Enumearate this Says:

    Question for the room: How do you get on (or off) this mysterious list of people whose numbers are “indicative” of falsifying questionnaires? My CL took me aside recently and told me my name is on such a list. She didn’t know what it means or what I should do about it. It’s Orwellian, TSA watch list-style, whatever you want to call it.

    To be clear, all my interviews are legit. The RI people can retrace my steps all they want. There’s nothing to hide. But I don’t like the idea that someone — or some computer — thinks I am faking interviews.


  95. Anonymous Says:

    Enumerate this, I have not heard of this list. However, they hired too many people. Managers, CL, CLA are taking several people aside right now and some are not returning to work. Many CL and CLA are mysteriously being let go – many this week.

  96. Anonymous Says:

    Enum. this, it’s personal, political, and “playing favorites”.

  97. anon Says:

    Enumerate this 8:54 pm – LCOs seem to enjoy intimidation tactics. Since they have the answers to the EQ forms and are comparing them to yours (and other enumerators), why send Census workers out into the field? Stop wasting taxpayer money! We are taxpayers, too. Lists?!!! The LCOs and RCCs need to put themselves on a wasteful spending list.

  98. somewhere in midwest Says:

    another enumerator checking in, from somewhere in the midwest… I just got word today from my CLA that there are NO more ‘new’ binders, apparently there ARE binders being put together right now but they consist of previous Refusals, aka people that ALREADY REFUSED TO PARTICIPATE IN AN INTERVIEW WITH ANOTHER ENUMERATOR IN PERSON so why in the hell would they send us out AGAIN to places that refused to participate in the first place? that sounds like nothing but trouble, IMO… i don’t expect to have a job after this week, especially after reading the comments on this blog entry and seeing how similar my LCO’s situation is to all of yours, which is unfortunate. Yes, I realize when I signed the contract and took the oath it was “at-will” termination or whatever and the projected late June end date was just that, a PROJECTED END date. But it seems kind of shitty to imply that we would be working for a full two months and put us through 40 hours of training the first week (which they easily could have cut down to 20 hours by the way, LOL), and then cease our employment not even a month later. Not to mention, I would say 50% of all addresses I personally visited (if not more) claimed to have already mailed in a response form. Luckily most people were nice about it and very cooperative, but it seems to me as though this whole operation was in shambles from the onset. Everything is disorganized, CLA’s don’t know shit, CL’s encourage you to ‘stretch your hours as much as possible’… a complete waste of taxpayer dollars, IMO. I definitely won’t be working for the census again.

  99. Enumearate this Says:

    @Somewhere in the Midwest: I have no problem with refusals being reassigned. I’ve drawn a lot of those from other enumerators in my crew and have had good luck. It’s not a matter of me being nicer as much as it is just having better luck. The husband slams the door in someone’s face on Monday, and when I knock on Wednesday I happen to get the wife instead. That sort of thing. The mission here is to count everyone. Why not spend a little more money and time trying to scoop up that last 4 percent?

    (I do get the impression, though, that some enumerators play the heavy and rub people the wrong way. We’ve got one guy who drives around in his jeep with his OFFICIAL BUSINESS sign taped in the middle of his effing windshield. I don’t think he ever takes it down. Not exactly discreet.)

  100. 'nuff already Says:

    First, let me say my complaint is not with the people whose doors I am knocking on. Everyone I have met has been extremely nice. Even the few people who have refused to participate have done so with a smile. My complaint is with the people running the show. According to our CL our little LCO is number one in the country, and our little group (16 – 18 strong) is number one in the LCO. Well, what do you know! Superstars, aren’t we! We’re also unemployed after two weeks! I suppose being number 1 is easy when you over hire. Based on what I see here, we’re not the only LCO who over hired. In fact, if you do the director’s math 630,000 enumerators checking in on 2.8 million households is roughly 76 or so EQs per enumerator. Seems to me the census over hired by roughly half. And yes, I believe they should have been more upfront with the fact that the average job would last just over two weeks. People who came off Unemployment for two weeks work only to have to go through the paperwork to get back on unemployment? People hired babysitters, bought clothes, made all sorts of plans that they would have modified and/or changed if they knew they’d only be working two weeks!

  101. Senseless Says:

    I was told to stretch my hours and make the little bit of work remaining last as long as possible. My FOS told me to consider it my “own personal stimulus package.”

