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Strange news of the day: Bat attack on census worker

From Marion Ohio: Bond is $100,000 for a man being held on a felonious assault charge after allegedly hitting a United States Census worker with a baseball bat.

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6 Responses to “Strange news of the day: Bat attack on census worker”

  1. anonymous Says:

    I believe it! Some individuals are just plain fed up with repeated visits to their homes.

  2. MotleyCrewLeader Says:

    Maybe the govermnemt should hire psychics to do the job?

  3. antiwingnut Says:

    for all these wackjobs who are mean to enumerators…i sure wish the govt would enforce the fines. by not responding they are wasting taxpayer money, and making enumeration harder having to go back 3 or more times. there is no need for such violence and stupidity. i mean, c’mon just put something on the form and mail it in. who is going to know if you told the truth!?

  4. Embarressed Says:

    Again, did this idiot return his form at a cost of a postage stamp???? Where is the media anger about the waste by the American citizens who would not return their census form?? How many people could that feed?? I am personally outraged.

  5. MotleyCrewLeader Says:

    Well Embarressed It goes the other way as well.

    As a CL in New York to many many times we have knocked on doors to be told they had sent in their EQ. I myself had mailed in my form only to have my enumerator knock on my door to give me the EQ. It was funny as hell.

  6. Samantha Jackson Says:

    Little man with a bat. I’m sure his mother is proud.