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Detroit Regional Director is replaced mysteriously and at the last minute…WHY?

UPDATE: I called Census Bureau Asst. Director for Communications Burton Reist to follow up about this because I was tipped off that Dwight Dean was investigated for not following procedures and falling behind in NRFU operations. He said, “Mr. Dean is not currently involved in management. He is absolutely still employed…Wayne Hatcher from Charlotte has taken over the office and field operations in Detroit are running smoothly.”  Upon me asking him a load of other questions, he simply replied no comment. Well, we all know that running smoothly line is a load of horse sh*t…now to find out the truth about the rest of it…

In the past few days I received some tips that Dwight Dean of the Detroit office was given the boot, both suddenly and mysteriously. Today, my suspicions were confirmed when the Census Bureau sent out this press release:

Census Bureau Statement on the Detroit Regional Office

Detroit Regional Director Dwight Dean is not currently involved in the
management of Regional operations.  This is a personnel matter, and Mr.
Dean remains in the employment of the Census Bureau.  In compliance with
the Privacy Act, the Census Bureau has no further comment.

In the interim, Wayne Hatcher, from the Charlotte Regional Office, is
serving as Acting Regional Director in Detroit.  Elaine Wagner, Deputy
Regional Director, and Jonathan Spendlove, Assistant Regional Director,
continue to be involved with management of the office. Both are seasoned
managers, and Field operations in Detroit are functioning smoothly.  As we
do with all twelve Regional Census Centers, we will continue to work with
the Detroit Region to provide any support they need to ensure a successful
2010 Census and fulfill other regional responsibilities.

The Washington Post’s Carol Morello added this commentary:

The longtime regional Census Bureau director in Detroit has been replaced, but census officials are declining to discuss the reasons behind the unusual move, which comes in the middle of census season.

Dwight P. Dean, a census employee since 1969 and regional director for the past 13 years, no longer has managerial responsibilities as of late last week, said Burton Reist, a census spokesman. Dean remains on the payroll, Reist said. When asked what work Dean was doing, Reist said, “I’m not sure.” Asked if Dean was on leave, Reist declined to comment further, saying it was a personnel matter.

According to a census biography, Dean was awarded the Department of Commerce’s bronze and silver medals in 1986 and 1991.

Attempts to reach Dean were unsuccessful.

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21 Responses to “Detroit Regional Director is replaced mysteriously and at the last minute…WHY?”

  1. Census CL Says:

    Oh crap. Can’t wait to see what types of instructions come along now that the Regional Directors are being threatened. Everyone turn CYA up to 11.

  2. end the census Says:

    He’s not the only regional director who has flagrantly and repeatedly failed to follow procedures!

  3. end the census Says:

    Upper management is committed to adhering to “privacy policy” but only when it’s in regards to one of their own! It certainly does not extend to the privacy of individual American citizens!

  4. One of the Anonymous Says:

    end the census, you speak the truth!

  5. pranita veeria Says:

    Get rid of that incompetent Farthington from NY….he’s as corrupt as they come…he practices Crony-ism to a new art form

  6. It's about time Says:

    Oh my gosh. If the public only knew. I used to be in upper middle management and worked daily with Dwight Dean. The stories of corruption, nepotism, arrogance, and disgusting waste of taxpayer money… As I understand it, Mr. Dean was caught accepting bribes. Hurrah. There is justice. He should go to jail and the American Public know what really happens to our money.

  7. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @It’s about time – I heard the bribery reports as well. I am wondering if they are being investigated…

  8. old amfo Says:

    He was the KING OF OVERTIME . Lets not find out why things work or do not work , just give blanket overtime. This guy pissed away a lot of overtime money to be number 1 or a close number 2. I also have heard stories about his cruelty to Area Managers . His cruel leadership style affected a lot of his RTs . Dean’s RTs had more power then his AMs , because some RTs were his pals and reported dirctly to him and it caused an uneasiness in the district. Those RTs that Dean brought back over and over again need to be looked at more closely. If nothing else I hope the RT leadership of intimidation comes to an end. You could always tell who was a friend of Dean’s in the RT world. LOL

  9. BTK census worker Says:

    What a lot of crap you all are spewing. OT is a part of Decennial… There is no time to analyze It is reactionary time now. Just the nature of the beast. Especially now with PBOCS being what it is. Seems like you all know little but that doesn’t seem to affect your certitude about things of which you know little

    I would take the word of a seasoned RT over an Area Mangr all most every time. RTs are out there and can see things in real time. AMs are stuck in the RCC most of the time and rely on reports from the field to run their areas.