  102. Just Me Says:

    We were told at a group meeting in a public restaurant about 2 weeks ago we have to get a proxy. A few real enumerator scenarios were brought up, our crew leader directed one lady to ” make it up”. This women reported it to the LCO and a week later was called to a meeting by the crew leader assistant. She was told to resign or she was being fired for reporting the crew leader on her blantant instructions to her crew to falsify information.

    Are these people sane?

  103. Anon. Says:

    Unfortunately, these kinds of experiences are all too typical of government bureaucracies. They are notorious for caring more about their own internal machinery than the actual job they’re supposed to do, wasting a lot of time, money and employees’ dignity in the process. It’s easy to turn this into an anti-government rant, but I think the broader point is about how our society devalues public service, ensuring that government jobs go to the least competent people.

  104. Jax Enumerator Says:

    How do they choose people for the Vacant/Delete Check operation, and what does that entail?

  105. outta my census Says:

    I love it that we all walk around with bags that read “Helping You Make Informed Decisions”!

  106. 'nuff already Says:

    Anon –

    A recent report (can’t remember the exact details) indicated government employees are among the highest paid. And the public sector has not only not had widespread layoffs but in fact has actually added employees. True, local governments are starting to feel the pinch but at the federal level the picture is much rosier…

    And who pays for all this largese? Do any federal agencies actually bring in money on their own or are all bellying up to the public trough?

    I think we the people have a lot to think about this November!

  107. 'nuff already Says:

    On my team the CLAs were assigned to do all the second passes at the vacants, deletes and refusals. Never mind that their primary job while the rest of us were actually going door to door was that of chief eraser, making sure our “Xs” were within the boxes and our “Js” did not have a “hat.” Meanwhile, if you ever asked a question of them, they rarely, if ever, had a definitive answer. The word “useless” comes to mind.

  108. Anonymous Says:

    The 2010 Census NRFU operations, in my area at least, are proving to be just a giant debacle further illustrating the inefficiency, illogicality, and pure incompetence of our federal government. I finished NRFU training here in the Charlottesville, VA LCO district last Friday. We were told to fill out all of our D-308′s (payroll records), badges, and other documents in blue ink ONLY (we actually had government issued blue pens that had U.S. Government on the side of them…what a waste). When we asked our instructor why only blue pens, she did not know, naturally, as she was just an enumerator three weeks into the game. Turns out, the reason they ordered her to instruct us to use blue pens was because they were out of black pens. Sounds like something straight out of Atlas Shrugged.

    Furthermore, I’ve run into a number of individuals who have either already sent in their questionnaires, never had a questionnaire mailed to them, or had some other NRFU enumerator call them on the phone to complete a questionnaire minutes before I arrived at their doorstep. In this last scenario, this means that someone who was NOT assigned to my area completed an Enumerator Questionnaire (EQ) for the NRFU address that I was assigned; also, no matter what, I was required to have the individual sit down an extra ten minutes to do an EQ with me in addition to her completed EQ.

    In addition, I finished up training just as the Charlottesville LCO told everyone that they were almost done with the NRFU operation. The first day on the job at the first crew meeting, we watched as individuals were let go as they had completed their address binders and we were given ones that were dropped by previous enumerators who quit. I find that in and of itself EXTREMELY wasteful. Now, instead of just handing the already experienced Enumerators binders and more steady work (therefore, more money) they waste well over $300 a person to train new classes to come in for about two weeks of work.
    In Harrisonburg, VA the Census Bureau is STILL training NRFU enumerator classes while my fellow enumerators and I (an hour North of Harrisonburg) are hearing that Harrisonburg has less than a week of incomplete NRFU questionnaires to get through.

    From seeing this much BS involved with something as simple as the United States Census (which was ONLY set up by the Constitution to do a head count…NOT to ask for race or sex or even individuals’ names.) I sure as hell don’t want the same government to be in control of my healthcare decisions.

  109. census99 Says:

    I am a CL in Illinois, was told today that the next operation would start in mid-July. Going over and checking the vacants and deletes.. My LCO has 8 FSO’s, 71 CL’s and about 1100 enumerators for the NRFU operation.. My FOS has been told this operation will have 6 FOS, about 50 CL’s and about 700 enumerators..

