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Today’s strange news…this time from Pittsburgh, PA

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BURRELL TWP., Pa. — State police have charged an Indiana County man with assault, saying he attacked two teenage census workers.

According to police reports, 18-year-old Austin Kwisnek and a female juvenile were collecting data for the U.S. Census when Timothy Cowan chased them from his property on Hebenthal Lane in Burrell Township.

Video: Watch Marcie Cipriani’s Report

Police said Cowan, 43, proceeded to follow the workers’ vehicle down the road after they left.

At one point, the workers’ vehicle went off the side of the road and Cowan went up to Kwisnek’s window and grabbed him by the shirt and neck, police said. According to the police report, Cowan then threatened to punch the girl in the face and used “vulgar” language toward her.

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3 Responses to “Today’s strange news…this time from Pittsburgh, PA”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    A female juvenile – under 18 years old? We have field workers and enumerators in our area who take spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, friends with them to enumerate. They take pet dogs, children. Have people drive them around ….

  2. Senseless Says:

    This is not allowed! Minimum age for an enumerator is 18. You can not have any one else with you because of PII. I know that these rules are broken every day. My LCO allowed us to work in pairs for address canvassing. I think we need pairs now more than ever.

  3. holly Says:

    I have had them endlessly harass me on the phone after I filled the form out 2xs and talked to someone they sent to my door…. anyway, i thought i would turn it into something funny. Please read…