  10. BTK census worker Says:

    end the census is a jerk of the highest order privacy give me a break census is one of the few institutions that believes in privacy. Worried about privacy then get off of facebook your cell phone credit cards and the rest. Or 2 other choices……..know what you are talking about or keep your mouth shut

  11. old amfo Says:

    Ordering overtime 2 weeks into an 8 week work period was uncalled for. Yes overtime is the nature of the beast but this guy pulled that ticket way too early .

  12. pranita veeria Says:

    Old Amfo…same crap in NYC….only this time they have employees work all the hours and DON’T approve the OT when submitted. Isn’t that a Dept of Labor issue???

  13. Anonymous Says:

    There are rumors that Dean was escorted out of the building by the FBI…

  14. It's about time Says:

    It’s a fact not a rumor. Dwight Dean, Regional Director, and all around God was arrested last week for misappropriation of funds. Basically he gave a government contract to a friend of his who owns a warehouse. (A big no no)
    Dean did it on the sly by using his government-issued credit cards. He had other (higher ups) who worked for him use their government issued credit cards too.
    Last week, US Marshals arrested him at work, escorted him out, the locks were changed, and there were dozens of witnesses. I worked two decennials for “Mr. Dean.” He was a tyrant and an idiot. The corruption I saw. The waste of taxpayer money.

    I’ve been looking over the press releases issued by, of course, the government. What a bunch of b.s… A cover up already. “They” are saying he left for “personnel reasons.” It’s disgusting.
    Dean is being paid while on leave and no one will ever know the truth. I used to work in the Detroit Regional Office, Grade 12, – I know what I’m talking about.

  15. old amfo Says:

    IT’S ABOUT TIME . Rumor always was that Dean was a player. There was always word about him and some of DEAN’S MAFIA , you know the gals he kept bringing back. You hit the tyrant thing right on the head. I do believe in the ” aggressive ” management style that the census needs to have, it cannot get done without it , but this guy was cruel and he trained his subordinates in the same leadership style. But in truth i was surprised they brought in an outsider. There are some darm fine people working on the next tier in Detroit. I hope dean gets all he deserves and the next tier that buffed the offices from his crap get the advancement they deserve.

  16. My Two Census » Blog Archive » MyTwoCensus Editorial: Tell us what Dean did and don’t keep him on the payroll unecessarily Says:

    [...] as the head of the Census Bureau’s Detroit Regional office, Dwight Dean was mysteriously and suddenly removed from his post earlier this week. Letters to have cited cronyism, bribery, corruption, inefficiency, and a failure [...]

  17. Ditto It's About Time Says:

    I am amazed that the large networks have not picked up on this…if, Dwight Dean was actually arrested (and I don’t doubt that he was), you would think that, at the very least, Fox News would be running with this one…did someone say Cover-Up? Dwight Dean is fairly high in the Census hierarchy and to be arrested for misappropriation of funds would not look so good for the powers that be in Washington, being yet another scandal to explain away.

    I have sent an email to both Fox News and MSNBC asking them to investigate this…I have provided the addresses of these two networks if anyone else would like to do the same.


  18. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Ditto – I’ve been in touch with US Marshals and the Detroit PD…I’m still trying to figure out who is responsible here…

  19. Ditto It's About Time Says:

    Stephen-Were the Marshals cooperative with you? According to their website they will verify federal custody (but nothing else). Would the Detroit PD have the authority to arrest someone who committed a crime against the Federal Government?

  20. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Couldn’t get any info from them…apparently he’s not in the system. Couldn’t get anything from the Detroit PD either.

  21. Eastside Mackie Says:

    After unsuccessful trying for days to get in yoir site and losing all witten comments, I have decided to write my own damn good about Detroit and the Census(s)