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How many Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints have been filed by 2010 Census employees? 376

As of June 2, when I asked the above question to Michael Cook of the Census Bureau’s Public Information Office, I was told the following:

There have been 376 formal EEO complaints filed for the 2010 Decennial.

I expect this number to rise significantly as people are terminated by the Census Bureau and no longer fear retaliation at their local census offices.

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38 Responses to “How many Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints have been filed by 2010 Census employees? 376”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    376 lowlifes looking for a free lunch.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ^^ i did not say that

  3. one of several anonymous Says:

    RE: 376+ EEOC complaints – you have not walked in their shoes …

  4. outta my census Says:

    What frustrates me most about working for the Census is the amount of energy spent by the chain of command in looking “downward” for reasons the system is not working. I was just “written up” for a drop of coffee on an EQ I turned in. But what of the fact that it was a “re-do” of an interview which had been lost by the LCO? I am fairly sure their “misplacement” of this PII was not called in to the CIRT (headquarters)immediately as we were all trained to do even if we THINK we might have lost PII we all holding. Shameful. Not to mention extremely hypocritical.

    (PS. EEOC complaints have a pretty short statute of limitations if I am not mistaken…)

  5. Crew Leader Says:

    That comes out to .063% (based on 600,000 total). Even if you annualize it, it is only .38%. So…only 1 of 300 people feel slighted (or are faking foul) enough to take it to another level. That’s pretty damn good in my book.

    How’s that for some honest perpective, Stephen? Can you tell us how this compares to the private sector or other government agencies? I might be wrong but, I’d guess it’s the same or less.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I expect this number to rise significantly as people are terminated by the Census Bureau and no longer fear retaliation at their local census offices.

    @SRM – How many filings do you predict, let’s say, by the end of August? What do you consider “significant”?

  7. multi-anon Says:

    The EEOC filings will compound. There were several “minority, disabled, senior/retired, etc.” individuals hired at the beginning of NRFU. Then, suddenly they quit coming to training class or did not show up the first few days of the NRFU operation. I know that many of these employees needed their jobs and wanted to work. CL, CLA, Managers, etc. – careless, inept, …

  8. Senseless Says:

    I think it is unfortunate for people to be called lowlifes or incompetent because they stood up for their themselves and their rights. We all know that the census is run by intimidation, lies, and upper levels dumping on lower level staff to cover themselves. Many of the practices that we see everyday could fall into the category of an EEO complaint. My LCO had 6 in one week. I was in that office and I know that every one of them was justified. Actually 4 of the 6 were from assistants and the LCOM. I have no problem with justified complaints that is why we have that law.

    I do have a problem with people who commit fraud by faking an accident, dogbite, etc. I have dealt with too many of these people and it is so obvious what they are doing but it is hard to prove it. One case had witnesses and the person even told people she thought it was a good idea before she had “an accident”.

    Please don’t confuse these people with honest employees that were legitimately mistreated on the job.

  9. Agree with Senseless Says:

    “I think it is unfortunate for people to be called lowlifes or incompetent because they stood up for their themselves and their rights.”

    Exactly. Brave would be a better term.

  10. Someone Who Knows Says:

    How many have filed with EEOC is not the same number filed with the Census Office of Civil Rights. The number filed with OCR is much higher than filed with EEOC. The Office of Civil Rights has not investigated complaints to let the offending managers get away with cintinuing to harass. The OCR has 180 days to investigate and then turns it over to EEOC. Some compliants they dismiss right away. I think the PR person has greatly understated the actual number. Talk with Ms. Anderson at the Census Office of Civil Rights to get the real scoop, if she will give it. HA,ha, ha! No matter how you see it, Anonymous, this is a government agency with serious problems. Don’t put the blame on the victimized.

  11. pranita veeria Says:

    A TEMP position, with often time employees who are barely there for a cup of coffee…and THAT number of complaints??? That’s pathetic, as is the selection process, especially the management. When will someone look at the SYMPTOM of this problem and correct it? A–holes that parade as ARCM’s and Area Managers that can’t select a red ball from a group of blue ones…c’mon “CREW LEADER”, don’t even try to equate this mess with private sector. Complaints are pushed under the rug…don’t think about it and it will go away… These managers aren’t skilled in the handling of employees, and employee issues…they are annointed these spots whether qualified of not (see ARCM CENAC/NYC RCC) and bumble their way through it with unprofessionalism and incompetence….I’ve seen FIVE EEO complaints in the NYC area that were mysteriously swept away….

