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Native Americans criticize Census Bureau’s ability to count them

Here’s the story from, a radio station based in San Diego:

ROBERT SMITH (Tribal Chairman of Pala Indian Reservation): I think it’s going to be inaccurate because they don’t cross every ‘t’ or dot every ‘i’ on the reservations. We’re scattered, we’re remote. I think if they would communicate more with the tribe they would have a better count.

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5 Responses to “Native Americans criticize Census Bureau’s ability to count them”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Of course it is going to be inaccurate! Taxpayer money wasted and I am a taxpayer, too.

  2. Sam Adams Says:

    My experience is that the tribal leaders in our area are not proactive in getting their tribal members to participate int the census. They complain about the potential for an undercount but are not actively helping to execute the count. Very frustrating.

  3. end the census Says:

    The count is going to be inaccurate for the entire country, not just the reservations.

  4. MotleyCrewLeader Says:

    Ironic tribal leaders not wanting to cooperate with the federal govt. There economic plight has nothing to do with the census count. They get screwed regardless.

  5. Ex-IT Says:

    PBOCS Again!
    On top of everything else, Update/Enumerate, the primary operation for reservations, has been where the biggest and most persistent bugs in PBOCS have hit. The U/E operations have pretty much been on hold so that they could concentrate on trying to get PBOCS to reach minimal function for NRFU. When it came to fixing PBOCS for U/E, it seemed like HQ gave it the lowest priority. I can understand that the effort was going to try and work on the larger workload operations, but this is likely to add to the propblem of accurately counting the Native American population.