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New estimates of Hispanic populations released by the Census Bureau

These numbers will be very important when Congressional reapportionment and redistricting come into play:

National estimates: <>.
State estimates: <>.

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4 Responses to “New estimates of Hispanic populations released by the Census Bureau”

  1. knock knock...hello sir is this......GO AWAY! Says:

    In my district we cant even use proxies anymore. Anyone else experiencing this? It is a huge hassle going to peoples houses over and over again only to get refused or just plain ignored.

  2. CLA Dave Says:

    Can’t use proxies any more? WTF??? Sound like easy money doing laps of futility around your AA. How long are you allowed to sit at an address waiting for someone to come home?
    I would advise against returning to bother people who have already refused. Not a safe thing to do.

  3. knock knock...hello sir is this......GO AWAY! Says:

    See heres the thing, we have to get two refusals in order to hand it to a c.l. The census really sucks. They keep changing the rules constantly also.

  4. El Censodor! Says:

    On the point of the article- aren’t these the people I watched peeking through the drapes then not answering the door, or scurrying back into their garages as I approached in Federal guise (I recall that some amigo crawled out of an outbuilding just as I walked up the drive, looked at me, then PFFFFT!- back into the shed and the door shuts pronto!), during addcan?

    With the Blackberry sniper government ( producing how-tos for border jumping, while the US caves in to the demands this demographic at large, I’d expect way more… Jose Gutierrez, master genocidist from University of Texas, might be a good choice for our next Director. Then we’d be fair in our count, of course.