  12. Crew Leader Says:

    @ pranita veeria: Don’t think for a minute that I’m defending the bungled management at the Census Bureau. I’ve owned a business for the past 21 years & I know bad management when I see it. Fear, intimidation & keeping people in a constant state of anxiety is no way to manage them. I have always felt that if my employees like & respect me, they will do the work because the WANT to. Many CB managers are what I call “small” people with power.

    I must, also, say that I don’t like dishonesty, exaggerations, or sensationalism. I will conduct my life based on facts & truth. In this case, we have facts such as the number of EEOC comlaints, employees, hours worked, etc. And, I, absolutely, WILL compare these numbers to other government agencies & the private sector. Comparisons are the ONLY way to get proper perpective.

    You may speculate & toss unsubstantiated “facts” around all you wish but, that is no more than opinion. Hard facts are hard facts.

    My goal in my previous post was to counter the sensationalism & half truths in SRM’s blog. If you prefer his style to mine, that’s fine. I will, always, see through crap.

  13. Wolverine State Says:

    The feeling here is that the RCC’s, the Assistant Regional Census Managers, Area Managers, and some LCOM’s feel that “EEO doesn’t apply to them.” Even when faced with hard evidence, these managers are the true poster children for denial. That’s their first response. Their second response is retaliation. Census EEO is real good at talking on the phone about it but isn’t so good at investigating it. I’m speaking from the perspective of an EEO complaint that “just won’t Go Away.” Some of you may know about what I’m talking about. I could go on for hours on this.

  14. pranita veeria Says:

    @Crew Leader……I’ve worked the private sector and Fortune 500 companies AND previous government, and these numbers obliterate the amount of filed complaints in those sectors IN THE SAME period of time (18 months)…the Census practice of putting together a “dossier” to have manager prospects fill out and submit, and expect quality return is absurd…I’ve seen firsthand the bypass of key core competencies of these applicants (management)when deciding whom is being chosen. It starts from the regime in place, and filters down. Employee issues that can be addressed in a professional manner at the LCO level are escalated because of incompetence at the LCOM, AM etc level…again, garbage in and garbage out. The work environment is a volatile place under normal situations, and to think that the Census in a critical and important process that this (these) operations are to the country, will put in place untrained, uneducated and agenda-based managers is ridiculous. I can assure you that these numbers presented so far will continue to increase before this disaster of an operation is over….

    Kudos to this blog for airing the crap that goes on in Census, without the skewd opinions given by ARCM’s and on and on…..

  15. MotleyCrewLeader Says:

    “There have been 376 formal EEO complaints filed for the 2010 Decennial.”

    Its such a vauge statement.

    We have no idea what the reasons are these where submitted but the over all number seems very very low.

  16. enumerator Says:

    My area has a CL and CLA who drinks bourbon, whiskey, beer, etc., – you can smell them 5 feet away! Our crew has to meet at least one of these toxic individuals daily. Their supervisors and managers know his and ignore it.

    Topeka, KS: 2622

  17. Someone Who Knows Says:

    376 is not the real number. Ask how many have been filed with the Census OCR. The number is much higher. I know at a minimum 10% of these have been filed against a single Area Manager.

  18. 9 Says:

    Wah! My LCOM is such a meany to me! And my AM is a big poo poo head! (proceeds to cry and then file an EEO complaint)

  19. Elend Says:

    I’m interested in finding out how many people have contacted the OIG like I have.

  20. pranita veeria Says:

    “Pooh Pooh head” ??? LOL gotta love that LOL ….. ELCO’s were opened roughly Oct-Nov 2008, which means the bulk of the hiring (en masse) really didn’t take place until early to mid-2009 at the earliest…so in effect 376 complaints does not even reflect the full capacity of the Census ranks..even worse, considering a smaller time frame…how pathetic

  21. 100 ANON Says:

    “9″: You are the perfect employee working for the perfect LCO.

  22. MotleyCrewLeader Says:

    How do these EEO complaints involving the Census differ from real world corperate ones? What exactly are we comparing again? From last I recall people are assholes or saints no matter what the location or job.

  23. Al Forteni Says:

    9, I can see why they are big meany’s to you. You deserve it.

