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Transcript and commentary from Census Bureau Director’s latest press conference

The transcript is now available on the Census Bureau’s web site. Highlights include the following:

1. On page 12 Direct Robert M. Groves sidesteps a question asked by Carol Morello of The Washington Post inquiring about why Dwight Dean was given the boot.

2. On page 17 he sidesteps a question that claims that there are only two bilingual numerators in the whole New Orleans region.

3. On page 18 he sidesteps giving details about the PBOCS (paper-based operations control system) failures.

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4 Responses to “Transcript and commentary from Census Bureau Director’s latest press conference”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Oh, yawn, yawn, yawn …. I’m tired of the cover-ups. Aren’t you?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    on the flip side…you just didn’t like his answers.

  3. Anonymous2 Says:

    Robert Groves is basically accurate in his factual assessment of PBOCs workarounds. A lot of useful features like productivity reports and filtering of employees and cases by CLD were “jettisoned” to make the higher priority features work. It was simply a pragmatic field triage of an acutely ailing system.

    What Groves is not addressing, is accountability for why the system was not working properly by the start of NRFU.

    It is clear that some people worked hard at the last minute and created “out of the box” solutions like the DAPPS type shipping system. What is not so clear is why it took so long to address the PBOCs problems. If the full time Census “professionals” knew that the HHC’s weren’t going to work as early as April 2008 (if not earlier); then why didn’t they hire the right people to get it up to speed by at least April 1? The DALT testings only reinforced the fact that we were in a world of hurt by late 2009. One thing the US still has is a good capability for is software programming and implementation. Why wasn’t a full court press made in April of 2008 to make PBOC’s fully functional at least by start of NRFU if not sooner?

    My LCO is full of smart, motivated, dedicated, temporary hires. They are a microcosm of the declining American workforce. Our staff consists of “early buy-outs” from major corporations that were run in the ground by golden parachute CEO’s, professionals who literally sent men to the moon and probes to Jupiter, and young bright college graduates starting their careers. In contrast, the high GS number, full time professionals seem asleep at the switch. Reactive rather than proactive. Focused strictly on raw production numbers and quotas rather than accuracy of data and a respectful interface with the American citizens who pay their salaries.

    What is more predictable than a Census? It is an institution that has been conducted for over 220 years? The GAO’s assessment of the vulnerabilities and potential problems have been right on the money.

    Robert Groves came to the party too late (July 2009) to be held personally accountable for the mess that is the 2010 Census. I don’t envy his job and I think he has been as candid as he could be in his position on the problems with Bureau. However, the full time Census professionals have had 10 years to prepare for the 2010 Decennial. It is obvious that they did not. I hope that the GAO and the American Public hold them accountable for their woeful oversight on their watch.

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