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Another look at James O’Keefe

Yesterday I was accused of a Conservative bias simply for publishing the James O’Keefe video. Well, here’s the response from Media Matters for a left-wing perspective on the issue:

Surprise! O’Keefe edits out inconvenient footage from new BigGovernment video

June 01, 2010 12:02 pm ET — 59 Comments

In a video posted on, conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe claims that he has uncovered census supervisors in a New Jersey office “systematically encouraging employees to falsify information on their time sheets.” Following his pattern of selectively editing videos, O’Keefe excluded a clip — which was subsequently aired by ABC — of a census leader telling workers that they must carefully and accurately report on their time sheets the number of miles they drive when they are doing their enumeration work.

O’Keefe removes relevant information from video posted on

ABC airs additional clip showing census crew leader stressing need for accuracy in time sheet reporting. On June 1, ABC’s Good Morning America interviewed O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart. From the June 1 edition of ABC’s Good Morning America:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (host): But this was the training program. And you concede that in the actual Census program, they were holding workers to much stricter standards. We have some video tape of that as well.

CREW LEADER (video clip): This is not a big issue here, but when you start doing this enumeration thing, you want to make sure you are watching your miles, OK? Set the odometer and every day record it. Don’t estimate it, don’t guess it. That’s part of their ability to audit you, would be to look at your miles, take a look at the places you went to, if it didn’t add up, you know, they’ll go crazy.

BigGovernment video omits this relevant clip in claiming that “Census supervisors” were “systemically encouraging employees to falsify information on their time sheets.” In the ten-minute video posted on Andrew Breitbart’s, O’Keefe stated that he had been hired as a Census worker and attended two days of training. He said, “What I found were Census supervisors systematically encouraging employees to falsify information on their time sheets.” The video includes clips of census leaders, who according to O’Keefe, “didn’t seem to have a problem with the discrepancy” of the hours recorded on his time sheet versus the hours he claimed to have worked. O’Keefe omitted the clip aired by ABC, which shows a census leader emphasizing the importance of accurately reporting on miles driven by census enumerators.

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8 Responses to “Another look at James O’Keefe”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You accepted money from a conservative group in Washington to put up this site. That’s why you were being called out. Post your application so we can all read it.

  2. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @Anonymous – This site was created independently and the Phillips Foundation at no point had any control of the content. I’ve bashed the hell out of Michael Steele and the GOP on numerous occasions. I’ll let the archives speak for itself. If you would like to see my application, shoot me an e-mail and I will send it to you. I don’t publish my personal info on the net, as I’m sure you don’t either.

  3. #Justsayin Says:

    Well, for the record, it was conservative bias:) It might not have been YOURS, but it was. I’m glad you posted the other side as well tho. Keep up the good work.

  4. CLA Dave Says:

    Thanks for following up. BTW, Media Matters is no more a “left-wing” organization than the corporate media is liberal. Don’t let today’s right-wingers frame the discussion. They’d run Barry Goldwater out of the GOP for being too liberal.

  5. Many Anonymous Says:

    Thank you, My Two Census, for posting yesterday’s videotape so quickly.

  6. 'nuff already Says:

    CLA Dave is no mere CLA. Sounds more like one of the obamabots…one of the government drones…

    Again, O’Keefe has done this country a service and what his video shows about census operations is about right.

    I overheard my CL tell his two CLAs to put together a list of the top 10 performers as these would be the people to whom any additional work would go (we were literally out of work within two weeks of starting!).

    And early on, he was spouting off about the bonuses they would get for finishing early (something else he also denies).

    Fact is, when my CL called me about the job he stated it was for 8 weeks though he did acknowledge that we may finish early and/or not have a full 40 hours of work each week. What he failed to mention was that we would finish in two weeks and that that was the plan from the get go. In other words, he lied to us. Yes, imagine that, our government lied!

    The people writing here to the contrary are just part of the government machine. It’s sad to see SRM fall victim to their ways. Census 2010 is a poorly run operation bleeding taxpayer dollars and we, the taxpayers, have a right to know how this administration is wasting our money. Don’t let yourself be silenced by these crooks!!!!

  7. CLA Dave Says:

    OT ’nuff already. Obamabot? Moi?? I can’t stand the guy. He’s a corporatist, controlled by the banksters and war profiteers, just like most of the pathocrats in Washington. People who call him leftist, liberal, or progressive are either totally clueless or so far to the right they think Mussolini was a centrist. The Democrats and Republicans are two wings of the same right-leaning party of corruption and eternal war. Media Matters is not left-wing. *I* am.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    @ SRM – why won’t you post it with the personal bits removed then? Do like the CIA and black it out with electrical tape and then scan it. I don’t need that stuff anyways…I just want to know about the project that was funded by a conservative organization that’s all. Don’t you want your readers to know the truth? Release the hounds!