  24. Wolverine State Says:

    Elend –

    Expound on the IG angle.

  25. Moe Says:

    I guess I’m lucky. I work at an LCO where we are highly efficient and have a good time. Our LCOM is harried and a little tough, but she has to answer to the powers that be. It’s our AMFO and OOSs that keep us rolling merrily along. We like them, they like us, and we want to help each other get the job done right. It’s a formula that works. If you leave the RCC and the RTs out of it we could be even more efficient. The self-important people at the top who don’t do the work try to dictate when, in fact, they haven’t a clue. As for complaints by employees, of course there will be cases of discrimination that must be attended. At the same time, in these tough times there are so many desperate for work that they will apply to jobs for which they’re not fit. One can wonder how some individuals got through the door. And let’s not forget the managers’ problems when they have enumerators who decide it’s too hot in the Florida sun to go door-to-door so they falsify EQs. We’ve had them in our LCO and have sent them back out to the field to be re-enumerated. If there’s an injustice done it must be dealt with, but not all of the problems start at the top, it’s just where they end up.

  26. Hatta Rayga Says:

    some day I shall repeat what I was told in intimidation by a star long time census employee FOS

    its a classic

  27. Has filed a OSC complaint Says:

    I have filed of Office of Special Council Complaint.
    I was terminated a month ago. Still have not heard a word. Tonight I get a call from the Crew leader who had me dismissed for incompetence. (I had tried to point out how the work could be done properly and she was not doing her job) She can not find a stack of maps from a Binder. She was wondering if maybe I had them or knew where she could look for them? This is Pii and is from a Binder I turned in over 30 days ago. She said two other people have had my binders since then and she is not sure which binders are missing the MAPS??

    I tried to file a formal complaint at the LCO level. What a joke. I wound up going to the Office of Special Council.
    I will be saving my cell phone records now. I can back up her incompetence at least. What will she possibly say about calling me at 2100 on a Sunday night about 30 days after I worked for her?

    I am going to also call and report missing pii right now.

  28. anonymous Says:

    Hatta Rayga, pray tell …. I’m sure we will not be surprised or shocked.

  29. Many Anons Says:

    Has filed a OSC complaint, I’m sorry what happened to you – it was wrong.

    We have CL and CLA in my area that lost completed EQs, maps, and completed binders. We have a CL and a CLA who have pretended to work on one binder each for 6 weeks! They are still not finished! They have tried to blame missing materials and their own unfinished work on innocent Enuerators! Imagine that?! Perhaps, this is happening in your CLD, too? Pointing the finger and blaming …..

  30. Jeremy Says:

    Crew Leader from Maine here. I’m glad to see that LCOs around the country are just as useless and crooked as mine. When my field people screw up it’s their fault, when the LCO screws up (and they have HUGELY, losing entire AAs, people’s entire appointment folders, etc) apparently it’s our fault too and I can look forward to snide phone calls and veiled threats in the Info Comm they send me about such things.

  31. anonymous Says:

    Jeremy, thank you for being honest! :) Yes, the loss of binders/entire AAs, several batches of completed EQs, maps from the gold envelopes, etc., has continued to plaque our LCO, too!

  32. Anon 23 Says:

    People that work in the RO and RCC (Permanent and Temporary) in New York are faced with EEO’s daily, its all around. Everyone knows, but noone will say a word, afraid of RETALIATION from some coordinators and those with offices along the wall

  33. kc Says:

    I have worked as a permanent part time employee of the Census for over 25 years. The lowest person in the organization always gets the least respect and the most blame. The enumerators are the ones that do the most difficult dangerous jobs and yet are the least paid and most disposable. The organization is way overstaffed on the top and there is where you find the most corruption. I have thought about filing an EEO case, but there really is no “discrimination”. They treat all of the field workers like crap. Our RO is a great example of very poor management; alot of high paid folks doing very little!

  34. W Says:

    I am a white american born US citizen. I had to wait nearly two months after I finished my training to get called. All the non-white, non American born people had been called before me. Should I file a complaint??

  35. Senseless Says:

    W – What part of the country are you in? If you are in my area I may have some info for you.

  36. W Says:


  37. Senseless Says:

    Sorry! I am in another part of the country and I was given some info about this. Good luck!

  38. dave Says:

    click link to view