  110. Dsds Says:

    Im a CL and honestly we didnt have much of a problem clearing up around 1300 cases in a rural area. We are over 90% finished. I had a fairly large crew mind you, and the meetings lasted around 4 hours and people could come in anywhere from 12 to 4. I am left with a handful of refusals, a couple missing labels, and some other fun things to deal with, and then im taking over another CL’s district. I’ve already allocated 5 or so of my enumerators to other districts.

    It actually went pretty smooth, despite some issues with our LCO (always extremely incompetent) we did pretty well. Supposedly I am moving to the re-interview stage as a CL or going 50 miles away to enumerate. Hell I will take that mileage!

  111. Anonymous Says:

    CL and CLA in our area told their jobs could end any day.

  112. Anonymous Says:

    Dsds, you sound like a wonderful CL who enjoys his/her job. :)

  113. enumeratingirl Says:

    So maybe somebody already covered this, I didn’t read all the comments, but according to my CL the reason they overhired and our employment ended so soon is they don’t want to pay unemployment. You need 8 weeks employment to get unemployment.

  114. Bobba Says:

    NRFU is wrapping up everywhere. The next phase is called vacant/delete (NRFU VD). It involves 2 days of training for the FOS and CLs and 2 days for the enumerators. In our LCO there are 12 FOS discticts. There will be 9 FOS districts in NRFU VD. Everything else wil be pro-rationally scaled back. There are currently less than 1100 enumerators in our LCO. 900 will be needed for NRFU VD. No way will there be that many enumerators left when NRFU VD is scheduled to begin in mid-July. This phase involved revisiting selected vacant and deleted addresses to make sure they were properly handled. Keep in mind that for each person found a locality gets $17,000 so even if you work the whole 4 weeks at 20 hours per week with $1,200 in pay and find only 1 new resident you have paid for yourself more than 10 fold. It is not a waste to go back because of this.

  115. Yet Another Enumerator Says:

    @Bobba: Where did you get that $17,000 per head figure?

    Around here (S.F. Bay Area, one of the highest cost-of-living areas in the country), the figure being used by the LCO and in the media is somewhere around $1,500 per person enumerated in Federal, state and local monies.

    I think your figure may be off by an order of magnitude.

  116. Bobba Says:

    Mine was the 10 year income. to the next census.

  117. Yet Another Enumerator Says:

    Ah, that makes sense. So about $1,700 annually. Gotcha.

  118. Anonymouse Says:

    I can handle the drama as the NRFU winds down, but I keep getting jacked around by CHEC people in DC. Ive been pulled on and off census twice already because they can’t read my fingerprints for some reason. I just got something in the mail (from last week) saying now they want me to go to get court paperwork on a traffic-related misdemeanor from seven years ago that I discosed when I originally applied in 2008 and then again on day 1 of training (admistrative stuff). I thought this nonsense was already resolved. To hell with them, I’m going to disregard until my CL tells me to stop working. I’m not driving three hours away for a traffic thing that they said was already resolved.

    I’m frustrated with the incompetence of the operation, frustrated with the infinite back-and-forth and contraditary information I keep getting from CHEC and frustrated by the large number of lazy idiots who are either two lazy to take five minutes every ten years out of their lives to fill out simple demographic info, or brainwashed by teabagger/right-wing paranoids who decide to take their frustrations out on simple enumerators, despite the fact that we’ve been doing this since 1790, and is in the Constitution that they claim to be so fond of.

    Thanks for letting me vent, I’m disgusted with all parties equally at his point!

  119. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymouse, I feel your frustration.

    Anyone out there getting more “Refusals” than normal?

  120. Jollyd Says:

    Not sure what to think of the fact that census offices will be working on Memorial Day (at straight pay), while two wars continue and body counts raise. What difference will it make?

    Feels shameful.

  121. anonymiss Says:

    Ok, I was transfered to another cl as have been a lot of the remaining enumerators in our area….four from my original crew were transferred.,
    I have plenty of work but I was told to be done by 2:00 Sat and no working Sun or Mon. They want to have everything wrapped up by Fri or Sat. It looked like there was a lot of stuff left but maybe it will all be done. What is left is difficult stuff, condos that are vacation homes or rentals with transient guests, hard to find the rental agents for units, die-hard refusers, incorrect addresses plus stuff from hoarding enumerators.

    So the end is near(yet again)

  122. CLA Dave Says:

    Anonymouse – re: “I’m not driving three hours away for a traffic thing that they said was already resolved.”

    If they’re paying time and mileage, go for it. During ETL they paid me for seven hours and three hundred miles to drive to my LCO to get re-fingerprinted.

