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Ed O’Keefe on James O’Keefe (no relation)

Ed O’Keefe of the Washington Post has added some more info tot he James O’Keefe narrative from earlier today:

“Workers are instructed to report hours they work, which would include their time traveling to and from training,” said spokesman Stephen Buckner. “This is no different than the training session that Mr. O’Keefe attended in New Jersey, and during his previous employment with the Census Bureau last year. In his video, Mr. O’Keefe, an admitted criminal, does not disclose that he previously worked for the Census Bureau for nearly two months in 2009 without incident, allegation or complaint.

“That employment with us was well before his indictment and prior to his conviction of a federal crime last week. The Census Bureau obviously does not condone any falsifying of or tampering with time sheets by its employees. We are investigating the allegations in Mr. O’Keefe’s selectively edited video and will take appropriate administrative action with staff as warranted. ”

A Census Bureau official also noted that O’Keefe’s decision to videotape the training sessions appears to violate Commerce Department policies against recording conversations.

O’Keefe confirmed that he worked for the agency last summer for about a month compiling addresses as part of 2010 Census preparations. He was hired again this April and quit after two days of training before receiving further instructions in order to avoid any privacy concerns, he said in an interview.

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7 Responses to “Ed O’Keefe on James O’Keefe (no relation)”

  1. end the census Says:

    Very interesting! Thanks for continuing to cover this, and thanks for reporting on Mr. James O’Keefe’s Faux-News-worthy shenanigans!

  2. zac Says:

    He is in the wrong for video recording it, but he is also in the right. Sounds like he went in with Ill intent. He had previous knowledge that they were doing things wrong and he wanted to make a scene of it all. They indeed are doing their time sheets wrong.

    You are suppose to put in your exact time, you do not get paid for your lunch break and you do get paid for 2 15 minute breaks if.. there was sufficient time for 2 breaks. I averaged about 7 hours a day during my training including my travel time.

    They also had to let us go early because some needed to get home before the maximum 8 hours was filled.

    He is in the right because he called attention to a serious flaw in the census. They should not be doing this, but there are more appropriate ways to address such an issue and there are far greater issues to be addressed.

    It would seem that the US Census had successfully hired all the corrupt low life’s that no reputable business really wanted in the first place; and strangely put them all in management! wtf seriously? haha.

  3. Mike Says:

    Don’t believe everything you see from O’Keefe. He has a history of editing his work so that what you see in the final cut is completely different than what is in the original recordings.

    In the ACORN recordings, it has been documented that the outrageous pimp and prostitute costumes were added in post-production. Also, he edited conversations so that it seemed that illegal activity was being promoted when it wasn’t.

  4. One of the Anonymous Says:

    We’ve seen James O’Keefe’s work — we have eyes and both hemispheres of our brains are working! Let’s us decide. And, for those who want to tell us how to think — well, you can kiss my a*^&&!

  5. One of the Anonymous Says:

    Correction: Let’s us = Let us :)

  6. 'nuff already Says:

    Wow! What is worth noting here is how quickly the government drones snap into action. No sooner does a story criticizing the government appear and the obamabots get busy posting comments in defense of the holy government. O’Keefe should be given a medal of honor for exposing the corruption within Acorn. But no, the drones posting here call O’Keefe the criminal and the good folks at Acorn saints? If you want the patsy version of Census 2010 go visit the official Census 2010 site and Mr. Grove’s blog. You’ll have enough sugar-coated bull to last a lifetime. If you want the truth and can weed past the obamabots posting here (you can recognize ‘em as they are the ones who are bashing those who dare criticize the anointed one or Census 2010) keep reading and posting here.

  7. Yet Another Enumerator Says:

    @’nuff already: So we can take it that you’re a Tea Party nutcase, right? You could have just said so and saved a whole lot of words up there.