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Another strange incident…


Pittsylvania County, VA– The 911 Communications Center in Chatham, VA got a call around 4:17pm Friday about someone held a gunpont. The caller reported that a United States Census Taker had been held at gunpoint against her will at a residence located in the Keeling community. Shaken and upset the victim stated she had been released unharmed after a period of about thirty minutes.

The call led investigators to the home on Casey Circle. Officers identified the suspect as Carl William Weaver, who was not there when they arrived. Weaver was located and arrested near his residence without incident.

During the arrest, deputies found a concealed handgun on Weaver. He was transported to the Pittsylvania County jail and charged with Abduction and Kidnapping, carrying a concealed weapon, brandishing a firearm and public intoxication. Weaver is being held without bond.

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5 Responses to “Another strange incident…”

  1. Crew Leader Says:

    The longer we’re out there, the more of this sort of thing will come up. That’s just the odds talking. Also, the public is running low on patience with us.

    To get to the end in one piece, start thinking SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY!!!

    Start imagining yourself to be like an unwanted door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman.

    Start going in pairs or whatever it takes.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    My Two Census, thank you for posting this article so quickly.

    Crew Leader, you are correct.

    These potentially dangerous incidents occur more than you know. We just don’t write everything on an Info-Comm or tell our CL and CLA. Many of us Census workers keep working. Most of the public are kind people. However, there are a few individuals who are fed up with Census workers knocking on their doors and they show their dismay. The unfortunate Census enumerator who happens to show up at these disgruntled individual’s homes must pay for it. I have reserved any comments about the Kentucky Census worker Bill Sparkman. Yes, the Kentucky State Police did rule his death a suicide. However, I believe many Census workers can understand what he went through just trying to work his job.

  3. westcoast Says:

    There was an email from our CL that a call came to the LCO threatening to shoot any census worker that came to their home. We don’t know any more than that, they won’t Give us any more information. It’s been over 24 hours, shouldn’t they be able to tell us something.

    I hear talk about safety but then a real threat occurs and I hear nothing.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Westcoast, you are correct. They don’t tell us anything. Thanks to My Two Census we are able to learn information quickly. In your own community, you have to watch the local news to find out about fake Census workers and scams. They don’t tell us anything.

  5. California FOS Says:

    I had an enumerator assaulted today. If you are out in the field, you need to be aware that this is a FEDERAL CRIME that could carry a sentence of up to 8 years in a Federal prison. Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 111, protects ALL Federal employees AND their families from assault, threat of assault, or action that would interfere with their official duties. If you are an enumerator, PLEASE call 911 when these types of incidents happen and insist on pressing charges. Many local officers will not know the Federal statute, so you may want to carry the citation around with you while working in case you need it. You need to also inform your crew leader ASAP. If you are a crew leader or FOS (or higher) and you do not respond immediately to these incidents and pursue aggressive prosecution of the perpetrators, you are doing a disservice to your employees and are asking for even more morale problems and possible legal liability. Anonymous, I hope you and your co-workers are not being pressured from your supervisors and managers to not document and report these incidents if they are happening.