  123. norcal girl Says:

    what happens if i lost 2 of the maps from the aa binders?

  124. Lei Lei Says:

    I am with a Texas NRFU-RI and during training they stressed that we can’t work over 40 hours, and we must work a minimum of 20 hours a week or be terminated. However, they forgot to explain that there would not be enough cases to go around or that my CLA’s are keeping cases for themselves and cherrypicking who they give the RQ’s to. I would have saved my time and stayed on unemployment then dealing with bureaucratic mess.

  125. notsoamused Says:

    It boggles the mind! I am an enumerator and finished my 5 day training in 4 days. The training was excruciating. So much wasted time and wrong information. When I was assigned to my CLO it took several days before I received a binder yet I was required to attend every daily meeting. The binder I received was for one of the worst semi-rural neighborhoods in my area. I had approximately 18 addresses to enumerate in that area. I finished over half of them and am left with addresses that are non-reponsive. Neighbors will not proxy claiming they do not speak english. My CL says just keep going back. My productivity looks like crap! After yesterdays meeting with the new CL (the 3rd one in 3 weeks) I was advised that she would make a decision regarding my employment today based on what I was able to accomplish yesterday. I now have 2 addresses left out of the binder and they still refuse to give me another binder. There are some enumerators that have received 4 or 5 binders. It does not make sense to keep someone saddled with addresses that will not respond instead of sharing the binders so I can go out an be more productive and follow up on the non-responsive addresses at the same time. How do they expect me to to work a minimum of 20 hours a week with so few addresses. The other thing is my group has 2 CLA’s and 1 CL and each has given a different answer on how I should enumerate the unresponsive addresses. I am confused. So as of this afternoon I may no longer have a job. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

  126. william losberg Says:

    I don’t know who is at fault, me for being dumb enough to take this job or the people at the top who said it would be 8 weeks. I had unemployment for 4-5 more months if I used up every possible avenue. Instead, I took the job because it was the right thing to do and the money was better. I made less than 900 dollars gross working as an enumerator and that includes training. I didn’t know it but now I can’t get back on unemployment because I didn’t sit on my butt like a good boy!! What a joke

  127. anonymous Says:

    My crew finished NRFU this morning.

  128. anonymous Says:

    norcal girl: Just tell your CL about the lost maps and fill out an Info-Comm. Our CL lost 6 completed EQs.

  129. noncensus! Says:

    hi im working NRFU RI and i was trained may 3 for 3 days and everything changes everyday… I have worked like an hour a week for the last couple.. this is crazy.. they keep blaming it on pbox but i don’t understand how long this is going to last… the hired me for up to 10 weeks its just now 4…. i don’t think we have even came close to finishing 5% of Reinterviews… Something just doesn’t add up.. i understand that everyone all over the country is haveing this problem with no work.. but the operations still end..unfinshed maybe? I will never do the noncensus again!

  130. David Says:

    While no one will give me a definite answer I think I am almost done with my employment of NFRU. I am going on week 7 (while i kind of feel lucky because I know it more than alot others) They are telling me that I have to hurry up and finish my assignments so they can close me out so they can put me on the next phase.

    Anyone know what the next phase would be and when the start date is?

  131. KimmieK Says:

    I was told the next phase, vacant/delete will be the week after the 4th. They pick you for it if you have produced and the CL has confidence that you can do the job. (IMO) Also,the Crew I’ve been a part of has been run differently than I’ve read on here. We only meet on Sat. to collect any remaining time sheets for the week and then have staggered meetings with the CL to go over the EQs on Mon. and Tues.- CL checks them with the worker sitting there so any questions and errors can be discussed. We report our #s to the CL verbally by phone each night-(accountability and increases motivation IMO) Also I use white pages cross reference all the time to find phone numbers (I was never told not to)and to get an idea of who might live at an address, but I never copy that info on the EQ. If I can’t find a renter after req. attempts I look to see who the owner is and then call and get the info from the landlord. No RE because I visit as many times as it takes to get the interview or proxy.There’s been prob. with lost EQs at the LCO level, which is frustrating… We’re given redo’s of stuff just turned in yesterday and the home owners are incredulous,(someone was here 2 days ago and CI) but most cooperate. Most everyone has been nice, and I sympathize with those of you who have difficult areas to work and/or meanies. I try to kill them with kindness and most tend to soften after a bit.