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Despite social media directive, blogs survive…

Despite the Census Bureau’s directive that Census Bureau employees keep their traps shut, some Census Bureau critics survive, albeit few. If you know of other blogs out there beyond these, let us know:

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5 Responses to “Despite social media directive, blogs survive…”

  1. end the census Says:

    Thank you!!! It’s good to know voices will not be silenced, in spite of the intimidation!!!

  2. Loosefemme Says:

    Hi, Thanks for featuring my blog, keep up the good work!


  3. NarfooSnafoo Says:


    Bookmarked your blog. Good reads! :D

    PS– can you send me some Magical Census Fairy Dust? I will need it as I got some REs to do.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Loosefemme, I just read your blog — Excellent! :)

  5. John Says:

    This was an entertaining read, but it seems all the posts have been removed.