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After two weeks without blogging…Robert M. Groves is back

Census Bureau Director Dr. Robert M. Groves hasn’t been blogging for two weeks. We suspect that this is to avoid all of the problems that have consistently come up surrounding the 2010 Census. You would think that he would use his blog to debunk criticism, but since he hasn’t we will have to assume that there is a significant amount of truth in what has been reported on However, yesterday Dr. Groves (or a PR lackey on his behalf) posted again:

We’ve finished the fifth week of the Nonresponse Followup stage of the 2010 Census.

The completion of interviews in this phase is proceeding roughly on schedule. As of Sunday, we completed over 84% of the entire workload.

Some local census offices, those with smaller than expected workloads are entering the final phases of their nonresponse followup workload.

We are now engaged in a variety of quality control procedures. We redo a portion of each enumerator’s work, to gain some assurance that our data quality standards are being maintained. Then we will launch an operation that verifies that cases that the enumerator has recorded as vacant on April 1, were correctly categorized. I’ll say more about our quality assurance procedures in another entry.

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